Edible Canada Chip Wagon

  So after indulging in some donuts from Lee's the other day, my dad and I walked around Granville Island in search for more food. That's right.  The search for food never ends ;)

  Well to be specific...we wanted ice cream, since it was practically 30 degrees outside (okay not really, but it sure felt like it!) My handy dandy yelp app directed us towards Edible Canada at the Market - which stocks Earnest!! Edible Canada is actually a restaurant, but they have a little window on the outside of their storefront that operates like a food truck!! We actually waited pretty long for our icecream (around 8 mins) but I guess it's because they were busy!

  Their "wagon" (love how they call it that) offers their most popular dishes for takeout!
And get this: they even have...DUCK FAT FRITES. I really wanted to try it but since we just ate lunch and a few donuts, we got icecream instead (which isn't that much better hehe)

 So now you can get your Earnest fix on Granville Island without having to go all the way to their store!! :D  Earnest Icecream needs no introduction - I'm sure you guys have all tried it!! :D  That stuff is seriously the bomb dot com... I would swim in a pool of earnest icecream!! Hmm, I should really go and get myself a pint this week...

Earnest Icecream - Salted Caramel
They only had this flavour available on the day that we went, so we each got a cone! 

5/5 stars

  SOOO GOOD. Even my dad was like "How is this possible? How can ice cream taste so good?" hahaha!!! The salted caramel flavour is super strong!! It's pretty sweet (but hey, I like it that way) Super creamy, smooth, thick! I could've eaten a entire pint of this hehe. It's THAT good. Uh, I'm salivating just thinking about it. The waffle cone was surprisingly great as well, it held up all the contents without getting soggy and stayed crunchy until the very end! It had a nice, light buttery flavour too! :D

That's it...I'm coming back for the DUCK FAT FRITES!! <3


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