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 First. A moment of silence - for the death of Urbanspoon. You will be missed. Urbanspoon has been a part of my life since 2013, I've logged on everyday since. Although it's still "there" in a sense, Zomato will never replace US. Sad, but life goes on.

  I'm going to miss your blueness. How you united foodies from all over Vancouver. How you made me hunger in the middle of the night. I always liked you better than Yelp.

You will be missed.

  Well, that was depressing LOL. Let's get on to the fun stuff now, shall we? ;)

  Yesterday my mom and I had a swell time chatting and nomming on yummy pizzas at Rocky Mountain Flatbread on Main! Nothing like eating some fine pizza on a patio on a (not so) beautiful afternoon. It was actually freezing outside, but I still wanted to sit on the patio because the lighting was better LOL (the things I'll do for a good picture.) If the weather was better, it would've been perfect hehe. I was afraid that our pizza would get cold really quickly so I used plates to cover our pizzas hahaha (and our pizzas stayed warm the entire time!) :D

  We were planning on going to Trafiq later for cake (or maybe Earnest, or both LOL) but we were too full by then! ;)

I've actually blogged about RMF before here:

  I was invited by the kind folks at RM and even though this meal was compted (excluding tips) you guys know me, I'll only give my honest opinion, and the fact that I was invited doesn't change my opinion on the food!! :D

Fig & Goat Cheese Salad
Assorted organic leaves, crunchy cucumbers, ripe tomatoes, shaved red onions & mixed with goat's cheese in a creamy sundried black mission fig dressing.

 4/5 stars
 This was probably the best thing out of everything that we tried!! The salad came in a huge bowl (perfect for sharing!) and it was doused with a ton of ingredients. The fig flavour was really prominent, and the goat cheese added that extra pungentness. The flavours were really bold, and meshed really well!! The salad was pretty fresh - it also came with some of their garlic bread on the side.

Extra thin crust, brushed with roasted garlic spread, sprinkled with Quebec mozzarella cheese, shaved onions & capers. Baked in our artisan oven, topped with wild smoked salmon, lemon horseradish drizzle & fresh chives.

3.5/5 stars
  This was pretty good - but I still prefer Trilussa's smoked salmon flatbread (The Vancouver) across the street!! It was a nice way to start our meal, and made us anticipate our pizzas even more! The sockeye tasted fresh, and the roasted garlic flavour was really strong. The bread was nice and crunchy!! I couldn't really taste much of the horseradish though!

                                                                                   Genoa Salami
Organic tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, oregano, Genoa salami, sliced mushrooms, marinated cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, shaved red onions & bocconcini cheese. Finished with fresh basil.

Feature Pasta (Small Size)
3.5/5 stars

  This was surprisingly good for a non pasta place! The noodles are handmade, and they were cooked al dente! It wasn't too heavy on the cream, but it was really fragrant, and flavourful! Their pastas change on a daily basis, so this one might not there when you go!

Organic tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, Ocean Wise shrimp, shaved red onions, marinated artichokes & housemade three herb nut free pesto. Topped with asiago cheese & herbs.

3/5 stars
  My mom liked this a lot - but it was my least favourite! While there were ample ingredients, I found the pizza a bit bland in comparison to the other one. My mom really appreciated how it wasn't too salty though haha!! The dominant flavour is definitely the spinach and herbs!!

House Made Ice Tea w/ Maple Syrup

4/5 stars
  This was really yummy, and super refreshing! I loved how they had bits of lemon in it instead of putting a slice in there! It was subtly sweet from the maple syrup, but the tea flavour wasn't too strong! Still enjoyable though!

4/5 stars
  This was great, I don't think they added any sugar in it, because it didn't taste sweet at all, it just tasted sour haha!!

Chicken Soup
3/5 stars
  Really light, with a lovely, fragrant chicken stock! There was a ton of veggies in there too, pasta and pieces of lean chicken. It also came with a side of garlic bread. I've tried their leek potato soup before and it was also pretty good! 

Hot Fudge Brownie w/ Raspberry Drizzle
3.5/5 stars

  Hehe, who can say no to dessert?! This was really yummy, it wasn't too sweet and the raspberry added that extra ting of sourness!! The brownie itself was quite moist (although a bit dense) but it had this lovely smokey flavour to it, which was really unique!

We asked for the icecream on the side! :D

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  1. Did they invite anybody else? Did you meet other bloggers? :D

    I will miss Urbanspoon too. I don't like Zomato's layout and have never liked Yelp. Oh, well... :-/

    1. Urbanspoon will forever have a place in my heart <3
      RIP US :'(
      Zomato's layout is a bit confusing eh? Guess we'll just have to get use to it haha!

      I didn't get to meet any other bloggers because it was just the two of us haha!! :D

  2. I'm super sad about Urbanspoon as well. It's how I first got into food blogs years ago. I really dislike how they don't have a blogger roll, since that's what I used it for the most. I'm actually using the one on your site now instead, so that I can still get my daily fix of all the newly posted blogs!

