Kent's Kitchen - Roast Pork!!

  My dad goes to Kent's a lot. At least once a week, when he's in desperate need of food in East Van or Chinatown and South Ocean isn't an option (ha.)

  He likes it because:
A. It's cheap
B. One takeout box can last him two meals.
C. It's Cantonese food (albeit subpar Cantonese food.)
D. It's nostalgic (he's been eating here longer than I've been alive.)

  Sometimes I tag along, and we have a jolly ol' time pondering over what to get. It's not gourmet, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy it!! ;D In fact, I love it (And I'm not ashamed of it either hehe.) Nothing better than some greasy chinese food for the soul!!

  My dad usually goes for the spareribs/bittermelon, black pepper beef, or some other meat dish to get his money's worth, while I'm usually eyeing some fried dish (but sadly I can't eat fried food anymore because the batter's coated in egg.)

  Of all the times my dad's been there we've never tried their Cantonese BBQ!! Yes, Kent's does char siu, siu yuk, bbq duck and soy chicken!! :D  We usually get distracted by all of their prepared food, but this time I suggested that we try some of their bbq meats instead!! So we got one of their meats to go. It was quite expensive at almost $6 for a small container. It wasn't half bad. It can't hold a candle to HK BBQ Master, but for what it's worth, it was decent!! :D  There's lots of Cantonese BBQ options on Victoria Drive, but next time you're in search of some siu yuk or char siu, give Kent's a try (but don't go in expecting anything mindblowing!) ;D

  We also got a huge tub of rice to go with our roast pork, and it ending up being enough for 2 + meals!! :D That's the thing about Kent's, their portion sizes are huge! With the exception of their Cantonese BBQ, which is veering on expensive! ;D

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Siu Yuk (Roast Pork) $5.50

2.5/5 stars

  This was pretty decent! Eat it RIGHT AWAY though. As the seconds tick by, the quality deteriorates. When you open the container you're hit with a strong waft of delicious siu yuk!! Their siu yuk is pretty tasty when it's fresh and still hot!! But once it gets cold, the meat hardens a bit, and it loses its flavour, even if you reheat it. The cut was pretty lean, but I didn't really mind! The crispy pork skin was a bit hard, but still plenty crunchy. The size was a bit small, I only counted about 9 pieces, so a bit pricey at almost $6!

Broccoli and Beef

2/5 stars

  This is me trying to be healthy ;D  This was a "small" but they managed to cram a ton of broccoli in there! The broccoli was still crunchy (albeit pretty greasy.) The beef was greasy too and a bit overly chewy. Not overly offensive, but certainly not "good."

There's always a ton of people - so be sure to grab a number!! :D

Piles of greasy goodness ;D

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  1. Kent's is like the Cantonese fast food ..... you crave it "once awhile", when you eat it it's guilty pleasure (in a subpar, makes me feel cheap & dirty sort of way), and often feel remorse not long after the meal. But hey, they've been around for +30 years so they're doing something right (I think). Their prices have barely crept up during +3 decades so that's amazing in itself.

    But IF you are in the Victoria/49th area next time feeling for some good BBQ, go check out Yu Kee BBQ Kitchen (no, NOT "yucky" !) at Elliott and 49th. Well worth it:

  2. Agreed!! Sometimes you just get a hankering for some Cantonese fast food!! They're what guilty pleasure dreams are made of haha!!
    Kent's has been around for so long, and they're still going strong! I don't think they're going to close anytime soon :D
    Yep, their prices haven't gone up too much. My dad says that he still remembers the days when it was $4 for a lunch combo!

    I've passed by Yu Kee so many times on the 49 bus!! It's in the same plaza as Killarney market right? I'll have to check them out next time! :D

    1. Yup, YK is in the Killarney Market. A plaza I know well ...... from my first year in Canada (1976) while going to elementary school nearby :-)


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