The International Summer Nightmarket 2015 - Review of 26 DISHES!!

  Sorry I didn't post yesterday guys!! After a wild night of partying at the night market (with my mom)  I got home at 1 am, fell asleep, and didn't wake up until 1 pm in the afternoon!! Man, eating sure sucks the life outta you ;)

  I had a blast at the nightmarket yesterday. We ate SO much. No regrets though. Because hey, it's only once a year right? GOTTA LET LOOSE!! ;)

  I actually like this nightmarket a lot better than the Richmond one (the one by Bridgeport) because this one is so much calmer, and less hectic!! :D The Richmond one is newer and has a lot more stalls, but it's always packed to the point where it's hard to breathe!! Not to mention the $2 admission fee, and lineups ;) (there's no lineups or tickets at this one!!)

 It didn't take us 3 hours to get home this year (when will I get my N?!) Last year my mom refused to take a taxi and she made me walk from 22nd street skytrain to Metrotown (insane I know) IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT AT 2 AM - because the skytrain closed. Asian parents yenno ;)  This year she agreed to take a taxi, and we ended up spending $60 *the cheapskate inside of me was crying*

  My nightmarket reviews were such a success last year, so of course I couldn't not do one this year!! ChineseBites just happened to invite me to their media event, and since I was already planning on doing a nightmarket review, I happily obliged! Even though the food was free, I would've gone anyway and done my own review - and I would've ordered the exact same dishes!! So like always, you guys can always trust me for a honest opinion!! :D

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Oh - have you guys noticed? I've stopped saying "LOL" in my posts!! :D  Someone (on a forum) said that my "LOLs" were really annoying and they stopped reading my reviews because of it! So sorry if I annoy you guys - I'll try my very best to be less annoying <3 <3 

I love it when people smile for photos!! ;D
Amazebuns were at the Surrey Nightmarket last year, and this year they've taken on Richmond!! 

Green Tea Condensed Milk Mantou Buns - Half
3.5/5 stars

  Mmm mantou!! Fried pieces of dough covered in condensed milk and matcha?! Count me in!! This was really yummy!! The matcha went so well with the condensed milk. The bitterness really balanced out the sweetness of the condensed milk - and the bun itself was really soft!Green tea is their most popular flavour - but they also have a chocolate, caramel, and cane sugar version! 

This stall was selling Honey Creme/Soft Peaks esque soft serve, but I got one of their drinks! :D

Fresh Watermelon Juice
2/5 stars

  How cute is this little watermelon?! The juice was served cold, but the watermelon tasted a little overripe! Not a big deal though, it was still really refreshing - since it was so hot outside yesterday!

LOL mother clucker!! 

Chicken & Waffles
3/5 stars

  Bet you weren't expecting chicken & waffles at a nightmarket huh? They used sweet thai chili sauce instead of maple syrup!! The flavours still worked together because the sweetness of the thai chilli works well with the buttery waffle!! The waffle itself was quite soft and milky tasting! The chicken itself was lightly breaded - albeit a bit on the lean side. It was also a bit dry - if it were juicer it would've been even better!

It's not a nightmarket without a Taiwanese stall!! ;D

Taiwanese Oreo Wheel Cake
2/5 stars
  A twist on a taiwanese classic!! I've never seen a wheel cake with oreo in it, so this was essentially a deep fried oreo!! It didn't really resemble a wheel cake, because the exterior was quite mushy and not very "shell" like and crispy. The dough was really soft - almost pancake like, it would've been better if it was crispier!!

Yay - south asian goodies!! :D

Basil Seed Drink
4/5 stars

  This was so yummy!! There was so much basil seeds in it!! It was nicely sweetened, but not overwhelmingly so, you could still taste the natural flavour of the basil! I love chewing basil seeds because of the bubble like texture!! :D 


A nightmarket staple ;)
Can't pass up some good ol' fried squid.

