I have a 3 hour break inbetween my classes this term - so I've been wandering around campus a lot (after I'm done my homework of course)  ;)  Gotta soak in that sunshine while it lasts!! I've gotten really tan as a result (much to the dismay of my mom and her asian beauty standards harhar)

  Besides the Village, the brand spanking new AMS Student Building at UBC is a great place to grab lunch or a snack!! There's Pie R Squared, The Pit Pub, Upperclass, Lowercase, Grand Noodle Emporium, Peko Peko Sushi, Palate, and a raw smoothie bar!!

   I haven't had a chance to check out any of the restaurants yet because this term my first class starts at 12 pm, and ends at 3, but sometimes I pop into the AMS to grab a snack or a drink before I head to class!!

  Palate is located to the side near one of the entrances, so it's kind of hard to find. It's one of the few places that offer vegetarian/vegan food on campus!!I've been sticking to a (mostly) dairy free diet this summer, so I'm really glad I have a place to go for vegan sweets when I'm at school!! :D

Everything in their store is Vegetarian and Vegan!! :D

Vegan Banana Bread $2.50

3.5/5 stars

  This was actually pretty good!! It was really moist, very banana -y, and mildly sweet. It also had a few pieces of raisin! And the fact that it was vegan just made it that much better!! If only the piece was larger hehe. The banana bread itself was a bit cold, so it would've been even better if they warmed it up a bit!

Their menu!! They have a ton of healthy lunch options!! 

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    1. Thanks for asking!! :D
      Haven't recovered yet lol. It might take another week or so!! :(
      This post was from a few weeks back!


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