Kwong Chow Congee & Noodle House

  Every few weeks, I crave Cantonese food. It's in my genes ;)  So I went in to Kwong Chow anticipating their house speciality chicken and gon chow ngau ho (beef stir fried rice noodles) - but due to a translation mistake on the menu, I ordered the wrong thing!! Yep, I really regret quitting Chinese school. Despite being fluent in Mandarin, being able to read chinese would make a world of difference (especially at restaurants!) Sometimes, "chicken with sauce" isn't exactly helpful ;)

  So I ended up with a plate of rice noodles, with beef and sauce. I wanted to order the dry kind, but I ended up with the wet kind. I probably should have asked for clarification! I ate it anyway though. I felt like my dad ;D It was definitely something he would have ordered. He adores any Cantonese dish with sauce in it!

  The ladies were surprisingly nice, but the food took a while to come out. I waited 35 mins for my choy sum, and after inquiring about it, they brought it to my table! I guess they just forgot about it, but I didn't really mind (because I wasn't in a rush!)

  Their lunch menu is a really good deal, most of the dishes are around $7, and a bowl of congee is only $5! The portion sizes are pretty generous too!

Choy Sum

3/5 stars

 Hmm, I'm starting to order veggies at restaurants now - is this a side of maturation? ;)  The choy sum was decent! It tasted pretty fresh and the stems were nice and crunchy. This was a pretty large portion as well!

House Specialty Chicken $7.50

3/5 stars

 The house specialty chicken was okay. It was decent version of free range chicken. For a house speciality, I was expecting a bit more. The chicken was nice and smooth, but it wasn't tender enough for my liking. It was a bit on the bland side, so you definitely need sauce on the side. It also came with a side of rice which was pretty average.

Stir Fried Beef Rice Noodle $7.50
2/5 stars

  This was pretty generous portion! The wok hey flavour was apparent, but it wasn't strong enough. The rice noodles were properly cooked and bouncy. The beef slices were a bit too gummy, and the whole thing was pretty oily. The sauce was okay, it was a little bit bland for my liking.

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  1. Chicken with sauce... that's very helpful indeed! The wetter kind of beef rice noodles is probably my favourite Cantonese dish, but I guess it isn't as good when the sauce is bland. Too bad things got lost in translation!

    1. LOL veryy helpful indeed ;)

      haha the wet beef rice noodles is one of my dad's favourite dishes too!! When the sauce is flavourful, it's delicious!! :D


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