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  I had a really sore throat/mouth a few days ago. The only solution? Pho!! Since I wasn't feeling too well I didn't want to travel too far for food, so I rode my bike to Thai Son nearby!!

  Since I was pretty hungry - I ordered a large pho - which was a bad decision LOL! I saw the small pho and I was like "Pftt, that's so small, I can totally finish a large one!!" ...yea that didn't happen. After polishing off the spring rolls I couldn't down another bite LOL! (Has my stomach gotten smaller?!!) NO!!!!

 Ordering spring rolls probably wasn't the best idea because I my mouth was sore, but I just couldn't resist hehe. I can never turn down fried food!! ;)

  After looking at the reviews on Urbanspoon I realized that I had unknowingly ordered the exact same dishes as Nosh&Nibble haha!! Their pho tai & a side order of spring rolls!! Great foodies think alike!! ;)

  Thai Son is actually chain - with locations all over greater Van!! Their Richmond location use to be a Japanese restaurant - it's pretty evident judging by the decor! It's one of their more spacious locations - it's located on the second floor of a plaza, overlooking Garden City Road!!

  Since the restaurant was pretty empty I asked to sit by the windows, and the waiter gave me the stink eye LOL!! Better lighting = better photos!! :D

  I've also tried Thai Son's lemongrass chicken before, and it was really good - I like it better than their pho haha!! I've also tried their dry mixed noodles at their Victoria Drive location!! :)

Pho Tai - Large
Rare Beef & Tendon

3/5 stars
  The pho here is good - but it's not my favourite. The broth is fragrant and well seasoned - without the heavy use of msg. My only gripe was that most of my rare beef came fully cooked! There was only 2 measly pieces of tendon - which made me really sad cause the tendon is one of my favourite parts about pho!! I just love the texture and the chewiness hehe. The noodles were nice, appealingly al dente with bite!

Cha Gios $5.50 for 3

3/5 stars

  I prefer cha gios made with rice wrappers - but for a wheat wrapper version, this was pretty good!! For some weird reason I like how the spring rolls are flat LOL!! And the fact that they cut it up into 3 pieces, so it makes me feel like there's more!! The filling is moist and flavourful, and the exterior is crunchy and not at oily at all!

I always eat my bean sprouts separately - because I feel like it dilutes the taste of the broth LOL! Or is it just me? ;D

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  1. Woah! Selina not being able to finish her food? That can't be! O: Haha, I love and hate that you post everyday because once I get busy I end up missing so many of your posts. xD Haven't had Pho in so long.. where is your favourite place that doesn't have pounds of msg in their broth? :P

    1. LOL!! *gasp* what's gotten into me?! Something was definitely off that day! ;)
      hehe no worries, you can always catch up on reading when you have time!! :D

      The weather's starting to warm up so I probably won't have pho again in while haha!! Pho Tam is really solid - their broth is really complex and beefy! If I'm in the mood for something different Chau Veggie Express makes a killer lychee date broth (all vegetarian!!) :D

    2. i can't handle so much deliciousness at once. D:

      lychee date broth sounds really cool, gotta give that a try sometime. thanks for the recommendations!


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