Fried Squid
4/5 stars

  Yea, how can you go to the nightmarket without getting deep fried squid? It's pretty much a given. ;)
This version was great, it was lightly battered, and super flavourful, without being greasy! It really didn't need any sauce, because it was already flavourful on its own!! I was SO tempted to go back for seconds!! ;)  

This stall specializes in katsu and deep fried avocado! I will eat anything deep fried tehe.

Fried Avocado w/ Imitation Crab Meat
3/5 stars

  This is the first time I've seen this...anywhere!! :D  Basically a california roll, without the rice!! And it tasted like a california roll too, with spicy mayo/ponzu sauce on top!! My mom really liked it - and she ate it all up!! :D  The outside is deep fried and the batter wasn't too thick either!

Awee - how cute is their name?! Mr. & Mrs. Poppins!! <3 The theme they had going on was too cute! 

Truffle Parmesan Popcorn
Special shoutout to the couple who was running this place, they were soo nice!! :D
You should go for the service alone, and the awesome popcorn of course ;)

4/5 stars

  Popcorn - gone gourmet!! This was really good - the truffle flavour was actually really strong, and there was a lot of cheese in it!! The popcorn was perfectly popped too and it wasn't oily all! This was a huge bag - so it would be great for sharing!

Toyota Ya! Is this stall affiliated with toyota? ;)
Authentic and japanese run! :D

Yakitori Skewers
The japanese guy running this place was also really sweet! :D

3.5/5 stars

  The skewers were pretty yummy!! They're on the smaller side, but what they lack in size, they make up for in flavour! The outside was nicely charred with a slight smokey flavour, and the chicken was moist and tender!

omg... I just noticed the sign on the corner cuts off so it reads "EW" instead of "NEW!"  That just made my night. 

Ice cream in a fish cone!!
2/5 stars
  This is a new thing at the nightmarket this year - I didn't see them here last year!! Not going to lie, I got this just because it was cute!! Flavour wise, nothing exciting, just your regular vanilla ice cream. The fish cone tasted like a bubble waffle!! More of a novelty than anything really - but definitely instagram worthy ;)

This stall is hugely popular - I also tried them last year! :D

Takoyaki Sampler
Mayo Shoyu, Citrus Ponzu, Mayo Corn, Spicy Mayo
3/5 stars

  Takoyaki - another nightmarket staple!! I really liked how they had a sampler set this year, but for some reason after I ordered it they took the sign down haha!! I also tried this stall last year and it was just like I remembered - maybe even better!! They added a few more flavours this year - my favourite was probably the citrus ponzu, because it had a nice citrusy flavour to it!! The mayo shoyu didn't disappoint either - probably my second favourite out of the 4!! The spicy mayo was just siracha, but it was still pretty good! :D

We went back for some more goodies at the Taiwanese stall because my mom was nagging me for stinky tofu! ;)

Stinky Tofu
2/5 stars
  My mom - being the traditional taiwanese lady that she is, had to get stinky tofu!! :D 
She didn't like it though - she said " It wasn't stinky enough and it tasted like "fake" stinky tofu, nothing like the authentic stuff." So it was basically just fried tofu. It wasn't bad though - just wasn't stinky enough! We like that funk ;)


Cotton Candy
3/5 stars adorbs is this cotton candy? How do they even get it like that?? Too pretty to eat. I really wanted to take it home with me - but it melted!! Flavour wise, it was pretty sweet (as expected.) Taste wise nothing special, but it would be so cute if you bought this for your date/boyfriend/girlfriend!! :D

  After 5 mins it began to deflate and melt!! :'(

I love the signage - it's so eye catching!! This booth is Japanese run (yay for oknomiyaki!!) 

3.5/5 stars

  This was one of my favourites of the night!! Not only was it huge (larger than the okonomyaki at most restaurants) it was loaded with a ton of squid and cabbage! It was just the right texture too, not too soggy and really moist!! The outside was crispy and the inside was soft and gooey! I was surprised, especially since this came from a food stall!!  I went back for the sauce 3 times (that stuff is addicting!!) 

