Marutama Ramen + Exciting News?!

  Something crazy happened.


  I can't believe it - but it's TRUE!!!

  I feel like I'm living in a dream. *Is this real life?*

  My allergist was shocked too. She didn't have an explanation. I went back for a visit 2 weeks ago, she did some new tests and she redid some of the old ones to see if my allergies had worsened.

  The results for my egg allergy came back: negative. 

  Like any sane person - I was skeptical at first. How was it possible that my egg allergy suddenly *disappeared?* "My body is so weird."

  It took me a week to muster up the courage to eat a piece of egg. But I did it - and I made it out ALIVE!! WITH NO SWELLING WHATSOEVER!! No allergic reaction of any kind - whatsoever!!

  HALLULUJAH!!!! Thank the Lord, my prayers have been answered <3

  I'm suspecting that it has something to do with the fact that I started eating more nutritionally dense foods (which possibly strengthened my immune system?) For some reason I feel like I've gotten "stronger," my anemia has improved as well. But then again, I'm no doctor ;D

  I'm not going to question what happened, I'm just UBER THANKFUL I CAN EAT EGGS AGAIN!!!!!!! (The copious amount of exclamation marks are completely necessary to exemplify that fact.)

   I can eat tonkatsu, tempura, omurice, S&P chicken, fried rice, FRIED EVERYTHING AGAIN!!!! *Crying tears of joy* This means I can go back to blogging about all the foods I love!! :D

  These past few months have definitely been an emotional rollercoaster. All I have to say is: the human body is a mysterious piece of machinery. Love it, respect it, NURTURE IT!! You only have one life, one body!!

   So what better way to celebrate than with a feast at MARUTAMA?!

  A feast for one that is ~

...yes, I did eat all of (that) by myself. heheheh. I wasn't even that full afterwards.

 I had taiwanese steak for dinner a few hours later ;)

Cha Shu Ramen w/ Chicken Based Broth $12.75
+ $4.95 for 2 Pieces of Kakuni 

4.5/5 stars

  This was packed, and I mean, packed with flavour!! The broth was soo fragrant, it was unlike any ramen broth I've smelt (or tasted!!) Gone were the distinct elements of miso, shio, shoyu, and in it's place: a super milky and smooth broth! Drinking the soup is totally feasible because the broth isn't heavy or dense! The noodles are the thinner kind, and they were cooked medium hard! The broth clung to the noodles beautifully and soaked up all of the flavours of the broth!! The kakuni pieces were a bit overpriced imo. Almost $5 for 2 pieces! It was pretty good; reasonably tender and lightly flavoured with soy sauce!

  You guys might be wondering, why didn't I get their "FAMOUS EGG?!" Well, as you know, soft boiled eggs are semi raw - my allergist advised that I avoid raw food for now, because of my "difficult" immune system!

Cha Shu

3.5/5 stars

  I had Kintaro's ramen a few days ago, and I have to say I prefer Kintaro's char siu over Marutama's. Kintaro's char siu is marinated for flavour and the pieces are thicker. However, I do like how you can taste the natural "porkiness" in Marutama's char siu. The fatty pieces are quite lean and the pieces are sliced really thin - definitely not as satisfying as a hearty piece of fatty char siu ;)

Char-Shu Gohan $4.50

4/5 stars

  This was awesome!! Featuring a pile of lean, moist, flavourful char shu on top of a bed of rice!! The onions add a lot of flavour. The portion size was pretty generous for a side dish!! After I was done, I wanted moree ~

Dashimaki $7
Japanese Style Omelet

4.5/5 stars

  Not a lot of places serve dashimaki, but Marutama is one of them! This was very enjoyable. The dashi flavour was superb. It had a subtle sweetness to it, which was offset by the eggs! The omelet was super moist and spongy! :D

Radish Oden $3

4/5 stars

  The oden was unexpectingly awesome!! They boil it with a special blend of spices, so the flavour was exceptional! Very fragrant and comforting on a rainy day! The radish was soft and cooked properly, no complaints really!

My extra serving of noodles for $1.25!! You can choose your firmness, and I went with normal!! :D

I was too engrossed in the ramen eating experience I totally forgot to try their *supposedly addicting* garlic chips!! 

Always a packed house!

Marutama Ra-men Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. wow congratulations!!! haha im so happy for you. I just thought of all the things you posted before that you had to request no eggs now you dont have to anymore!! yayyyy!!! :D Enjoy all the eggy goodness!!

    1. Awee thankyou so much Alice!!! <3
      hehe I'm savouring every bite of eggy goodness!! ;)
      I'm relieved I don't have to ask them to omit eggs now! YIPEE!!

      Happy Halloween Alice!! Hope you ate lotsa candy!! ;)

  2. OMG congrats!!! I love eggs :D yayyyy! I hope you never become re-allergic again!!! it's so mysterious...

    1. hehe thankyou thankyou!!! SO HAPPYY I can eat them again!! :D
      LOL ikr, the human body is so mysterious!! Let's just hope it doesn't happen again! ;)

  3. "tonkatsu, tempura, omurice, S&P chicken, fried rice, FRIED EVERYTHING AGAIN".

    Wow, now that's EGGciting news ! Congratulations (if that is the right sentiment), Selina. So happy for you. It's amazing how even trying to exclude one food/ingredient from one's diet out of necessity can mean cutting SO MANY other foods. It's tough enough for the "average" person to have gone through what you have, and of course it's even that much harder when that person is an uber foodie and a celebrated food blogger [whispers: yeah it's you we're talking about, wink].

    Well, eat, drink, be merry and thankful ! Maybe I go fry an egg tonight in your honour !

    1. LOLOL "Eggciting!!" *slaps knee* Why didn't I think of that?!
      I'm terrible at puns ;)

      Thankyou so so much LR!! Amazing how one ingredient changes everything eh?

      Celebrated food blogger? *Blushes* Who me? I think you've mistaken me for someone else, I'm no Sherman or Mijune ;)

      "Fry an egg tonight in your honour." That would be greatly *eggprecciated!!* (Terrible pun I know) LOL!! Thankyou thankyou hahaha *Smiles from ear to ear*

      Thanks again for the encouragement and continued support LR, you made my day!! :D

    2. OK .... I didn't fry an egg per se, but I DID add 4 eggs into the pot of Soy Chicken/豉油雞 I made tonight for dinner. My son ended up eating 2 of those 4, sheesh. And yes, there was tons of yummy sauce with the chicken, and which can only appropriately accompany many bowls of ....... white rice.

    3. mmm I love soy chicken! Paired with white rice = heavenly!! :D

    4. Nom, nom, nom .........

    5. omgg you made that?! I thought it was store bought wow - I'm impressed!!

      And that plate haha, brings back so many memories! ;D

  4. So happy to hear that you can eat eggs again, cause things just aren't the same without fried food and other egg-licious types of food. Congrats!

    I used to think that I was one of the bigger eaters among Vancouver's food bloggers, but now, I'm rethinking that...

    1. I could see a "Raymond vs. Selina" Throwdown .......

    2. @Raymond

      YAYY thankyouuu Raymond!! Without fried food, life is so boring LOL!
      heheheh my stomach is a bottomless pit ;)


      LOL who do you think has the bigger appetite?! ;)


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