Sushi House

(Note: This visit was from June)

  Sorry I haven't been posting regularly guys!! It's just that I haven't been eating that much because my tongue still hasn't healed :(

 I'm starting to think that there might be an underlying medical issue so I'm definitely going to get it checked out by a specialist asap!! But in the meantime, I hope you guys don't mind my sporadic posts! As soon as I get better, rest assured I'll be back on that blogging grind!! ;D

  A few weeks ago I went to Continental Centre for some sushi because it's so close by!! :D Sushi House is a Cantonese run Japanese restaurant located in Continental Plaza (in the same plaza as Gyo, Uncle Lus, Pearl Castle, and Pho Ho!)

 I veered from my usual chirashi don and ordered a couple of rolls instead, because I was craving sushi!! Everything was pretty average though. I asked that they omit the cucumbers (because I'm allergic to raw veggies) and they put lettuce in there instead... so I had to "deconstruct" my sushi to take out the lettuce and I made a complete mess harhar. And people were staring at me like 0.o
Next time I'm definitely clarifying that I don't want any vegetables!! :D

Read my previous review of Sushi House here:

BC Roll

2.5/5 stars

  I was craving a BC roll and scallop roll that day because I haven't had one in sooo long!! Everything was alright. I found the rice to be below average - it wasn't vinegary enough and the rice was too loosely packed. I would've preferred if there was more salmon skin than salmon, but the teriyaki sauce gave it a nice, sweet flavour!

Chopped Scallop Roll

3/5 stars

  I haven't eaten a chopped scallop roll in ages!! This one was adequate, it was properly dressed with a good scallop to mayo ratio, and it tasted reasonably fresh, but the rice was too loose so some of it was falling out.

Yam Roll

2.5/5 stars

  The yam roll was quite large, but I found that there wasn't enough yam in it, it was mostly filled with tempura batter. The tempura batter did make the roll nice and crunchy though. But similar to the previous rolls, the rice was too loosely packed so some of the grains were falling off.

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  1. "blogging grind" ... you make it sound like a chore LOL!

    1. LOL blogging definitely isn't a chore, I love blogging!! XD

  2. Hi Selina! I'm sorry to hear that your tastebuds still haven't healed. That really sucks. Kind of an awkward time to ask this but I'm heading to Vancouver in a few days. Are there any restaurants you'd particularly recommend? I've been reading your blog for the past couple of months in preparation but having the hardest time narrowing the list down.

    1. Awe thanks Jane!! :D
      haha, it's not awkward at all, I'm happy to help!
      Do you fancy a particular type of cuisine? Are you looking for hidden gems/budget eats or fancier restaurants? That'll help narrow it down a bit, because there's just too many amazing restaurants in Van!! :D

    2. That's so nice of you. Thank you!

      I'll eat almost anything but given the strong Asian food scene, I'm seeking good Cantonese, dim sum, Taiwanese, and sushi places. Especially aburi sushi since we don't have that at home. Non-Asian recs would also be greatly appreciated.

      I'll be staying in the downtown area so as long as I can get there by public transportation, I'm up for it.

    3. You're very welcome Jane!! :D

      These are some my favourites - definite crowd pleasers!! it's so hard to pick - there's too much good food in Van, I could go on forever haha!! :D

      Enjoy your trip Jane!! Let me know if you try out any of my recommendations!! Have a safe flight & eat lots ;D

      Dim Sum:
      Jade Seafood Restaurant
      Sun Sui Wah
      Fisherman's Terrance
      Chef Tony
      New Town Bakery

      Cantonese BBQ:
      HK BBQ Master
      Parker Place BBQ
      Master Hung

      Shanghai River
      Long's Noodle House
      Shanghai Morning

      HK Cafes:
      Silver Tower
      Lido (for their pineapple buns)

      Kishimoto Japanese Kitchen
      Hi Genki
      Mogu (food truck)

      Ramen Santouka
      Kintaro Ramen
      Marutama Ramen
      Ramen Jinya

      Bubble Tea/Snacks:
      Bubble Queen
      Richmond Night Market
      Pearl Castle
      Dragon Ball Tea House

      Ken's Szechuan Restaurant (actually taiwanese despite the name)
      Pearl Castle

      Belgard Kitchen
      The Twisted Fork
      Catch 112
      Tuc Craft Kitchen

    4. I wish I was Casper because that's the only way I'd be able to cram this much food down my throat lol. Quite a number of these are already on my list - thanks for reaffirming my choices. :D Thank you again for all the help! I'll definitely let you know which ones I end up trying!

  3. Jane I'd also highly recommend Beta5 Chocolates for their cream puffs, Thomas Haas for their double-baked almond croissant, and La Belle Patate for poutine.
    I also really like Yu Xiang Yuan for Chinese-style noodles.


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