T&T - 3 Item Meal Combos + Baos?

Note - I forgot to take a storefront photo but I think you guys all know what T&T looks like LOL!

  I use to eat T&T combos ALOT back in highschool. It was my thing. I remember when it use to cost $5.50, now it's around $6.95 LOL. Yep, to my 14 year old self, it was pretty satisfying hehe. My go tos would always be the honey garlic chicken, s&s pork, dry ribs, and bean curd!! I would always take my food upstairs and eat in the metrotown food court!! When I lived with my mom we never ate out, so eating at T&T was a treat!! I also ate their fan twan (rice rolls) alot, and their dim sum!! :D

I actually blogged about their dim sum here: http://www.vancitynoms.com/2014/08/t-dim-sum.html

  Eating at T&T was definitely really nostalgic - brings back so many memories of my mom "awarding" me with a T&T combo after I got an A on a test haha!!  Now that I've matured a bit (still have some more maturing to do) my tastebuds no longer crave mediocre prepared food LOL - but I'm not going to lie - I still enjoy a T&T bento once in a while ;)

  So the other day my dad wanted to eat at T&T because he didn't want to spend $20 for lunch -between the two of us we ending up spending about $13 - which made him really happy! He was like "Why can't you eat at T&T everyday?!" 

  The day that we went they were promoting their new baozis!! They had a ton of different flavours like 3 cup chicken, Taro, Char Siu, Mung Bean, etc. Yea, the 3 cup chicken totally sucked me in LOL!! I've never seen 3 cup chicken in baozi form before!! So of course I had to try it ;)
The baozis were actually a really good deal - for $3.99 you get 3 huge baos!! :D

  The lady who was selling the baos was super enthusiastic - in the hundreds of times I've been to T&T I've never seen someone as enthusiastic as her LOL! It was the way she said it - she was really peppy and had this huge smile on her face - which made me want to try the baos even more lol! She was like "We have new baozi!! They're so yummy, I promise you!! Would you like me to pick some out for you? We have so many flavours, they're all good!!" 


 3 item Combo - Pumpkin Spareribs, Eggplant, Honey Garlic Chicken on Rice 
(Chosen by my dad)
2/5 stars

  You know what? This actually wasn't that bad - if you ignore the grease factor LOL! The spareribs were decent - and the pumpkin gave it a nice sweetness! It was a bit fatty so it wasn't dry at all! The honey garlic chicken was predominantly sweet - with just a hint of garlic. The eggplants weren't too mushy but (as you can tell from the picture) super greasy!! The rice was pretty meh - it gets soggy from all the moisture - they do give you quite a bit though. The portion size was actually pretty large so we ended up sharing it!

3 Cup Chicken, Szechuan, and Mung Bean Baozi!! 3 for $3.99

3 Cup Chicken Baozi
1.5/5 stars

  This is the first time I've seen a 3 cup chicken baozi!! 3 cup chicken is pretty popular now - so I guess they're trying to capitalize on its popularity haha!! The bun itself was pretty decent - springy, soft and milky tasting. The filling though - was really disappointing. It didn't taste like 3 cup chicken at all!! I could see - and smell the spices, but the flavours just fell flat. The bao itself was pretty large though so we did end up full!

Szechuan Baozi
2.5/5 stars

  The szechuan baozi was a lot better! It was pretty spicy, and tasted like a typical spicy sezchuan dish! The chicken was relatively moist and pretty flavourful! Pretty enjoyable! We also got a mung bean bun, but we ended up bringing it home because we were already pretty stuffed haha!

Omg...I dug through my archives and found this super old picture of T&T bento from highschool LOL! As you can tell - I was all about the honey garlic spareribs and s&s pork!! ;)


  1. The hot food counter at T&T Surrey Central is pretty good. Favourites are spareribs with pumpkin (very tender) and black pepper pork chops. Their takeout dim sum is pretty expensive and more expensive than sit-down restaurants. If you go near closing time (after 7pm), the leftover hot food gets scooped into containers and gets marked down. May get marked down a second time after 9pm.

    1. I agree, some of the items are pretty yummy!! Mmm I'll have to try their pepper pork chops next time! LOL I always thought it was funny how their dim sum is more expensive than an actual sit down restaurant!! I guess it's more for convenience than anything really haha!
      Oh I didn't know they get marked down a second time after 9 pm - that's a really good deal! :D

    2. That's freaky. I *happened* to be in Chinatown earlier today, did some shopping at T&T. Got hungry .... so guess what I had: rice + pumpkin w. spareribs and the fried fish fillets. While for $6.50 the meal did it's job, I was SUPER thirsty for hours afterward. They really douse on the MSG :-(

    3. Woah that is freaky haha!! Ikr, that stuff is loaded with msg...but I guess that's inevitable!!

  2. I usually go to Kent's instead of T&T, despite T&T is closer to me. There is something I can't pinpoint from T&T meal combos, as if missing seasoning or too greasy or overcooked.

    I usually pick up a banh mi in the case it is late and don't want to cook for the following day. Markdown in the Metrotown location tends to be earlier as by 9:00 p.m. the mall is closed. However, it is usually slim pickings as by then most people would have bought them already!

    1. I love Kent's!! I like it alot better than T&T!! But t&t's more convenient, I wish Kent's would open up more locations!! :D

      I agree, the food at t&t can be a hit or miss - sometimes it can taste "off."
      I've never tried their banh mis, I've seen them so many times, maybe I will next time!! :D

      LOL same!! Whenever I go during markdown time all the good stuff's already gone!!

    2. A few years ago, all T&T locations' hot delis were closed down for a period of time by Vancouver Coastal Health and Fraser Health inspections, because their food warmers were at insufficiently hot temperatures to minimize/prevent food-borne contamination and bacterial growth. I can't recall the exact duration, but it was a few months. They still risk violations on a regular basis (type "T&T" in the search line):


      Scary huh ?

      And for Van Coastal .....


      So there you go. Makes you almost not want to go out to eat eh ?


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