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Check out my previous review of Ipoh Bean Sprout here: Ipoh Bean Sprout Chicken in Crystal Mall!

  Today was a good day hehe. We went for yum cha. Ran errands. Ate dinner outside...and my computer finally came in the mail!! (after an entire month of anticipation lol!!) Now it won't take me an hour to edit photos...yay!!!

  My dad and I actually went to South Ocean for dim sum today (if it was up to him this blog wouldn't exist haha!) Actually, I haven't gone for yum cha in so long, so it was actually pretty sastifying hehe!! We ordered zha liang, beef balls, shrimp cheong fun, chow mien (I haven't eaten chow mien in so long!) and my dad's staple spareribs on rice (I actually ending up eating the whole thing!)

  The beef balls were tiny!! We've ordered the same thing on several occasions, and this time the balls were about twice as small!! The other dishes were still the same though! Maybe we just got a bad batch?

  We ate dinner at home and I made lo mien w/ lap cheong,tofu and steamed bak choy!! I was pretty proud of my al dente noodles!!  ;)
My dad even said the noodles were "solid"!!

 Anyways haha, back to the post - here's what I ate at Ipoh Bean Sprout a few weeks ago!! :)

  I'm a sucker for South asian food hehe. Ipoh Bean Sprout is the only South Asian stall in the entire food court!! So if you're not in the mood for chinese food, but you still want something asian, come here!

  Ipoh Bean Sprouts has all your staple Malaysian/Singaporean dishes, like Laska, Nasi Goreng, Nasi Lemak, Char kuey Teow!! The last time I ate Malaysian food was 2 months ago in Malaysia and Singapore!!

  The food took a while to come out - around 20 mins, but I didn't really mind, because it means that everything is made to order!!

Bak Kut Teh (Chinese Herbal Broth) w/ Rice

3/5 stars

  I've only eaten a bak kut teh a handful of times (the last time was a few months ago in Malaysia) This was a pretty decent version!! The taste is really hard to describe haha, it's a blend of chinese herbs & spices!! The dominant flavour is the angelica root, and the clove and star anise elements are also really strong! This particular version wasn't too oily,  but it was a bit lacking in overall substance and depth. It only had a few pieces of meat in it and a couple slices of tofu! It did come with a huge bowl of rice though haha, so it ended up being a pretty filling meal!

1.5/5 stars

  Sad to say this was probably one of the worst rotis I've ever tried :(  It was really dry - and a bit hard - you can tell just by looking at the picture! It wasn't springy or moist - and had no elasticity (signs of a well made roti) The curry sauce that came on the side was coconut based - and actually pretty decent (albeit on the watery side!) I'll probably order one of their curry dishes next time!!
I didn't really like how it was cut into small pieces but it does make the process of eating it easier!

Hainanese Chicken
3.5/5 stars

  I had the hainanese chicken on another occasion and it was pretty decent!! I still prefer their Ipoh Bean Sprout chicken though haha! It's alot more flavourful - the hainanese chicken is more of the bland side - but still pretty good nonetheless! The chicken pieces were silky and tender, and the portion size was pretty generous! It also came with a huge side of chicken oil rice - which was really fragrant from the chicken oil!! It also came with some classic hainanese chicken dipping sauces: soy sauce, chilli sauce, and minced ginger oil!!

I love how they have photos of their dishes!! It makes ordering so much easier because you get a vague idea of what the dishes look like!


  1. Hi VancityNoms (Selina),

    Glad to see you've tried Ipoh Bean Sprout Chicken in Crystal Mall.

    You're right, their prata is sub-par. As far as I know, Ipoh Bean Sprout Chicken does not make their own prata (asked them the last time I was there about 2 years back). Basically, this is the same stuff you can get frozen in stores at TnT and the likes.

    Another thing to note though, their Penang Laska "has standard" and the Char Kway Teow is actually pretty good. As with most food eateries, they do well in certain things butt perhaps not so great with others.

    The only thing I didn't quite like was their use of MSG in their soup (Penang Prawn mee) still. I asked lol.

    Also the service isn't necessary the best (in terms of their demeanor and attitude). Other than that, it's great pricing for Singaporean/Malaysian food in Vancouver.

    Commenting as I was hoping to find some pictures for our blog post on the best Singaporean food in Vancouver and came across your blog.

    Is it Ok to use the chicken rice picture as well as the front of store picture with credits to you?

    Best Regards,

    Benjamin :)

    1. Hi Benjamin!! Sorry for the late reply! Agreed, I really like Ipoh, they're quite good for a food court stall!! I'll have to try their char kway teow next time! haha, that explains the prata!

      Of course you can use my photo, go right ahead!!

      Have a great day!! :)

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