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  After my doctors appointment yesterday, my dad and I were hungry and in need of some eats!! I reallyy wanted to go to the newly opened Banh Mi Saigon across the street (there was a huge lineup!) but my dad refused LOL. (Why?!!)

"OMG there's Banh Mi Saigon! They just opened!! Let's go dad!  There's a huge lineup inside!!"

"I don't want to eat bread for lunch."

"Why not?"

"Bread doesn't count as meal, you eat bread as a snack!"

"A lot people eat bread for lunch dad."

"You have to eat rice for lunch."

"But Banh Mi's are so goood!!"

"I don't like them, we use to eat them all the time in Aberdeen."

"What...Aberdeen doesn't have a banh mi place."

"Yes they do, don't you remember?"

Turns out he was referring to Lai Place in Parker Place (he got the two mixed up.) Their banh mi's are pretty awesome though hehe. Read my review of Lai Taste here: Lai Taste

"Okay, then where do you want to eat?"

"There's Kent Kitchen!"

So guess where we ate lunch?

  In the car LOL. We got takeout from Kent's, and since there's no seating inside, we had to eat in the car! Which was actually pretty fun. The only other time I ate in the car was when we got McDonald's to go, so this was my first time eating chinese food in the car!! :D  (Is it weird that I actually got excited?)

  You know what? The food actually wasn't bad, considering that everything is premade. Wayyy better than T&T imo. The food we had tasted really similar to what you would get in a lower end HK Cafe or food court stall.

  Kent's Kitchen is different from other fast food chinese places because the food is actually real chinese food! None of that americanized stuff ;)   They have pork hocks, bean curd, spareribs, they even have char siu!!
(Though I have to admit I have a soft spot for s&s pork, and lemon chicken hehe)

  No matter how much "gourmet" food I eat, I'll never be too good for some greasy chinese takeout!! GREASY CHINESE FOOD FTW!! <3

  My dad use to go to Kent's Kitchen in Chinatown a lot waay back in the day - when times were tough and he had to make his dollar go a little further. So coming here was definitely nostalgic for him! A lunch combo use to cost $3-4, and the portion sizes were really generous, but now they're raised they've prices to the $6-8 mark!

Hungry people queuing up for lunch!! You have to take a number at the door, and when it's your turn, they'll call you!

My fancyyy setup in the car!!
Just keeping it real ;)

  I actually rolled down my window, and took pictures from inside my car, holding the lunch box with my arm stuck out LOL) Yes, I got quite a few stares ;)

My lunch box!! w/ Spicy Chicken and Stir Fried Broccoli! $6.50

2.5/5 stars

  Hmm, not bad, not bad at all! I would take this over T&T and Manchu Wok (lol) anyday!! ;)
I also liked how it came in a rectangular container as opposed to those styrofoam ones!! The chicken was actually pretty was a bit spicy/sweet from the sauce on top! The meat itself wasn't rock hard, and the inside was actually pretty moist! Yea, it was greasy, but sometimes I like eating greasy food hehe ;)

  The rice was surprisingly good! Seriously, the rice here is so much better than T&T! It's not rock hard or wet (yuck) and the grains are actually fluffy and separated! And the rice actually smelled like freshly steamed rice!  The broccoli was pretty standard, but glazed in a flavourful sauce and fairly crunchy!

Dad's Lunch Box: Stew Pork, w/ Bittermelon on Fried Rice $7.95
2.5/5 stars

  Hey, this wasn't half bad either!! The stew pork was actually pretty decent!! Sure, the lean parts were a bit too tough, but the pork itself was really flavourful with a strong soy sauce/vinegar profile! The bittermelon was okay, a bit hard, but the bitterness still came through!
  My dad also got fried rice, which was $1! The fried rice was pretty average, with bits of corn, ham, and peas in it!

Their menu!! They even have Cantonese BBQ!! :D

I'll be back Kent! ;)

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  1. Waitaminit !!! When did you go there ? I was there maybe 3-4 weeks ago and the whole place was cleared out and cleaned out. I swear they had moved or closed shop !

