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  So I went to Dinesty for lunch again yesterday...and the day before! And it was pretty fab. Blog post coming soon ~

  As soon as I walked into Dinesty the girl recognized me and she was like "There's a 1.5 hour time limit on weekends so you can't sit for so long this time!" Well, clearly I eat too slowly ;) I was planning on ordering more dishes, but didn't want to hold up a table!

  So after lunch I was still hungry (typical Selina) so I walked around Aberdeen looking for more eats. I went into H mart to look at their prepared food section and their food court, but nothing really caught my fancy. By then I was feeling really thirsty so I went to the food court to buy myself a drink! On my way to the food court I passed Mei Jan Hong - and their pork jerky looked too enticing to pass up. So I got some! And dangg, was it ever pricey! I bought 2 slices of jerky and the total was $7! $7! Okay, I get that it's quality jerky, but not going to lie, I died a little bit inside. least the jerky was good :D

  Wow - I can't remember the last time I had chinese jerky! It's been ages. My mom use to buy packaged beef jerky from T&T all the time when I was younger. From what I remember, it was pretty decent! Semi - dryish but flavour wise, pretty good!

  Mei Jan Hong sells authentic homemade Singaporean style jerky. They have a ton of different kinds, beef, pork, chicken, even salmon! They also have sweet/spicy versions of each type! They pride themselves on not adding any msg or additives! It can get a bit pricey though, since they sell by weight!

  In other random news: I noticed a new stall in the Aberdeen food court! They haven't opened yet, but it's going to be a Vietnamese stall! Yayy, I can't wait!! Aberdeen doesn't have any Vietnamese food, not since Green Basil left 2 years ago! I also noticed that Lung Kee (the congee stall) moved spots, they took over Shanghai Gourmet's stall (beside Mambo Cafe!)

  I literally squatted on the floor to take these photos. I was squatting beside Sura and Hmart, with my dslr pointed at a piece of jerky. It's understandable why some people don't want to be seen with me in public ;)

 Sweet Pork Jerky

Texture: 4.5/5 stars
Flavour: 3/5 stars

  The texture of this was awesome!! One of the softest/moist jerky I've ever tried! (but then again I haven't eaten a lot of jerky in my life.) I can never go back to packaged jerky now ;)

  Flavour wise it was pretty nice, it had a subtle smoked aroma that was balanced out with a good amount of sweetness. Not overly flavourful, but it's not meant to be, because they don't add any msg! This was a pretty sizeable piece, enough to share!

Spicy Chicken Jerky

Texture: 3.5/5 stars
Flavour: 2.5/5 stars

  The texture of this was just as soft as the pork version! The only difference is that this one is embedded with spicy peppercorn flakes! However, I didn't find it to be all that spicy! It was only mildly spicy with a hint of heat at the end. It was also a bit charred around the edges!


They sell by weight and they package the jerky in plastic baggies! 

Wintermelon Tea (Dong Gua Cha) from Strike! $2.50

3/5 stars

  I also got some wintermelon tea from Strike in the food court to wash down all that jerky!! I loveee wintermelon tea. It will forever be a perennial favourite of mine. This version was decent, but it can't really compare to the ones in Taiwan!! I asked them if it was homemade, and they said that it was! The wintermelon flavour was strong and I like how they don't add ice in it so it doesn't taste watered down!

Mei Jan Hong Singapore Beef & Pork Jerky Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. For the longest time, I've always thought this place sold Chinese herbal teas. I clearly did not read the restaurant's subtitle or look inside very carefully!

    1. haha it does kind of look like a chinese herbal shop from the outside!! There's actually quite a few shops selling herbal teas in Aberdeen!! :D

    2. I walked by a few times and I only realized the store sells jerkys until I looked up and read the sign. The store is somewhat "sterile" and people don't get to see the products unless they are right beside the counter. I think it'd be cool if they promoted themselves better, maybe have the staff hand out small samples as you walk by ?

    3. Agreed! Especially since it's pretty pricey, a lot of people may be reluctant to buy it without trying it first!

  2. LOL I agree with the comments above! At one point when I was young I did think they sold Chinese herbal stuff too hahaha it's the store decor and layout I think? And props to you for that photo taking dedication! Sometimes I feel awkward as I'm turning in circles on the sidewalk looking for good lighting too ... HAHAHA

    1. LOL it has that chinese herbal store vibe doesn't it? ;)
      aww thanks, I'm always willing to embarrass myself for the sake of a good photo ;)
      I do that too haha I position my plate and I move around to get better lighting!! ;D


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