If you've been keeping up with my blog recently, you'll know that as of late, I've gotten really into chirashi dons. I don't know, there's just something about eating a big bowl of sushi rice...that's just so darn satisfying!! All you fellow chirashi don addicts know what I'm talking about ;)

  My usual order at any Japanese restaurant is a chirashi don. My second choice is usually tonkatsu, or another don of some sort (I have a thing for dons!) ;)

  So on my search for the best "Inexpensive - Midrange - Expensive" Chirashi don in Greater Van, I came cross Sushiful in Killarney, which is run by Koreans!! The name really caught my eye - it's so cute!! And their slogan is "Eat until you're SUSHIful!!" 

  Sad to say that Sushiful didn't make me want to eat until I was sushifull!
I was planning on ordering more dishes but the chirashi don was pretty dissapointing so I didn't :(

  The restaurant itself is super tiny, and can only fit 15 or so people. The menu is pretty small, but everything is pretty affordable - in line with most cheap sushi places!!

They're getting a tempura permit soon!! ;D

Chirashi Don
2/5 stars

  This was okay. The cuts of fish were average, but the rice wasn't executed very well. The rice was mildly seasoned with vinegar, but it was really dry. It was just crying out for moisture. There was a nice variety of fish, and it tasted reasonably fresh, but the pieces were really thinly sliced. Overall, pretty underwelming. 

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  1. I tried Sushiful and have a blog post on it too. I was not impressed either. I really think that their better days are behind them!

    1. haha I read your blog post about them!! Seems like the food you had was pretty mediocre as well. It's too bad because I really wanted to like them!! At least they have a cute name LOL! ;)

  2. I tend to be rather analytical when I approach a new resto I've not been (esp. if it's a small place). I look to see how empty/full the room is of customers, if they seem to do a lot of takeouts, the ambiance, etc. I *try* to get all that impression before committing to the resto, because to me the little things can be quite telltale. I *tend* to avoid very small (like Sushiful) sushi restaurants because I think they don't have enough customers turnover to justify and use quality, fresh ingredients. However that could change if they do a LOT of takeout business. I also ask for a copy of the menu (pretending I might buy takeout) so I can scan the items, the prices, and get a "sense" of what kind of customers frequent the establishment. Again, not definitive conclusions but hints of how good/bad the restaurant might be.

    BTW, had a pretty decent meal tonight a B-Bin (Biiru-Bin) on Oak/14th. Raymond have you been there ? Authentic Japanese-owned/operated. You and Selina should go there together and do a bloggers' mega blitz review of them:

    1. Thanks for letting me know about your experience at B-Bin! B-Bin is almost never mentioned by any of the food bloggers around so I don't really have a clue about whether the food is good or bad. I only knew about the restaurant after doing an alphabetical search for all sushi restaurants in Vancouver back when Urbanspoon was still around. The one thing that caught my attention was the 20% off happy hour which seems like a great deal to me because 5:00 - 6:30 p.m. is when most of my sushi adventures occur.

      I had been holding off a visit to B-Bin due to its low popularity and the fact that I don't drink beer or any other form of alcohol (after all, Biiru = beer), but now, I'll put it on my to-try list! Selina, have you heard of/seen/dined at B-Bin before?

    2. I go because they're in our 'hood and they're a nice little spot to eat, hang out, drink (if you drink). Small, cozy place where they won't kick you out (or make you feel that way) for being there a long time. I go with a few other "school Dads" friends, and we've been known to be their last customers to leave (ie: > 12 midnight).

      Also when you get there, if you do a like on their FB page, you get a free zensai (appy) or dessert if you prefer. Last night we got a free matcha ice cream for my son and it was a big, 2-scoop bowl. Nice folks who run the place. If you two go check it out, I'll happily tag along :-)

    3. @LotusRapper
      Sorry for the late reply, had a busy day! :D

      Being analytical is definitely a good thing! You're right, smaller sushi establishments don't have a high turnover rate so sometimes the fish isn't that fresh. I do that too, I get a takeout menu so I don't have to commit to trying the restaurant!

      Wow - B Bin looks like like a hidden gem!! I like restaurants where you don't feel like you're being rushed. Getting a free appy in exchange for a facebook like? Awesome! ;D

      I've never been to B-Bin - but if @LotusRapper is recommending it, it must be amazing LOL ;D

    4. I'll leave "amazing" as a purely subjective adjective for you guys to contemplate re: B-Bin. But if you two are going there, I'll be your camera bag caddy :-D

    5. "Amazing" ... then I'll definitely look forward to hopefully some Minami-quality Aburi Sockeye Salmon Oshi Sushi at B-Bin! Perhaps we can try it after Selina regains her taste buds!

    6. Oh I doubt it's near Minami quality ...... don't get your hopes up too high for B-Bin, Raymond


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