So the other day when we were near Landsdowne my dad was like "We haven't gone to No.9 in so long!!" Every few months my dad wants to go back to No.9 LOL! He really likes it - back when we weren't so familiar with Richmond, this was the only place we would eat at! Every time we go it brings me back to the summer of '13, right before I started blogging! :D

  Oh - something funny happened during our meal - after we got our food I started snapping photos, and the waitress laughed at me LOL!! She was probably thinking "Is this the first time she's seen a plate of noodles?" ;D

  I've had their BBQ meats SO many times - but this is my first time blogging about it!! I've blogged about them here:

  No.9's BBQ doesn't hold a candle to HK BBQ Master, Master Hung, & Parker Place BBQ, but it's still pretty good for what it is! I mean, where else can you get bbq meat at 1 am in the morning? ;)

  Probably the best thing about No.9 is that they're open 24 hrs haha. They have everything you could ask for at an HK cafe - congee, wonton noodle soup, baked dishes, noodles, rice, sandwiches, everything!! Their menu is really extensive, we always have a hard time deciding, but we somehow always default back to their roast pork!! :D

  We also really like getting their set menus where you can choose 3 dishes for $26! We always end up packing up 80% of the food because the portions are huge!! :D

Roast Pork

3.5/5 stars

  I just can't say no to roast pork hehe!! No.9's version is pretty good, the skin is crunchy, and the fatty: lean ratio is pretty decent!! But if you prefer fattier meat, definitely ask for a fattier cut!! Not the best roast pork ever, but it satisfies a craving!! It also comes with green oil, and soy sauce on the side, which I never use, because the meat is already really flavourful on its own!

BBQ Duck

3/5 stars

  The BBQ duck is decent, the skin is really thin and crispy, and slides right off. It's on the oily side though (you can tell from the picture.) The skin is moist and flavourful - but I still prefer the roast pork! There was a generous helping of perfectly cooked rice, because what would bbq meat be without some rice?! :D

Singapore Vermicelli

3/5 stars

  This was a decent version!! The portion size was really large (as expected haha.) The noodles were fragrant, heavy on the curry powder, and not too salty! The noodles were toothsome, and cooked al dente. It also had bits of pork and veggies in there!


  1. #9's foods are actually quite good, esp. their BBQ meats. Some people (including me) find their prices a tad higher than average, but it's nice sometimes to have a 24h/7d resto (not Denny's) like them where parking is easy and the menu is diverse.

    1. LOL my dad finds it pricey too! But I agree, the food is actually pretty yummy - definitely an ol' standby when you're out of options!

  2. Oh man. I haven't thought of No. 9 in years! Growing up in Richmond, it and Boston Pizza were the place to be if it was after midnight and you wanted a place to hang out. I don't remember it being very good, but that was over a decade ago. I'll have to check it out next time I go home for a visit.

    1. haha this place has been here forever hasn't it? Nothing like some greasy chinese food as a midnight snack! ;)
      You should definitely make a revisit!! :D

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