Double Double HK Restaurant - Visit 2!

   I have this undying love for Cantonese comfort food. But let's be honest, who doesn't? ;D
I mean, what's better than a bowl of steaming congee, lo mein, and some carby chinese doughnuts after a long day?

   My dad's full Cantonese, so (no surprise) he loves eating at Cantonese restaurants. Besides Taiwanese food, Japanese food, and pho, it's the only thing he'll eat. The only Cantonese restaurant we frequent is South Ocean (but you guys probably already know that) ;)
On the days when my dad's not eating at South Ocean, he's eating at random food court stalls in Richmond - and he always orders the same thing: Spareribs on rice!!

  But recently, my dad has really taken a liking to Double Double - he's even declared it as one of his favourite cantonese restaurants in Richmond! It seems like a lot of people feel the same way, because this place is always packed, and there's usually a lineup. It's not hard to see why though, the food is tasty, the prices are reasonable, and the portion sizes are huge!! And on top of that -
the service is actually really friendly!! (Say what?)  ;)

  Their menu is huge! They have all your typical cantonese dishes and they even have Chiu Chow food!! I really wanted to order off the chiu chow menu but my dad refused -.-
After seeing a huge plate of deep fried silver fish go by I really wanted to order it but my dad never lets me order silver fish (for some odd reason) at every chinese restaurant we go to!!

Read my previous review here:

House Special Hot Chilli Oil Lo Mein 

3/5 stars

  This dish is a staple at HK restaurants - but every restaurant has a different name for this dish in English!! Some places call it "Spicy Meat Sauce Lo Mein."

  The noodles were great - al dente, bouncy, with bite! The meat sauce in this version was pretty good, spicy with a bit of sweetness. The pork was tender and there was lots of it!! However, I still felt like there was something missing. 

Pan Fried Turnip Cake w/ XO Sauce

4/5 stars

  This is a MUST ORDER if you're coming here!! :D Almost every table had an order of this! They sell out fast though - so order quick!! ;)

  Double Double's turnip cake is alot different from the ones you get at dim sum, they're pan fried, so they're super crispy on the ouside!! The xo sauce gives it a lot of flavour and makes the whole thing super fragrant! :D

Satay Beef w/ GaiLan
2.5/5 stars

  Another classic Cantonese dish!! My dad loves ordering stir fried beef. This version was okay, there was a decent amount of caramelization but it was lacking in overall flavour. On the plus side, the beef was reasonably tender and the gailan was bright and crunchy!!

Deep Fried Wontons 

3.5/5 stars

  Another one of Double Double's signature dishes!! The outside is super crunchy and fragrant, and the inside is filled with large, bouncy pieces of shrimp. Very flavourful and not oily at all!! Another great dish to pair with your congee!

Sampan Congee

3/5 stars

  My dad's must have at any congee restaurant - sampan congee!! I like Double Double's version, it's thick and has loads of meat in it!! You can tell they put quite a bit of msg in this. But consistency wise, a pretty decent bowl of congee!!

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  1. Couple of Q's:

    1) did you take pics of the inside of the deep-fried wontons ?

    2) how would one tell by looking at the congee pic that they've put quite a bit of MSG into it ?

    1. Oops, I meant to type: "I could tell that there was a lot of msg in this" LOL.
      I didn't take a picture of the inside because it looks kind of gross opened up, but I can next time if you find the pictures helpful!! :D

  2. Aww ... I would've loved to see a Chinese fried donut in the review due to the name of the restaurant. JK you have a pretty good sample of dishes there! My family and I are constantly running out of ideas for places to eat in Richmond. I'll keep this place in mind!

    1. " .... constantly running out of ideas for places to eat in Richmond"

      [pinches, then slaps self] Um, okay ..........


    2. You should try out Double Double with your family next time!! The prices and portion sizes are definitely family friendly!! ~
      Their Chinese name is so funny "Old Chinese Doughnut" LOL!
      I tried their chinese doughnuts last time and they were pretty yummy!! I have a soft spot for chinese doughnuts, when I was younger I would dip them in Sriracha and sweet chili sauce!! ;D

    3. They're known for their yao tiu/youtiao (long cruller) and ngau lei sou ("ox tongue-shaped donut):

    4. "Old Chinese Doughnut"/"老油條" is also a slang for an old curmudgeon/old stubborn guy :-D

    5. I love sweet chinese doughnuts!! I'll have to try their version next time!
      Old stubborn guy lol!

    6. @Selina I love Chinese fried donuts too, but I would always eat them with congee or as part of a rice roll.

      @LotusRapper LOL let me explain ... my dad doesn't like to make reservations or wait for a fable, but neither of my parents like going to restaurants with too few people either. Yep, we keep running out of ideas for places to eat in Richmond...

  3. FUNG Bros (I love their series):

    1. Yess I've seen that video haha! Taiwanese breaky FTW!! :D

    2. OMG the "How to Train Your Dragon Bun" part was too funny for me ... even though "Dragon Bun" isn't a correct literal translation!

    3. Exactly, xiao long bao means "small basket buns" (basket as in the steamer basket). Bwah, what do they ABC's know anyway ?!? [wink]

  4. Any good Cantonese food court stalls at crystal mall?

    1. There's 3 HK cafe stalls in the Crystal Mall food court - Kingspark, Libo Cafe, and Tasty Harmony!! They're all pretty similar, but I like Kingspark and Tasty Harmony better!!

      There's also a HK BBQ stall called Delicoius BBQ which is really yummy!! :D


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