Sushi Miga + An Update!!

Hi everyone!! :D

  I have some sad news to share with you all. But first I want to apologize for the fact that I haven't posted in a few days!! Please don't take this post the wrong way (I'm not trying to make excuses or have you guys pity me.) I just feel like you guys deserve to know why I've been MIA lately, because you guys have been such a big part of my life!! <3

  You guys may know that I've been suffering from tastebud lost (it's been over a month now.) At first I thought it was from the toothpaste, and for the first few week, the toothpaste was what caused my tastebud lost. After a series of doctor visits and tests, we've discovered that I've actually developed an allergy to egg and processed soy products. On top of that, my dairy allergy has worsened, and I've also been diagnosed with OAS (Oral Allergy Syndrome) - which basically means that I'm allergic to raw foods that contain pollen - vegetables, fruit, honey, etc. So yes, I'll never be able to bit into a piece of fresh fruit again :(

   The reason why my tongue was swollen/white/ for so long was caused by a combination of factors: an allergic reaction to crest toothpaste, which happened to coincide with my sudden egg/soy allergy. Strangely enough I can still eat soy sauce, but I'm allergic to all other forms of soy (in particular processed/altered forms of soy.) It sucks because almost everything contains soy nowadays.

  I was allergic to eggs for 13 years of my life but my egg allergy went away in highschool - but it's returned. Which means that I'll have to say goodbye to overeasy eggs, mayo, brunch, and desserts. It's so hard to say goodbye *sniff*

  Food blogging is definitely going to be more challenging for me now. Living with allergies is definitely not fun. Especially when what you're allergic to is in virtually everything. I'm devastated that I'll probably never get to eat a "proper" dessert again. Now I'm even allergic to vegan desserts (because they usually contain soy or almond milk)

So here's a basic breakdown of what I'm allergic to:

Raw Vegetables (This includes cross contamination, if a piece of meat touches a piece of raw lettuce)
Soy (Processed/altered forms, but not soy sauce)
Carrageegan (additive found in soy milk, almond, coconut, rice, milk)
Soy Lecithin (Found in a lot of processed foods)

  My health has been really suffering as a result. Not being able to eat fresh fruit and veggies really takes a toll on your health. I've been dealing with anemia, amenorrhea, shivers, and chronic fatigue for a while now. So I apologize if my posts are sporadic, because I want to take some time to focus on my health. But I'm still going to try to post as often as possible, because I just love blogging so much...I'll never give it up!! And thank you again for YOUR unconditional support, every comment, every like, every view, makes my day!! You guys are seriously the best. So thankyou <3

  Now that I've completely eliminated dairy and soy from my diet my tongue has slowly started to heal, so my tastebuds (according to my doc) should be back to normal in no time!! :D

  Sorry for the long intro - let's get on to the food now, shall we?

  In other exciting news - we recently made an offer on a house - and we got it!! So in preparation, the past few days I've been running errands with my parents to the bank, attorney's office, and such (which is always fun!) So yesterday we went to our lawyer's office, which just happened to be located beside Sushi Miga, a korean run Japanese restaurant on Boundary!! So that's where we ate lunch. The sushi wasn't that great, but my parents were pretty impressed by the tonkatsu! The interior was quite nice too!

The interior is super clean and well lit! :D

Korean Tonkatsu $10.95

  This tonkatsu is under the korean section of their menu. They also have another tonkatsu under the Japanese section for $12.95.

3.5/5 stars

  This was a HUGE tonkatsu! My dad had originally ordered the sushi lunch box, but after seeing my mom's huge tonkatsu, he wanted to switch. The tonkatsu ending up being way too much food for him so he ended up sharing with my mom! 

  Not only did it look good, it tasted great too!! It was adequately crispy on the outside and lightly breaded!! The pork wasn't dry or greasy at all! It was drizzled with a liberal amount of tonkatsu sauce which gave it a lot of flavour! 

Sushi Lunch Box $10.95

Chicken Teriyaki : 3.5/5 stars
Tempura : 3/5 stars
Nigiri: 1.5/5 stars
California Roll: 3/5 stars

  My mom had the sushi lunch box! The sushi lunch box was surprisingly good (with the exception of the nigiri) and generously portioned! The chicken teriyaki sat on top of a huge bed of bean sprouts and rice. The chicken was moist, crispy on the outside and adequately dressed in teriyaki sauce. The cali roll was enjoyable with a proper amount of mayo and rice. The tempura was lightly battered (albeit a bit too greasy.) The nigiri was disappointing though. The rice was too dry and there was too much of it, and the fish just kind of sat awkwardly on top - disconnected to the rice. The salad was quite nice though, it was tangy and fresh tasting!

