Sushi Paradise - Cute little gem!!

  It's #NationalSushiDay today!! ...or yesterday, if you're reading this on Thurs!! :D

  I unintentionally ate sushi today - no really, I didn't even know it was today!! And the funny thing is - I ate Church's on National Fried Chicken Day (a few days ago!!) and I didn't even know if was National Fried Chicken Day!!

Am I lucky or what? jokes jokes ;)
If only I was lucky enough to win lotto max (I bought my ticket for this week's draw already) ;)

  I stumbled across this gem of a find today near Royal City Centre in New West today!! It was pretty random - my dad was like "We have 30 mins to eat, find a restaurant NOW Selina!!" So I frantically took out my phone and searched for the nearest restaurant (thanks yelp!) which happened to be Sushi Paradise! I didn't even look at the reviews (which is rare.) I didn't have high hopes, but boy, were we surprised!! :D

  Sushi Paradise is seriously the cutest little restaurant!! The inside is tropical themed and the tables are made out of blue pool tiles - (fits perfectly with their name!!) They're also Japanese run! The small portions are reflective of that, but you can tell that the food is made with care! :D

  You order at the counter, and they bring out the food to you!! The service was really fast. We were in and out in under 25 mins!! My dad was very pleased (and also very impressed.)

Order at the till!! They have a ton of awesome daily specials!! :D

You can add a mini donburi to your order!! :D

Chirashi Don

4/5 stars

  Of course. Being me, I always have to order the chirashi don!! I actually ate chirashi yesterday as well...I guess you an say I'm pretty much chirashi OBSESSED!! 

  This was a very good version. It was on the small side, but the quality of the ingredients made up for it!! The fish tasted fresh, and bonus - it came with sockeye salmon!! The tamago was particularly notable - you can tell that it was made in house!! It tasted fantastic - really different from the generic tamago that you get at cheap sushi places.The rice was great as well. Seasoned just right - and topped with a bit of nori!! 

YUM!! :D

Salmon Teriyaki Don

4/5 stars

  My mom had the salmon don, and she enjoyed it!! The flavours were nice - light with a notable teriyaki hit. It wasn't overglazed so you could definitely taste the salmon. The rice was nice and fluffy! No complaints here!

Lunch Special
Beef Teri Don, Salad, Miso Soup, Cali Roll, Nigiri

4/5 stars

  My dad had the lunch special - and all the items were pretty solid. The cali roll was carefully assembled and there was a good mayo to crab ratio. The nigiri was pretty standard, and the fish tasted reasonably fresh!

Mini Beef Teri Don

4/5 stars

  The beef wasn't in whole pieces - rather, it was a bit ground up, so the texture was really different from your usual beef teriyaki! It was still good though - with ample amounts of sauce!!


4/5 stars

  Very nice, light, and fresh! The cherry tomatoes was a nice touch! 

Miso Soup

4/5 stars

  Not overly salty, with lots of miso flavour!! Overall pretty enjoyable! They also have unlimited self serve green tea! :D

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  1. Replies
    1. You're very welcome Alice!! So glad you find them helpful!! :D
      Have a great day!! :D

  2. 25 minutes? My shortest sushi adventure took 50 minutes. I need 15 minutes to read the entire menu and weigh my options, and then some more time taking pictures and notes of everything LOL.

    And even though I've passed by Royal City Centre many times, I've never seen or heard about this place before! Sounds like a good restaurant for a sushi adventure!

    1. haha it was the PRESSURE!! My dad was like "Just order something random - you don't have time to choose!!"
      lol same!! I'm so indecisive it takes me 15 + mins to decide what I want. And then it usually takes me over an hour to eat...I'm a slow eater ;D

      And wow - notes? You're so dedicated Raymond!! ;)

      You should definitely check out Sushi Paradise!! It's kind of hidden - it's located in the back of Royal City Centre!! :D

    2. Haha over an hour ... you must really be enjoying your food! And yes, I need to take notes as I don't have the best memory. =( If I didn't take notes, the only thing I would remember is whether the dish was good or bad (just as Sherman said in his video -

      I definitely will check out Sushi Paradise! I also like how they have mini udon and mini donburi dishes. I can have some fun with that!

    3. Thanks so much for posting that link, Raymond! I'd never seen it before!

  3. @Raymond haha I have this weird thing where I can't eat piping hot food (I blame it on my sensitive tongue - it burns easily) so I usually have to wait a bit before I can dig in! So it takes me twice as long to eat XD

    I've seen that video!! I actually watched it when I first started blogging, and his tips did help quite a bit lol!! :D


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