    1. The foodie community will never be the same *sheds tear*

      Yea, I was so bummed they removed the section for food blogs - it was the best way to stay updated on blog posts!! I emailed them about it, and they said that they're just incorporating blog posts into the "City Feed" with user reviews now.

      haha but at least my blogroll serves a purpose now!! :)

    2. +1000. The new user interface is almost completely useless :-(

    3. Not to mention the detailed cuisines (filters) list on the left is gone, and the neighbourhoods list ...... totally random listing, with mixed hierarchies of municipalities and neighbourhoods. A total sham and disgraceful change.

    4. Below is a re-post from my post on Chowhound BC/Vancouver today on the same topic:

      As we continue to be oppressed by Zomato's arcane (and insane) new user interface now that they've fully assimilated Urbanspoon, I continue my quest in finding if they maintained their blogger leaderboard. Reason being that the reviews are no longer parsed by Critics, Users and Bloggers on the interface, and if they are, such filtering is completely hidden from us.

      I checked out their "blog" section (find the link at the bottom of Zomato's page), which takes you here:

      And we see:
      "Leaderboards. Leaderboards on Zomato help identify the most prolific contributors in a city. A review or blog post on Zomato earns 25 points, while every photo uploaded earns 2. Leaderboard positions are earned (and defended) depending on points earned in the past six months. We also have a separate leaderboard for bloggers, and one’s position on that depends on how many restaurants one has written posts for with Spoonbacks."

      Try as I may, I could not for the life of me FIND how to get to this leaderboard. So I simply Googled "Zomato Vancouver Leaderboard". And voila:

      They show you *only* Metro Van's top 25 f-bloggers.

      Now this still doesn't tell us which restaurants or what articles/topics each of those bloggers had just recently provided. In fact at this time I can't tell is this leaderboard is dynamic in real-time or not. Until you click on a specific food blogger (ie: Sherman) and the new page will show you ALL his recent reviews chronologically. This is a small step in assuaging our frustrations but it still doesn't allow for a chronological sweep across ALL food bloggers' recent posts.

      Is there an "Occupy Zomato" in the works ? If so please contact me so I can start making the protest placards .....

    5. I find the new interface really confusing too!! A lot of the info is hidden and it's harder to find! I guess we'll just have to get use to it :(

      You're right - I just noticed, the neighbourhoods are in random order!! That just adds to the confusion...

      Yea, they took away the "Critic, Blogger, and User review sections!" The organizational freak in me does not approve haha!!

      LOL "an Occupy Zomato" movement!! Maybe you guys should start one over on Chowhound ;)

  3. I also don't like how casual reviewers are placed above food bloggers. Not only do reviews and blog posts get the same number of points, but reviews can show up in the "Popular"/"Recent" reviews section whereas it takes an extra click to get to the blog posts. That extra click is costing me half of my traffic! Arghhh!

    1. I feel your pain LOL. It's costing me half of my traffic too!! It's a bit unfair for bloggers who post consistent reviews!! Blogger reviews get buried with user reviews, and they're a lot harder to find! :(

      Have you tried emailing them? Maybe if enough people contact them about it, they'll consider changing it!! :D

      I miss good ol' Urbanspoon! :'(

    2. I'll e-mail them sometime tonight. All of us food bloggers should e-mail them about that issue - Zomato has its merits but is a calamity for food bloggers!

      At the very least, we can all build blogrolls on our blogs so that we bring some traffic to each other...

    3. Thanks to you both, we at least have an updated daily blogroll to go on. You have been acknowledged here :-)

      Which got me thinking whether a local blogger(s) can simply and quickly put together a website to solely include the daily blogroll for use by local Metro Vanc audience - consumers and bloggers alike. Can't be that hard, right ? [wink, wink]

    4. Thanks for the mention! :D

      That's actually a really good idea, I could easily put together one! But would people find it too redundant since I already have one on my site?

    5. I would LOVE if that was set up!

    6. Go, Selina, go ! Beat Raymond to it :-)

    7. I just registered a domain name hehe - coming soon to a screen near you!! ;)

  4. Is my blogroll not good enough or something? =(

    JK ... thanks Selina for doing this! I'll be sure to use it once it's up. Maybe we can even recreate something like the homepage of Urbanspoon and call it "The Resurrection of Urbanspoon" for the LOLs!

    1. To prevent potential licensing/trademark infringements, you can call it "UrbanForks". Or "SlurpinMoons". Or "Schzomato" ;-)

    2. LOL Raymond!!
      hehe I'm really excited about it! hahaha "the resurrection of urbanspoon!!" - maybe I'll use it as a tagline or something! ;)
      It would hilarious if we actually "copied" their homepage haha!! :D

      @LotusRapper OMG Urbanforks!! :'D How do you come up with this stuff? I think we should all vote on a name or something!! :D I'll mention it in my next blog post!

    3. Given the local blogger demographics, you could even go with UrbanChopstix


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