Cherry Tea & Icy Bar

  I've been miserable for the past few days. I ran out of my natural toothpaste, so I used some of my dad's Crest 3D White, and guess what happened? It BURNED MY TONGUE. For three days I couldn't taste anything. Today I regained a few of my tastebuds, but I still can't taste that well. I miss my tastebuds. You don't realize how much you rely on them until they're gone *sniffsnif*


  I've still been eating out, but as you can imagine, nothing tastes good. I can't wait for my tastebuds to grow back :(

  Weird thing is, I used Crest 3D White in highschool and I never reacted to it! I guess going "all natural" has made me a lot more sensitive to chemicals :(  

  Anyways, a few days ago (before my toothpaste fiasco) it was really hot out so my mom and I decided to go for some drinks at Crystal Mall after lunch!! 

  Cherry Tea & Icy Bar is one of my favourite places for shaved iced and slushes in Burnaby! Nothing like some ice cold drinks to cool yourself down on a hot day!! ;D

  They have another location in Parker Place, and they also have a stall at the Richmond Nightmarket!!

Some floraly herbal drink ;)
(They had this displayed on the front counter!)

3.5/5 stars

  This was delicious!! This has a chinese name but I don't know the name of this in English! The girl at the counter didn't know either. 

 But if you see this, definitely order it! It's tastes really floraly (a bit like roses) and it isn't too sweet!! I gulped this down in no time, soo refreshing on a hot summer's day! 

Papaya Milk

3.5/5 stars

  This was quite good as well!! According to my mom, it wasn't watered down and the papaya flavour was really potent!! It's not too thick (they use 2% milk) so you can drink it without feeling too full!! I'm definitely going to try more of their milk flavours next time!! :D

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  1. i love the icy bar but i've never actually tried their juices/ smoothies etc. i've always had just their icys and hot desserts. O:

    1. I always see a ton of people ordering their mango sago icys!! Ohh I'll have to try their hot desserts in the winter!! ;D

  2. Maybe you're allergic to sodium lauryl sulfate Selina? But it's also commonly found in shampoos and other soap products.
    Try Sensodyne Pronamel or Colgate Enamel Health, the texture on both of them are really good in my opinion.
    But definitely use a fluoride containing toothpaste...water in Vancouver isn't fluoridated, which is why so many people get new cavities throughout their lives living in Vancouver.

    1. I think you're right Joey!! :D Because the Weleda Plant toothpaste I'm using right now does't contain sulfates!! My shampoo doesn't contain sulfates either, because I find that sulfates dry out my skin. I've tried Sensodyne in the past, and I really liked it, the texture is quite nice :D

      The toothpaste I'm using right now doesn't contain flouride, but the weird thing is, I haven't gotten any cavities since I started using natural toothpaste!! Maybe I'm just lucky? haha! Hope it stays that way ~ :D


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