Teppan Kitchen - Aberdeen

   Yesterday I was wandering around the Aberdeen food court pondering about what I wanted to eat hehe. It can be pretty intimating with all the choices: Congee? Hotpot? Sichuan? HK Cafe food? Noodle Soup? Taiwanese food? - even the most seasoned of foodies can have a hard time deciding!

  Teppan Kitchen is really similar to Pepper Lunch! I'm probably the last blogger who hasn't tried Pepper Lunch in Richmond LOL!!  I actually tried Pepper Lunch a few months ago in Taiwan, and it was really yummy hehe! I had a spaghetti dish of some sort, and my mom had the hamburg steak w/ curry!!

  Read my blog post about Pepper Lunch Taiwan here: http://www.vancitynoms.com/2015/01/taipei-day-3-pepper-lunch-hot-star.html

  I didn't even know that Pepper Lunch was that popular at the time, I just randomly went in haha...I was like "Ohh, this place looks cool, let's eat here!" :D

  If I'm at Aberdeen and I don't feel like being creative that day haha, an ol' standby I always default to is Teppan Kitchen!! Before Pepper Lunch came to Canada, there was Teppan Kitchen!! Teppan Kitchen has been in the Aberdeen food court for ages. It's one of the more popular stalls, everytime I pass by during lunch there's always a lineup!

  Teppan Kitchen has been in the food court for as long as I can remember!! The food does take a while to make though, around 20 mins or so, so don't come here if you're in a rush haha! The meat at Teppan Kitchen is lower quality compared to Pepper Lunch's, but it's cheaper, so I guess you get what you pay for!! All of their teppans come with a free miso soup, and you can get a drink for an additional dollar!! :D

Honey Matcha Tea $1
3/5 stars
  This was okay. I found the green tea to be a bit diluted - even though they used an actual tea bag. The honey flavour was subtle, but it was definitely there! Not bad for $1 - especially since it was the large size! :)

14 spice Chicken

3/5 stars

  Aside from their daily special, their 14 spice chicken is one of their most ordered dishes!! The flavours were great; I love the garlic butter sauce they put on top!! The 14 spice was really fragrant, but it was overwhelmed by the butter flavour. The chicken wasn't very tender and the chicken pieces were really tiny haha.

Sizzle, sizzle!! :D

Get this: they even have fish&chips now, battered with ASAHI, yes asahi beer!! Talk about AWESOME!! :D



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