Chirashi Don $12.95

1.5/5 stars

  The chirashi don was the letdown of the meal. The rice was not properly made. The rice wasn't very well seasoned, there was barely any rice vinegar in it! My mom confirmed that the rice was pretty bland, it was almost like eating white rice. It was a bit too dry and lacking in overall moisture. The cuts of fish were very thinly sliced and there wasn't much of it. 

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  1. Congrats on the house! I moved to my own place a couple of years ago and, while I was stoic the whole time, deep inside me, I was really nervous with all the paperwork, legal, bank and what not. And, in an odd way, I believe this is the first post you mention both of your parents. It has usually been only your father or mother but not both. In the end, though, it seems that really mom knows best, given it seems she ordered the best dish!

    Glad to read you finally know what might be wrong. The uncertainty is sometimes worst that the issue itself. Given the list of things you can't eat, it sounds that, as long as you avoid eggs, you are mostly good with Eastern Asian food! Now, is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable? :)

    1. Aw thanks Anon!! :D
      Buying a house can be really stressful eh? I'm just glad that everything went smoothly!!

      haha ikr, my parents don't get together that often!
      Moms always know best!! ;) The tonkatsu was definitely an excellent choice!!

      I agree, the uncertainty is definitely the worst part!! I'm relieved that I finally have an answer!! Yep, asian food, for the most part, should be okay!! I don't know what I would do without asian food!! ;)

      lol I would classify a tomato as a vegetable, but some people might argue otherwise! ;D

  2. aweh Selina.. im sorry to hear what you had to go through. /: i hope your health gets better soon! just take it easy, and i'll always be waiting to read your next yummy blog post. (; <3

    1. Awee thanks so much Rachel!! <3
      I'm just going to take it easy for now, and try to focus on my health! Thanks so so much for your support, I really appreciate it!
      Congrats on your new site!! Super professional looking ;D Can't wait to read more of your "Noms Of" posts and healthy recipes!! Keep up the great work girl!! We need more healthy bloggers like you! ;D

      And I really enjoyed your nightmarket review - the giant chicken chops look delish hehe! As soon as my tastebuds heal I'm definitely heading to the richmond nightmarket, I haven't gone yet!! ;D

  3. Really sorry to hear about your allergies and your health, but I'm glad that your taste buds have started to heal. I'm also glad that you can still eat my favourite food! Your photos are making me hungry in the middle of the night - ahhh!

    1. Thanks Raymond!! ;D I can't wait for my tastebuds to heal - then I can go back to eating yummy food!!
      Omg, what would I do without Japanese food?! I would die lol!!

      hahaha blog reading in the middle of the night is really dangerous. Especially when you're hungry!! ;D

  4. I'm so sorry to hear that there any treatment that can make you less sensitive to the allergens?
    Otherwise it's gonna be really hard eating out...might be better if you start cooking stuff at home for health reasons.

    1. aw thanks Joey!! There's desensitization therapy (which I might try) but there's a lot of side effects! So for now the only thing I can do is avoid my trigger foods! :( Which sadly means having to avoid all of the foods that I love haha.

      Eating out is definitely going to be more difficult now, I'll have to ask the kitchen to omit ingredients and watch out for cross contamination! I've been eating at home the past few days and I've been going to Whole Foods for their cooked food (because they list all of their ingredients) and my tongue's gotten better as a result! Things are looking up, hopefully I'll be fully healed in a weeks time!! :D

    2. get well selina. enjoy reading your blog.

    3. Awe thankyou so much Cal-Boy!! So happy you like my blog!! ;D

  5. I totally echo Raymond's sentiments, Selina. There's a silver lining to every dark cloud, and I know you will find your silver lining(s) in due time. We are blessed to live in a country where healthcare, quality healthcare, is universal and accessible.

    Congrats on the new house too. Exciting ! Will you get a bigger room or even the entire basement or something ?

