Linh French Cooking

  After my midterm today, I went to celebrate - at Linh Cafe!! And then afterwards I made my way down West 4th, and I went to Rain & Shine ice cream for dessert hehe - I got 4 (mini) scoops, because after that midterm, I deserve it right? ;)

  Food is seriously the only way I can get myself through school, tell me I'm not the only person who sits in class daydreaming about food!! ;)

  On my way to Rain & Shine I passed by Lucky's - I went in and spotted their earl grey lavender stuffie - you guys know I’m a sucker for lavender flavoured things (who isnt?) It took all the willpower in me to resist LOL!!

  Anyways, I had a really good lunch at Linh. Linh Cafe is actually a French Vietnamese fusion restaurant, with classic french dishes, as well as a few Vietnamese ones, with a French twist! They even have pho and bahn mi!

  They're also really well known for their brunch - which I'll definitely be coming back for!! They also have a variety of baked goods and desserts that are all made in house. Apparently their lobster poutine is also really good - they won 2nd place in Van Foodster's poutine challenge!!

  The inside is really homey and welcoming - and isn't pretentious at all, which I really like haha. The restaurant itself is pretty small and can only seat about 30 or so people.

Crispy Sweetbread $10.95
Veal sweetbread, pickled scallions & shallots
Lemon Pepper Dip on the side

4/5 stars

  Veal, you either love it or hate it! I for one, love it, because I am particularly fond of internals ;)
 The veal was sooo tender!! The exterior was lightly breaded and fried perfectly, it was crispy without being hard! The outside was really fragrant, with the shallots/salt/pepper packing a punch.
 Personally I found the dip to be unnecessary because it was already really flavourful on its own!The dipping sauce kind of reminded me of Phomn Penh's chicken wings because of the lemon pepper dip haha!!


 Cassoulet $18.95
Duck Confit, House Made Sausage, Pork Confit, Bacon, White Beans

3.5/5 stars

  This was really good as well - super hearty and bellywarming!! It came with a generous piece of duck leg - which was really tender, juicy, and flavourful! The house made sausage was juicy (albeit a bit bland) - with the pork confit being soft and flavourful! The white beans was similar to stew, really goopy but heavy on the butter and spices! There was also a "ring" of bacon, which was super crispy without being too oily!

Bread & Butter
3.5/5 stars
  I'm not sure if they make their bread in house or not, but it was pretty good! The outside was crunchy, and the inside was moist and soft, and the sourdough element was pretty strong!

(Click to Enlarge) They also have amazing brunch dishes & sandwiches!! :D

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