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  Ah Richmond. A magical land overflowing with dim sum, congee, and every asian dish under the sun. And HK Cafes are no exception. Cha Chaan Tangs are a dime in a dozen in Richmond. 

  Alleluia, across from the Richmond Public Market, is one of the more popular ones!! There are actually quite a few in the vicinity - Tsim Chai, Kingspark Steak House, and Enjoy Cafe! I was actually looking forward to ordering one of their rice dishes, but I got there too early, and their lunch menu wasn't available yet! So I had to settle for their breakfast menu, which was fine, because I love me some Cantonese breaky! 

  When I got there at 10:30, there was actually a line up at the door. But since I was alone, I didn't have to wait for a table and I was seated right away. Hey, dining alone isn't so bad ;)

  Alleluia is known for one thing: free refills for their drinks!! Not a lot of HK Cafes do free refills, so it's always nice to know that you have the option to top up your dong lai cha! Their A+B meat set combos are also really popular.

  After lunch I poked around the Richmond Public Market food court, analyzing food stalls and drooling over their food. A few stalls caught my eye, a Xin Xiang stall, a Taiwanese stall, and a stall specializing in lamb soup (they even have roujiamo!!) I've actually never eaten in the RPM before, but I'm totally convinced, I'm so going back as soon as I get the chance!! Gosh, I just love asian food courts <3

You Zha Gui
Breakfast Combo: Bowl of Congee + Side + Free You Zha Gui $7.50

1.5/5 stars

  This came with the breakfast combo I had ordered!! It was just okay. The you zha gui itself was really hard and tasted kind of stale. It wasn't soft or crunchy. Soaking them in the congee helped soften it up a bit!  The pieces were pretty tiny though (as expected.) But for the price, the combo was still a really good deal, and made for a really filling meal!

Pan Fried Soy Sauce Rice Rolls

4/5 stars

  The pan fried rice rolls, on the other hand, were great!! This was a very generous portion, stacked with large, thick pieces of rice rolls! The wok hey flavour was really strong, and the soy sauce flavour was evident without being too salty. The rice rolls were cooked perfectly so they were chewy and not too soft! It was pretty oily though, but I didn't really mind!

Minced Beef Congee

3/5 stars

  This was pretty standard. It was more watery in consistency, and the rice grains were still visible. Flavour wise, it was flavourful without being too salty, and there was an adequate amount of minced beef! There were also slivers of puffy rice noodles in there!

The breakfast crowd on a busy Saturday morning!!

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  1. Good to know about the free re-fills! haven't been here in a long time! Also, you really like rice rolls eh? ;)

    1. Yayy for free refills!! :D
      hehe, I've definitely been on a rice roll kick lately! XD


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