    Sushi Miga ...... this looks like the old spot for the defunct 29th Avenue Cafe known for its yoshoku.

    1. Thank you so so much!! :D Your comment made me feel a lot better about the dismal situation I'm in! There really is a silver lining to every cloud - I hope I find mine soon! :)

      Thanks - we're super excited!! I'm actually getting a smaller room, but I don't really mind, because we're moving to a more convenient location! :D

      Aw too bad 29th Ave Cafe closed! I love yoshoku type dishes!!

  6. hey selina,

    my wife and i have been following your blog, as well as urbanspoon/zomato. sorry to hear what you are going through. my wife developed various mysterious, severe allergies 2 years ago, and had various medical & naturopathic treatments. nothing was able to fully resolve the allergies until she saw a TCM doctor Dr. Jennifer Gao (, whom was recommended by our TCM friend. the TCM treatments worked really well and my wife was able to fully recover within 4 months. we have been recommended her to everyone for allergy issues. It may be worth while to get consultation from her if nothing has really able to help you significantly. feel free to contact me if you have further questions.

    darren ( am taiwanese too :)

    1. Wow thankyou so much Darren!! :D
      You're an absolute angel - I've been looking for a holistic allergist!! I will definitely look into booking an appointment with her!

      Sorry to hear about your wife's allergies as well, allergies are terrible, I totally feel for her. Glad to hear that she's fine now! :D
      Hearing that your wife managed to get better makes me hopeful that I'll find a cure as well :) Thankyou so so much!! This might just be the answer that I need!

      Btw, I'm a huge fan of your foodtography!! Your pictures are amazing!! (And I really mean it!) You make everything look SO good!! Everytime I look at your photos I can't help but drool lol!! My pictures look terrible compared to yours ;D
      Your site name is too cute "MisoHungry" hahaha brilliant! ;)

      Yayy you're Taiwanese too?! *highfive!*

      Thankyou again for the encouragement and for the referral!! Have a delicious food filled day!! :D

  7. haha glad you like my pics. these are the effort of being anal of getting maximum natural lights in a restaurant ( i see you do the same thing..if not more extreme lol i.e. holding the food next to window haha). i do like quite a few of food pics you took ex. at catch 122.

    oh, in case your parents worry about how legit my recommendation is ( since there are so many TCM doctors in town and they wouldn't want to risk their daughter's health from a pedestrian recommendation), you can let them know that this is coming from a "seasoned" physio who has been in health care for 12 years. they can find my name & reputation on the following links:

    atlas physio:

    #taiwanproud ( high-5 back)

    FYI: am one of your followers on zomato :)


    1. You're welcome!! :D
      I'm like that too haha!! I'll willing to embarrass myself for a good picture and if that means that I'll have to hold my plate up to the window, I'll do it!! ;D

      Aw thanks!! The pictures that I took at Catch 122 are some of my favourites too!! It just so happened that their food is really photogenic lol + I managed to get great seat by the window!! :D

      Wow you're so accomplished,I'm impressed! They'll definitely trust your recommendation ;D

      Thanks so much for following on me on zomato!! I just looked you up and followed you back!! :D

      It was great talking to you Darren!! Have a nice day!! Enjoy the sunshine!! :D

  8. omggg that sounds so terrible :( I'm glad you've figured out what you're allergic to and that you're getting better now!

    1. Awe thankyou Naomi!!! <3 I'm pretty bummed that I can't eat dairy anymore, but I'm just thankful that we found out what was causing my tastebud lost!! :)

      I've been eating a lot healthier the past few days and I've gotten a lot better - thankyou!! :D
      The past month was pretty hard, but I made it out alive! XD

    2. That's good to hear! I missed your posts! :) on another note... so glad I can eat dairy since I'm basically on an ice cream diet these days LOL sorry!!! but you can still eat sorbets right?!

    3. ahh I'm so jelly - I envy your ice cream diet LOL! Don't be sorry, eat that ice cream girl!! ;D
      I'm allergic to fruit now, so if the sorbet's made out of real fruit puree, I can't eat it :( How am I going to get through next summer?! ;)

    4. ahhh right maybe you can make your own popsicles! you can start a business for people with food allergies!

    5. haha that's actually a really clever idea Naomi!! ^^ Hmm, but what would the popsicles be made out of? Tea perhaps? ;D


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