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   In search of some pre dinner munchies near Metrotown, my mom and I decided to check out Nosh, a new cafe inside the Element Tower that just opened up this past year, beside Trattoria!! It’s right by the entrance of the tower, across from the street from Old Orchard plaza! :D
  Nosh is a cute little cafe (affiliated with Trattoria next door) that sells pastries, desserts and coffee! We had the hardest time deciding what we wanted because everything looked so good hehe!! We eventually settled on the raspberry dome, and lemon meringue!! We also got to try some yummy samples they had on the counter! :D

  The prices are pretty high for the area - most of the cakes were around $5!! For that price I would rather go downtown to Thierry or Faubourg!! Their loafs seemed like a better deal though, the slices were huge and really thick!

  Afterwards we had dinner at the donair place across the street (blog post coming soon!) and we also picked up some goodies at Wan Yuen Spicy Duck hehe. We had a swell time chatting over dinner - since I’m taking summer courses this term, I don’t get to see her that often anymore, so it’s always nice to catch up over a meal! :D

  Note: For some reason this blog post published twice on Urbanspoon - I have no idea how that happened haha!! I tried deleting the other post, but it didn't work! Does anybody know how?

They even have macarons!! :D

Peanut Butter Bar Sample
Mom's rating: 4/5 stars

  Since I'm allergic to peanuts my mom had this!!
Her words: This was so delicious!! They gave us this after - I wish we would've gotten the full size of this!! It was super creamy and smooth, and not too sweet!! The peanut flavour was really strong!

Lemon Meringue $2.50
1.5/5 stars

  This was alright. I found the entire thing to be a bit crumbly and too dry. It was really sweet - almost to the point where it was overwhelming. The lemon flavour was really strong, and didn't taste artificial!! On the upside, it was really pretty!! LOL

Raspberry Dome $5
4/5 stars
  This was really delish!! The outside is covered with a jelly like layer, that tasted like raspberry!! The inside was filled with mousse and raspberry jam!! The mousse was really light and fluffy, and not too sweet!! The jam was great as well, not artificial tasting and pleasantly tart!!


  1. Yeah I noticed your posts are appearing twice in my RSS feed. I'd suggest emailing Urbanspoon support. They are very much on top of things and should be able to help you.

    One possible reason is that you maybe manually posting your post to Urbanspoon while it is already automatically picking it up

    1. Strange eh? haha!
      I'm definitely going to contact Urbanspoon about it! You could be right - maybe that's the issue!! :)

  2. Two entries for Trattoria .............

    1. haha I don't know how that happened!! I tried deleting the second post, but it didn't work!

  3. It's good that this Nosh had the prices for their cakes/pastries. I went to the one at Telus Garden and it didn't. Felt weird asking for the prices before I order so I just picked the one I wanted to try the most and of course all the macarons :)

    1. Hi Steph! :D
      I didn't know their was another location at the Telus Garden!! haha strange how they didn't have prices! How were the macarons? Did you like them? They sure looked enticing in the display :D


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