Feastro the Rolling Bistro

  Time for moarr tacos!! Can one eat too many tacos? I think not ;)

  And my taco face stuffing this time was totally justified because - we actually got these tacos for free!! We went to North West (no not Kimye's baby) to look at condos and they were randomly giving out free tacos to everyone who went!! The truck was parked in front of their showroom and when we went inside we were given 3 vouchers for 3 free tacos (which totally made my day!) I must say, good marketing strategy NW. Food is the truly way to a consumer's heart.

  We had already eaten lunch, but hey, theres always room for moree ;)
I mean, what sane person would turn down TACOS?! That's what I thought!

I actually reviewed Feastro here last year: http://www.vancitynoms.com/2014/01/feastro-rolling-bistro.html  (Is it just me or is the link for the picture broken?)

  I see Feastro at a lot of festivals and food events, but they always tend to get overshadowed by Tacofino!! Their tacos aren't my favourite, but they're still pretty good!!

 Fish Taco 
Chickpea Battered Lingcod, Tikka Masala Yogurt

3.5/5 stars

  I've actually tried this before, and it was just as good as I remember!! The batter is crispy and it tastes just like chickpeas! The tikka masala yogurt really takes it up a notch and adds a lot of flavour!! I'm not a huge fan of their wheat tortilla though, I prefer corn torillas!!

  The fries were thick cut, but I thought that they were just okay. I would've preferred if they were crispier!!

 Pulled Pork Taco
Slowed Roasted Pulled Pork with Mojo Aioli and Pickled Jalapenos

3/5 stars

  This was pretty tasty, but I still preferred the fish taco! While the pork was nice and tender, the salsa and jalapenos were a little too overpowering, so I would ask for that on the side next time!! The taco shells are a bit flimsy, it would awesome if they double layered the tacos!!

15 hr Braised Flat Iron Steak served with Lemon Garlic Aioli, Pickled Red Onions and Tomato Salsa


I enjoyed this as well!! The lemon garlic aioli was really strong, and paired with the pickled red onions, it was a nice combination!! I ate this and the Pulled Pork later in the day so by then it was a little soggy, but still quite nice!!

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