Victory Seafood Restaurant - Lunch Edition!

  Uuhh - my tastebuds still haven't come back - WHEN WILL THIS NIGHTMARE END??! No really, I've been having nightmares in my sleep. And I've been dreaming about food. 

  All I want is to be able to taste again... I wasn't given any medication because I was told that my tongue would heal on it's own, but it's been almost 3 weeks! :(

 My dad was in a really good mood the other day, and decided to treat us to lunch at his favourite Cantonese restaurant in Burnaby, Victory Seafood Restaurant!! The food's pretty mediocre, but it's pretty cheap (and that's all that matters to him!) But sadly...I couldn't taste any of the deliciousness that was in front of me!!

  Victory Seafood Restaurant, located in Crystal Mall, is the cheapest place for dim sum in Burnaby!! If you go before 12 most of the dishes are around $2.95! Their lunch dishes are really affordable too, they have an entire sheet dedicated to $12 dishes!! 

And read my previous review about their lunch service here:

Shanghai Fish in Wine Sauce 

  This was very fragrant, and smelled strongly of wine!! The fish was reasonably tender, and soaked in the wine sauce. The black fungus was crunchy and the pieces were quite large!! It was really oily though (you can tell from the picture.) Not bad, but it can't compare to a version from a real Shanghainese restaurant!

Pan Fried Chicken w/ Mustard Clam in Green Onion Sauce $12

  The chicken was pretty tender, and there was lots of it!! There was also a ton of ginger and green onion! According to my mom - this was the saltiest dish out of the bunch!

Pan Fried Kobe Beef with Satay Sauce served in hotpot $12

Kobe beef for $12 - not bad!! Victory didn't really do the meat justice - it was tough and not tender at all!! The beef was also mixed with vermicelli, in a soupy satay sauce!

Salted Egg Yolk Prawns w/ Rice Cakes

  There was a decent amount of salted egg yolk on the prawns! The prawns were large and snappy. The rice cakes were chewy, and made the dish a lot more filling!!

Ma Lo Goh w/ Chicken Oil

  For dessert we had ma lo goh!! Victory's version is pretty decent - it's really springy, soft and fragrant from the added chicken oil!! The last time I tried this it was subtly sweet - and the chicken oil flavour was really strong!!


  1. So you still have your sense of smell, it seems. Smell greatly affects our ability to taste as well as our taste perceptions. I'm wondering if you actually have a small % of taste present right now. Maybe do a taste test where:

    1) taste something (strong) with your nose breathing normal;
    gargle with water ......
    2) taste the same thing, but with your nose pinched shut as to unable to smell ANYthing.

    Just curious ........

    Hope your taste buds bounce back soon. Has your doctor, or you, done any research on whether this type of loss-of-taste from a strong (?) toothpaste is known elsewhere ?

    1. Yep, my sense of smell is as strong as ever!! :D
      My sense of taste is still very weak, I can detect some saltiness if I put an entire spoonful of soy sauce in my mouth, but everything else tastes really bland.
      I did the test, and sure enough, it tastes even more bland with my nose pinched haha!
      I read complaints online about people losing their taste buds for days - weeks from Crest products, but other then that, an allergic reaction to toothpaste isn't that common!


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