Hitoe Sushi

  I crave chirashi dons every week now LOL. It's becoming a problem. ;)

  I don't know... I just like it so much better than nigiri. I'm never satisfied with the rice content in nigiri. I love mah rice!!! So I always have to have a big ol' bowl of sushi rice in order to be satisfied ;)
I love sushi rice so much that I always consider asking for an extra bowl whenever I go to a Japanese restaurant haha. I just love the vinegary flavour and the chewiness!! Would it be appropriate to eat a tonkatsu with sushi rice? ;)

  Since it was pretty miserable outside yesterday (where did the sun go?) I didn't want to venture to far from school, but didn't really feel like getting sushi on campus haha, so I went to Hitoe Sushi, which is just a few minutes away! 

  Hitoe is a really popular Japanese restaurant in the heart of Kits!! It's Japanese run, and has that "authentic smell" when you walk in. You know what I mean? The air smells like sushi! I wish my room smelled like that. 

Chirashi Don $15
4.5/5 stars

  This was awesome!! And for under $15, I wasn't expecting such nice cuts of fish!! Everything was superb - really fresh tasting! The only thing that was missing was uni and unagi, but I didn't miss it haha!! The presentation was really nice too, it came with a huge decorative shell on the side LOL. The sushi rice was great, it was just the right chewiness, and the rice vinegar made it really flavourful!

Hamachi Aburi $4.75
Umeboshi, Shiso, Cucumber, and Teri Sauce on Flamed Hamachi
3/5 stars

  Umm...why did I pay $5 for this? LOL. Yea, it was good, but not $5 good!! It would've been better if they didn't glaze it in teriyaki sauce imo. It kind of made it taste "cheap" if you know what I mean haha!! It also partially masked the seared flavour. But other than that, the hamachi tasted really fresh! The umeboshi and shiso flavour was really interesting combined with the hamachi, I really liked it!

Grounded Daikon w/ Ikura & BBQ Salmon Roll
2/5 stars

  I also got one of their special rolls, because I was feeling adventurous yesterday! I've also never seen this combination at any other restaurant before, so that's why it intrigued me. I know what ikura, daikon, and bbq salmon tastes like on their own, but what would they taste like together? 

  This tasted so weird LOL!! Yea, I think I'm going to stick with ikura nigiri, and BCs rolls, because these ingredients did not taste good together haha. But the ingredients tasted really good on its own. So I picked off the pieces and ate the ikura, and bbq salmon separately. The roll itself was fine, but for some weird reason the rice was a lot mushier than the nigiri rice and the rice in my chirashi! The cali roll underneath was actually quite nice, it wasn't too heavy on the mayo, and the imitation crab meat had a nice texture.

They give me a pocket of pocky as dessert hehe!! MATCHA POCKY!!! How awesome is that?!! :D

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  1. LOL, craving chirashi dons every week is not a problem. I have tuna sashimi, salmon sashimi, way too many other types of sashimi, and tons of sushi rice every week. Sometimes multiple times a week. Nope, not a problem. =)

    1. hehe thanks for enabling me to eat more chirashis!! ;)

      Me too - multiple times a week LOL!! I actually just ate sashimi again today with my dad haha!!

      *Just can't get enough!!* :D
      But hey, at least it's healthy right? That's always my excuse ;)

    2. It's healthy as long as it doesn't become every day LOL! I started to go numb once after eating sashimi 5 days in a row =S

  2. I think I walked past a sign today that said "Chirashi-aholics Anonymous" ;-)

  3. WHAT, actually?!! That's hilarious!! :D
    Where can I sign up? ;)

  4. Hi Selina,

    Happy to read you tried out Hitoe Sushi. It can be hit and miss as you've experienced but mostly good. It appears the quality has picked up further.

    We've listed it as the #5 best sushi in Vancouver for the price and freshness. Decor is a nice touch as well:

    One store you should try out is Ajisai Sushi. It's located in Kerrisdale and undisputed one of the best sushi in Vancouver. Was recommended by fish mongers and sushi chefs. The prices are surprisingly good as well.

  5. Hi Selina,

    Glad you manage to try out Hitoe Sushi. Experience can be hit and miss as you've tried although mostly good. The quality has been picking up too.

    We've listed it as the #5 best sushi in Vancouver on VancityAsks.com:

    If you haven't yet, you ought to try Ajisai Sushi. It's nicely tucked in Kerrisdale. Undisputed as one of the best sushi in Vancouver. It was recommended by fish markets and sushi chefs. Definitely worth checking out; prices are surprisingly reasonable too.

    1. Hi Benjamin!! :)

      Agreed, I love Hitoe Sushi!! Just checked out your site, looks awesome!! Keep up the good work!! :D

      I've been meaning to try Ajisai!! I'll definitely check it out the next time I'm in the area!!

  6. Lol.. you're a "rice bucket"! This place has an old Shiro/Kura vibe.

    1. LOL I loveee my rice!! ;)
      Agreed, I love the vibe in there!


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