Nori Casual - Visit #3!

  GUESS WHAT GUYS?!! After a few days of avoiding dairy/processed soy, my tongue has gotten significantly better!!! I'm so HAPPY. Someone pinch me. If I could use emojis on here I would ;)

  If you're going to take anything away from this is - LOVE YOUR TASTEBUDS. You don't how precious they are until they're gone. Tell them you love them. And indulge those little suckers ;) Eat that cookie. Have another slice of that pie. Because you never know, your tastebuds might disappear tomorrow. SO CARPE DIEM THE HECK OUT OF EVERYDAY!!!! ;)

  "I love you so much, my little papillae. Never forget that." 

Anyways, back to the post!! 
(Note: This visit was from a month ago.)

  My dad loves this place. It's a dandy neighbourhood joint. It's not the best japanese food ever, but it tastes homemade and it's made with LOVE!!! And sometimes, you just want something that's homey and comforting!! ;)  

   You can't help but love this place. It's run by a sweet Japanese mom & pop duo!! The food doesn't taste mass produced and you can tell that they use quality ingredients and that they actually care about their customers!! 

  I recently noticed that they have omurice on their menu!! Omg. I *used* to love omurice. Use to because since I'm allergic to eggs now, I can't have omurice anymore :(  Someone go and try their omurice so I can live vicariously through you!!! ;)

  Another notable dish they have is kakiage!! Kakiage is really common in Japan. But I haven't seen it in many Japanese restaurants in Van. It's basically a huge piece of deep fried vegetable tempura. People usually eat it as a don, or as a side for their udon!! I'm sad that I can't try it - I can't eat tempura anymore because the batter has eggs in it. But for the sake of my tastebuds, I'll willing to give it up *sniff* 


Salmon Don
3/5 stars

  This was pretty decent - definitely similar to something you would make at home!! The rice wasn't quite up to restaurant quality, it was a bit too wet (and hot), but it was well seasoned, rendering the rice nice and vinegary! The salmon was average, and the hot rice made the fish really warm. If the rice was cooler it would've be a lot better!!

Teriyaki Beef Don Set

4/5 stars

  The beef don was a winner! Nice, succulent pieces of flavourful beef!! We loved how they didn't apply copious amounts of teriyaki sauce on it! Infusing the flavour into the meat was definitely very clever!! It wasn't overly salty - it had just the right balance of flavours! And just look at how cute it is? Who can resist a mini donburi?!

Cali Roll & Tempura

Cali Roll: 3.5/5 stars
Tempura: 3/5 stars

  The cali roll, like usual, was very good!! Great mayo to imitation crab meat ratio, and very neatly constructed!! The quality of the tempura seems to change with every visit, but they've definitely improved!! The batter this time was nice and crispy (albeit slightly oily) and it was deep, golden colour!

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  1. Congratulations for getting your taste buds back! *pinch*

    After all this time, I've never heard of this restaurant before! I'll try to get their omurice so that you can savour it with your eyes. =)

    1. LOL Thanks Raymond!! ;D
      I should be fully healed in no time!! In the meantime, I've been mainly eating healthy food at home in hopes of speeding up the healing process!!

      You should definitely try out Nori the next time you're in the area!! Aw you're far too kind! ;) I love living vicariously through other people hehe XD

  2. Woot !!! So happy to hear your sense of taste is returning, Selina :-D

    Yes, take care and appreciate your taste buds. And your entire body. Our health is precious and sometimes we could lose it in the blink of an eye. Take care, everyone.

    (I'm gonna celebrate the return of your tastebuds with a Cartems donut this week ...... it's also my own form of tastebuds-appreciation)

    1. YAY thankyou thankyou!! :D

      Agreed, appreciate your tastebuds and take care of yourself everyone, your body is an amazing gift from God!! You don't realize how precious your health is until you lose it!

      LOL tastebud appreciation!! I approve *thumbs up!*
      What better way to celebrate then with a few Cartems? ;D Eat those donuts while you can LR!! ;D

      Now I've craving some Cartems!! I wonder if their vegan donuts contain soy? I'll have to call them and ask hehe.


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