    1. I just went today!! :D
      I went last week too and they were closed because of renovations!! But now they're back in business!! :D
      What do you usually get at Kent's? My dad really likes this place, so we'll probably be back lol!

  2. Oh good. Nowadways it's not unusual for "closed for renovation" signs on restaurants to be euphemism for "we're out of business" !

    I usually get the "egg tofu" dish, honey garlic spareribs, S&S fish fillets, assorted "beef parts" (offa) stew and maybe the braised beef briskets+daikon. But I don't buy from Kent's that often, maybe once a month.

    1. haha ikr, thankfully they're still open!! :D
      Mmm I'm always up for some honey garlic spareribs (a favourite of mine in highschool) and offal!! I'll get it the next time I go!! :D

  3. Salt and chili pork chops are pretty good as well as the chicken wings. Chicken dishes tend to be thigh meat and all meat is typically fatty. In chinatown, hidden gem is Golden Wheat Bakery with lots of cheap dim sum items including rice rolls.

    1. I was eyeing the salt and chilli pork chops, I'll have to try it next time! I don't mind fatty meat sometimes, gotta indulge right? ;)

      Ohh I just looked up some of the reviews of Golden Wheat, their rice rolls look so good!! Looks like a place my dad would like lol! ;D

    2. Continuing on the digression ....... for very good (and HUGE with lots of filling), get steamed buns from Sun Fresh Bakery on Keefer. $1.40 each and well worth it. Best one is pork + vegetable (choy yook bao) but the vegetarian bao is awesome too.

    3. Mmm those sound awesome!! I love a good bun!! I use to eat them all the time when I was a kid! :D

  4. OK I obviously semi unintentionally suppressed into my deep subconsciousness the fact that two weeks ago I ate at Kent's (Chinatown). The price for two items + rice has gone up from $5.25 (for eons) to $5.75 [gasp] .......... oh the humanity !!! ;-)

    1. lol I resent price increases!! But it's inevitable haha!!

  5. Ooops I meant to type $5.95 (but my cheapo Chinese subconscious blocked that)

  6. @Selina: Usually white rice with vegetable (usually broccoli o bok choy) and meat (usually offal, braised beef or braised chicken). I avoid the fried stuff, though once in a while I might order the fried squid. Of course, that is overlooking the part the meat from braised dishes are usually fried before being braised.

    @Anonymous: Fat tastes good and most Chinese will argue dark meat > white meat.

    @LR: Long time? That said, couple of things I am certain you have noticed but your mind have chosen to block it out as well. Since the switch from the styrofoam to plastic container, they already reduced the size. IIRC, the styrofoam container is ~9" x ~6" x ~3". The (not necessarily new) plastic container is ~8" x ~6" x ~2". So, you were playing the same $$$ for a little bit less. Somewhat similar has been done with food packaging in general. Check this recent episode of CBC Marketplace:

    I prefer the Chinatown location; however, given the area's gentrification, it seems it is not a matter of if but when. At least they already have this second location so all might be good.

    1. @KH - actually I don't buy take out of the combos, only the dishes themselves, which are, the last time I bought them for take out, still were in the round tall styrofoam tubs (for small) or the larger plastic round containers (for large). For 2 items+rice combos, I always eat in, which would by default be at Chinatown since you can't eat in at the Victoria St. store. That said, the egg tofu dish can only be bought from the Victoria St. store, as are their BBQ pork (not at Chinatown for a long time now).

    2. @KimHo You can never go wrong with white rice!! :D
      The broccoli was actually pretty decent, I'll have to try the bok choy next time! haha the fried stuff gets a little limp from sitting under the heat lamps eh? But my grandma loves ordering fried squid at fast food chinese places!! :D

    3. Buying white rice home is a cardinal sin in my household, and in my parents. Ai-ya ! ..... you can make the rice at home for free .... FREE !! [wink]


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