Kongee Dinesty - Visit #2

   TODAY WAS GLORIOUS. My first meal out since the return of my tastebuds!! HALLELUJAH!!!!!! It was a glorious day indeed. Praise the Lord. Just when I thought my blog was about to tank. I've been avoiding dairy and processed soy like the plague for the past few days - and it's paid off!! So looks like I'll have to put dairy on hold, but I don't even care - as long as I can taste my food, I'm happy!!

  Today was one of those days when my camera just wouldn't cooperate with me. The lighting in there was a bit iffy and my flash wouldn't go off for some of the pictures. But I didn't even mind because I was too busy STUFFING MY FACE WITH FOOD!!!!!!! My dad had to leave early for work and I was left with 80% of the food and I ate all of it hehehe (and after I was finished I was still hungry!) I tried ordering some lo bak gao (turnip cakes) but they ran out! :(

   I asked if could omit the peanuts and green onions from my congee (because of my allergies) and the waitress seemed a bit annoyed and she was like "Ai Ai Hurry Up!" But after I took a bite I forgot about it, because I was too busy going MMMMM!!!!

  And did I mention? Their tea is amazing. It's not your regular puerh crysamtheum. I think it's earl grey. It tasted like earl grey!!! And a high quality earl grey at that!!

  Kongee Dinesty has this awesome breakfast congee set from 8- 11 pm, where you can get a bowl of congee + a free side of your choice for $8.95!! And some of the sides cost almost $5 alone, so $8.95 is definitely a killer deal! So set your alarms!! ;)

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 Sorry for the weird lighting! :D
For some reason my flash wouldn't go off for the last 2 pictures!

Salty Chinese Donuts 
4/5 stars

  Mmm, the chinese donuts here are so good!! They serve them to you nice and hot, so they're still crispy from the fryer (there's nothing worse than soggy donuts!) The outside is perfectly crunchy and the inside is moist and fluffy, perfect for dipping into congee!! I was sooo tempted to order another plate of these ;D  I gobbled these up so fast that I didn't have any left for my congee!!

  I tried their salty chinese donuts and sweet donuts on my first visit - they've definitely improved their recipe!! The last time I had it the dough was a bit too dry and dense, this time it was perfectly fluffy and moist!! :D

Sweet Chinese Donuts

4.5/5 stars

  The sweet ones are just as yummy as the salty version!! They taste almost milky (but they don't contain any milk, I asked!) Super fragrant and really flavourful! These ones are doughier and denser than the salty version, but still have a great mouthfeel!!

Sliced Pork Congee
4.5/5 stars

  The congee here is seriously on point!! The texture and consistency is spot on. The flavours were balanced, and it didn't taste like msg! The slices of pork were abundant and very tender! The portion size was also very generous. Overall, a very well executed bowl of congee!

Steamed Rice Roll - Plain (Free with the breakfast combo!!)

4.5/5 stars

  The rice rolls are amazing as well!! I asked for the si yiuo (sweet soy sauce) on the side so the rice rolls wouldn't get soggy!! I was surprised that the rice rolls were full of flavour, even without the soy sauce!! Super fragrant, bouncy, with bite!! Considering that this was free - I was very impressed!!! :D

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