The Pie Shoppe

  I went through a serious pie eating phase in 9th grade. I would go through 3-5 apple pies or 3 boxes of strudels in a week. Granted, it was the crappy kind from save on foods LOL!! Hey, I thought it was pretty good back then ;)  (And ignorance is bliss right?)

  Well, I've since developed a more "refined palette" (not as refined as some of you out there though lol!!) and I've outgrown my obsession with store bought pie!! ;)

  Come to think of it, I haven't had a slice of "proper" pie in SO long. Seriously, the last time I had pie was at Denny's, pumpkin pie (my dad wanted to order it okay LOL!!) And wasn't that great, as you can probably imagine.

  Ive passed by the Pie Shoppe in Chinatown on one too many occasions with a full stomach, but after eating at Finch's yesterday my mom and I were still hungry - so we decided to share a slice of pie before heading the Golden Wheat for moree food!! (We're such pigs.)

  The Pie Shoppe is seriously too cute!! It's tiny, probably no more than 300 sq ft!! Two girls were making fresh pie when we walked in - and it smelled lovely! They usually have a selection of 5-7 flavours - and they have whole pies displayed at the front. Like most dessert places you can buy just a slice or an entire pie!! :D

  After much contemplation, my mom chose the buttermilk cherry, and we had a swell time eating pie outside (until a mysterious odour infiltrated our nostrils LOL!)

Buttermilk Cherry Slice $6.50
Served warm!!
4/5 stars
  I read in a few reviews that the pies are served cold, so we were delighted when our pie was brought out to us - still warm!! The exterior was incredibly crumbly, and the inside was really soft (but not mushy) The buttermilk flavour was very strong - almost overpowering, but my mom seemed to really enjoy it haha!! The cherry wasn't too tart and the flavours were very balanced - and the pie was the perfect sweetness!! :D

Decisions, decisions ;)

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  1. Wow for the price of a slice, you can get a whole pie at Save-on-foods/Pricesmart. lol

    Actually, Save-on's pies are decent too.

    1. Oh how miss those apple pies from save on's!! ;)
      I haven't had one in forever!! Come to think of it, I should go and get myself some hehe!!
      lol I know right, the pies here are pretty overpriced - at least it was yummy!! :D

  2. I've heard that Black Rook bakery has really good pies, while Pie Shoppe seems to be "meh" for most people!

    1. Wow, Black Rook has a 90% rating on urbanspoon!! I'll have to check it out when I have the chance!! :D
      haha the pie shoppe definitely has some mixed reviews, but the cherry buttermilk flavour that I had was pretty good!! :D


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