They make all their wraps fresh in front of you! :D

Beef Tantuni

3.5/5 stars

  This was another popular stall - their beef wraps were awesome!! The minced beef was tender, moist, and flavourful. The mint really takes it to a whole 'nother level. The wrap itself was nothing special, but it held all the contents and didn't get soggy. They also have this in a lamb or chicken version!

Pass on the flavoured syrups - go for the real deal original lemonade baby!! :D

Original Lemonade (No ice)
4.5/5 stars

  Highest mark of the night goes to - lemonade!! Thats right folks - lemonade!! Usually the lemonades/limeades at nightmarkets taste really watered down, but this one was super potent, I was really impressed! So was my mom! I got the large version and I am SO glad that I did, because I drank up every last drop! It was sour with just the right balance of sweetness. 

The guy looks so happy in the picture!! :D 
 He was super duper nice too!!

Durian Cake
3.5/5 stars

  Of course...I had to go with the durian flavoured one!! I actually just ate durian icecream today - what can I say? I love my stinky, exotic fruit! ;)

  The cake itself was quite good - soft, smooth, and not too sweet (definitely catered towards an asian palate! The durian hits you in the face as soon as you open the lid, they sure put a lot of it in there!! :D

Dessert time!! The banana coconut dessert caught my eye! ;)

Hot Vietnamese Banana Coconut Dessert
4/5 stars

  This was so good!! Omg...this would be amazingg on a cold winter day, I swear. It was thick, gooey, and so comforting!! There was real chunks of banana in there, and the banana flavour was really strong. The coconut milk added the perfect amount of sweetness!! So yummy!! Definitely my kind of dessert. 

The butter wafting from this stall was intoxicating...had to go get myself some!! ;)

Corn on the Cob - I added butter, lemon pepper, parmesan and cayenne!!
3.5/5 stars

  Nothing like some grilled corn. I've actually only eaten corn on the cob at the nightmarket a handful of times. I always feel ripped off paying $4 for corn!! But this was still really good!! The corn was moist and juicy!! The toppings just made it that much better. Definitely load up on the cheese people. 

A Richmond nightmarket classic. The infamous hurricane fries!! Not sure if this one is the "original" booth (it says that they are on the sign) because it's unclear who started the trend in vancouver!!  

Hurricane Potato Fries -
Spicy Korean Vinegar

2/5 stars

  This was basically a rotato covered in gochujang (the spicy korean sauce you eat with bibimbaps!!) I find that this stall's rotato isn't as crispy as the other one, the slices are thicker and a bit greasy. But I still enjoyed it though! I mean - what sane person would turn down fried potatoe on a stick? ;)

Rotato - Sour Cream flavoured!
This is from the stall beside the corn stall!! :D

3/5 stars

  I liked this stall's rotato alot better! The pieces are thinner, and alot crispier - so they're more potato chip like. They're also crispier (you can tell just from looking at the picture.) The sour cream flavour was nice - but it could've been stronger (I'm asking for more powder next time!)

Chinese DanDan Mien
I forgot to take a picture of this stall - but this is the only stall selling North Eastern chinese food, so it's hard to miss! :D

When I went the lady was like "Didn't you already come here?" and I was like "No, this is my first time!" and she was like "But someone who came a second ago looked just like you!!" Yea, I get that a lot. Short asian girl with glasses. There's a lot of us out there. 

3/5 stars

  The noodles were actually quite nice!! Not sure if they were hand made or not, but they were still *qq* The minced beef was flavourful without being too spicy, and there was enough sauce to coat the entire thing! 


Yuja Ade

Nuu I forgot to take a picture of this AWESOME drink because I got distracted because it was too yummy!!
If you're a fan of korean citron tea, you'll LOVE this. Actually, I could probably make this at home because it's basically citron tea (I bought a huge jar from T&T) with soda mixed in!!

