Double Double Restaurant & Wonton - Visit #3!

  So the other day, as per my dad's request, we made a trip back to Double Double!! Yep, I'm all about that ja liang & congee lifestyle! ;)

  Eating here is really entertaining. Every 20 mins the "Donut Guy" - the guy who fries the donuts, comes out of the kitchen with fresh donuts and yells across the room in Mandarin "Xin Xian You Tiao!!" The way that he says it makes us crack up. Every time. It's hilarious.

  My dad really likes this place. He's particularly fond of busy restaurants filled with Cantonese people. And Double Double fits that description perfectly. As does South Ocean, Kent's Kitchen, Hon's, and Richmond food courts (along with fulfilling the requirement of being cheap)

  Double Double makes a pretty decent ja liang. They drizzle this special sauce on it, it's not your typical si yao (sweet soy sauce) ... it actually tastes a bit seafood-y! The chinese donut itself is okay, but the rice rolls and sauce make up for it!

  Their XO sauce lo bak gao (pan fried radish cakes) are amazing, but my mom recently told me that xo sauce has eggs in it (what?!) Who would've thought?! So sad because xo sauce, along with satay, *use to* be one of my favourite condiments!

  Despite their name being "Old Chinese Doughnut" in Chinese, I find their chinese donuts to be just okay. They're not bad, but they don't really live up to their namesake.

  This places tends to get crazy busy. And I mean crazy busy. Even on weekdays. Luckily the turnover rate is pretty fast because it's more of a eat and leave type of restaurant! So we managed to grab a table without having to wait too long.

  The manager served us, and he was really polite! The waitress who served us last time was also really nice. Really refreshing, since busy restaurants tend to overlook service, but Double Double doesn't! The manager didn't seemed annoyed when I asked him to omit the peanuts/green onions from my congee! And when we asked for a glass of water, he brought it to our table right away!

  First up, we zoomed in on their signature zha liang! Recently I've discovered that my dad loves sweet chinese donuts. He insists on ordering them now whenever we go to a congee place. He doesn't like salty ones very much. So we added a order of sweet donuts (despite having already ordered a huge plate of zha liang.) I ordered a chicken congee and my dad got a beef brisket noodle as a filler. The manager asked us if we wanted their famous lo bak gao, but we declined because we knew it would be too much food. But then I realized that I hadn't eaten any vegetables in 3 days (I'm so healthy) so I added a plate of gai lan for good measure (the cheapskate inside of me was crying.) I ended up only eating 3 pieces of gai lan because I was already too full from all the chinese donuts! ;)

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Zha Liang (Chinese Donut wrapped in Rice Roll)

3.5/5 stars

 Zha Liang is a must order whenever we go for Cantonese food!! Taste wise, really good, but the chinese donut itself could use a bit more work. They drizzle this special sauce on it, which makes it taste 10 times better!! The sauce is super fragrant and almost tastes seafood-y (similar to oyster sauce.) The donut itself is the soft kind, and the rice rolls held up without getting soggy. This was a huge plate and really filling!! Definitely meant to be shared!

Sweet Chinese Donut

3/5 stars

  The sweet chinese donut is also quite decent. It's the doughier kind, and it's really fragrant! Nice and soft, with the perfect amount of sweetness. A tad bit dry, but at least it wasn't oily!

Gai Lan

3.5/5 stars

  Gotta fill up on my veggies!! The gai lan was pretty typical, lightly steamed so it retained the crunch!! And I asked for the oyster sauce on the side! :D

Beef Brisket Noodle Soup

3.5/5 stars

  My dad had the beef brisket noodle soup, and he liked it! The bowl was medium sized, and there was a generous amount of lean/fatty brisket. The noodles were cooked al dente, and the broth was clean and light tasting. He didn't have any complaints!

Bone in Chicken Congee
3.5/5 stars

  The congee was decent!! You can really taste the msg, but hey, at least it wasn't bland! The chicken flavour was really strong, like it had been infused into the congee! The congee was on the thicker side, so it was super filling!

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