YL's Curry Bowl - Fantastic Hainanese Chicken!!

  YL's is what I would classify as a textbook hidden gem!! It's located in a little asian food court beside T&T in Guildford! YL's is owned by the same people who run Curry House in Yaohan. YL makes a killer plate of Hainanese Chicken, and personally, I like it a lot better than Curry House!

  YL's has been in business for years now and the locals know this place as the place for Hainanese Chicken in Surrey. The Cantonese couple who runs this place is so nice!! The old lady got all flustered when she realized that she had forgotten my dipping sauces and cracked a joke about how "her memory wasn't what it used to be" ;D

  Apparently they're also really well known for their Malaysian style curry!! They have beef, chicken, and lamb, and you can even add a mini curry to your combo for a few dollars more! They also have laska, roti, and curry fish balls - and their Richmond location has char kuey teow!

  Don't under estimate this little food court - it wouldn't be out of place in Richmond! For such a small food court, they have some pretty solid offerings. There's Little Tea House, Ba Le (famous for their banh mi) Rodem Korea, Chan's Kitchen, a congee stall, and a Japanese run sushi stall!! And after you're done eating - you can head on over to T&T next door to do some shopping!!

  If you're in the area and you're not in the mood for food court food, there's Bubble World, Pho Vinh, Maguro Sushi, Jade Valley, Taster's Bakery, Big Chicken Town, and a Korean restaurant in the same plaza!

Asian food courts are da best <3

Hainanese Chicken Combo $8.50 w/ Soup & Oil Rice

I was SO sad when I finished this, I totally regret not ordering half a chicken!! ;)

4.5/5 stars

  SO GOOD!! Their hainanese chicken is definitely restaurant worthy. It's amazingly silky, tender and the meat is so soft it falls off the bone! The chicken is super flavourful and fragrant, you don't even need any dipping sauce! The oil rice that comes on the side is quite nice and the portion size is pretty generous! It's really fragrant from the chicken oil - it's not too oily and goes perfectly with the chicken! I could easily eat bowls of that stuff! The soup was surprisingly decent, it tasted like chicken soup and it wasn't too salty! :D


Would ordering an entire chicken be socially acceptable? ;)

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  1. My family and I used to eat at this food court on a semi-regular basis before they enacted the Port Mann Bridge tolls. One of our favourite items was the udon at the Japanese stall (this was more than a decade ago!). However, we never got to the Hainanese Chicken... perhaps I shall give it a try. It looks so delicious in your photo!

    1. That's so cool that you use to go here with your family! It's a neat little food court isn't it? :D
      Oh the udon sounds awesome!! I'll order it next time! :D Their sushi rolls looked pretty good as well! Have you tried them?
      I'll probably get around to trying all the stalls...eventually haha
      Definitely try the Hainansee chicken the next time you go! So yummy!! ;)

    2. I haven't tried their sushi, and I don't even remember what their udon tastes like very clearly anymore, but I just remember liking the udon. I'll probably get to the Hainanese chicken before the sushi LOL.

  2. I normally go for the banh mi at Ba Le (get the spring rolls as well) but will have to try the hainanese chicken.

    1. I've heard great things about Ba Le! :D I really want to try their banh mi but I'll have to ask if their bread contains any dairy. I hope they don't because their banh mis look amazing!
      The spring rolls sound so yummy!! But sadly I can't eat spring rolls anymore because they contain eggs haha. Thanks for the recommendations Anon!! ;D

    2. Viet banh mi baguettes are usually, to my knowledge, made with a combination of wheat + rice flour (why they are so soft and light inside). Good to double check any dairy content.

      Spring rolls ...... eggs where ? The wrapper ? What about the rice wrapper variety ?

    3. Yay!! Thanks for the info - you're right, I looked up some recipes online and most recipes don't call for any dairy! :D

      Cha gio wheat wrappers contain eggs! Same goes for wonton wrappers...so sad since I use to love wonton lo mein haha.

      I'm not sure about rice wrappers, my guess is that they don't, but you never know since every restaurant has their own variation! :)

  3. Where would you say the best hainanese chicken in Richmond be? Unlrelated....but wheres the best bubble waffle in Richmond(im going through a bubble waffle phase!)

  4. hehe I was on a bubble waffle kick last year too!! :D

    A hole in the wall that not a lot of people know about is Your Dessert in Admiralty Centre (the business complex across from Bubble Queen!) They're super crispy and airy!! :D

    Bubble Queen has some great flavoured bubble waffles: matcha mochi, oreo, and strawberry white chocolate are some of my favourites! They're not very crispy though, they're the soft kind! :)

    The BBT Shop near Superstore makes bubble waffles with toppings (I haven't tried them though!) but they look really good!!

    Another popular option is Bubble Waffle Cafe (in Aberdeen, UBC, Landsdowne and Crystal Mall!) If you get a noodle combo their bubble waffles are only a $1!

    Hope I helped fuel your addiction!! ;D

    As for Hainanese Chicken, Prata Man is a local favourite!! They're been in business for years! Coco Hut is also pretty decent (and super cheap!!)

    There's also Curry House in Yaohan, Cafe D'Lite Express in Aberdeen and Silver Tower!! :D

    Happy Eating Tarrance!! :D

  5. Great thanks! I went to admiralty the other day but the bubble waffle place closes on Mondays and Tuesdays! That really good chicken store in admiralty seemed as if it closed down permanently(all the signage was gone). Have you tried the bubble waffle in Parker Place, after just coming back from HK its actually pretty comparable! The bubble waffle cafe has great batter but the waffle was as soft as bread(I still really enjoyed it and I would go back but I wouldn't say its authentic when compared to HK). I haven't gone to Prata man since the new owners... but don't need to because I have coco hut, the people their practically know me! I will go try Curry House and Cafe D'lite very soon!

    Thanks for the recommendations!

    1. Hi Tarrance! Sorry for the late reply, I saw your comment on my phone but forgot to reply when I got home! :)

      Omg, I'm so sad that M&W Chicken in Admiralty Centre closed down!! Their chicken was really good, especially their gwai fei gi!! But good news, it's being replaced by a Taiwanese stall (I saw their new signage!) I'm so excited, I can't wait to try them out!! :D

      I haven't tried that bubble waffle place in Parker Place! But I can't eat eggs/dairy anymore haha!

      I'll have to make a revisit to Coco Hut soon! ^^ Their hainanese chicken is such a good deal! Let me know how you like Curry House and Cafe D'lite! :D

  6. I think this is my friend's sister's store!!! Not sure need to double check this LOL I used to live in Surrey and go to this food court too! I had Chinese school around that area

    1. haha really? That's so cool!! The family who runs this place is so nice!! Tell them to keep up the great work!! ^^ I hope they never close, they make the best hainanese in surrey!! :D

  7. Hello Selina,
    What a small world! I am the friend of Naomi. Just want to thank you (on behave of my family) for all your support! I showed your post to my sister, and she loves it. Truly appreciate the time you took to write us a good review. It is really comforting to know how much our customers enjoy our food. Once again, thank you :). Hope I will meet you in person one day at the store; I also help out there once in a while.

    1. Hi!! :D Aww, no need to thank me, you're welcome!! Yay, so glad your sister liked my review! I want to thank YOU and your family for making such delicious chicken!! ;D

      Keep on making awesome chicken - never stop, because we're all in desperate need of your amazing hainanese chicken!! ;)

      It'll be awesome to meet you!! Hopefully I get the chance the next time I stop by! ^^

      Have a great day!! :D


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