4.5/5 stars

  I am so remaking this at home!! The citrus flavour blends soo well with the soda, it's not even funny. So refreshing!! Just the right amount of sweetness - and so satisfying!! Can I have moarr, please? :D

Custard Fish Pastry (from the rotato stall!)
aka Taiyaki 

1.5/5 stars

  I also got one of these last year - because it was only a $1!! This was a pretty "meh" version of taiyaki - the outside shell is a bit "rough" feeling and the mouth feel isn't that great, and the custard is alright! It's not too sweet and rather creamy. But definitely can't compare to a really well made taiyaki!!

Love me some fried chicken!!

Fried Chicken Tenders (Original & Spicy)

The couple running this place was SO nice!! Just like the popcorn couple! They were so enthusiastic, and they said that they wanted me to get a fresh batch (because when I went back they gave my order to someone else) which was so sweet of them! And the guy even posed in the picture when I took a picture of their storefront!! :D

3/5 stars
  The seasoning on dat chicken is seriously addicting. Not too salty, but perfectly balanced with all the right spices! The chicken could've used a bit more work though, it was rather dry and not juicy enough (I like ma meat juicy!) If it was juicier it would've been perfect!! The spicy version wasn't spicy, which I like :D


Passionfruit Black Tea w/ Pearls to end the night!! :D

4.5/5 stars

  Wow - this was really good. Surprisingly good. Way better than the passionfruit tea at Bubble Queen!! The (artificial) passionfruit flavour tasted like real passionfruit, and the entire thing was so fragrant it almost smelled like perfume (could be a good or bad thing) It was just the right amount of sweetness and the black tea wasn't watered down at all!! 

Here are some of the other stalls I didn't have the stomach space for!! ;)

You can never go wrong with some Gai Dan Jai!! :D

Do Fu Hua - Soy pudding!! You get to choose your toppings!

Hmm, their "new style" onion cake looks interesting!

Dim sum!! You guys know I eat way too much dim sum so I passed on this one!! 

I tried this stall last year, and it was so yummy!! :D
Definitely get the lamb skewers.

Some grilling action going on!! :D

I tried this stall last year - and I really liked it! :D

Crepes!! <3 I wish they had more flavours though - I'm allergic to nutella! :(

The squid tentacles here come on a huge plate!! They looked SO good!! :D

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  1. omg i have to go to the night market as soon as my exams are done. ):

    1. Aw good luck Rachel!! Stay strong! :D
      You can award yourself with some nightmarket treats after ;)

    2. thanks Selina. c:
      i'm afraid i'll be having a lot more than "some" nightmarket treats, i wasted so much money there last year (the rubber ducky one, i've never been to the panda!) even though i shared the food with a group of friends. xDD

  2. oh I've been waiting for this post lol I was about to comment on one of your post to ask if you'll be doing another night market post like last year haha. I still remember reading the one you wrote last year!! it was so helpful and detailed :)

    1. hehehe how could I not do one?? ;)
      So glad that you found it useful!! Have fun at the nightmarket Alice!! ^^

  3. One thing about reading Selina's posts about night markets ...... I feel full from looking at the pics that I don't need to go afterward ;-)

    1. LOL I'm saving you calories!! ;)
      And money!! :D

    2. You are too kind ......... you are doing us all a public service

  4. Thanks for your post. I went in May and some of the stalls weren't open yet. Will have to return for another visit.

    I loved Soyboy and not so much the green onion pancake from Alberta (ours is much tastier).

    1. You're very welcome Holly!! So glad you enjoyed it!! :)
      You should definitely go back to try the newly opened stalls - so many scrumptious treats to be had! :D

      I'll have to check out Soyboy if I go back!! They had so many yummy toppings!! Thanks for the tip, I'll pass on the green onion pancakes!! :)


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