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   Since school started a few weeks ago, I've been eating out twice everyday. I knoww, I'm so healthy right? On most days I don't get home until 9 or 10 pm, so I really have no choice but to eat out!! But hey, I'm not complaining ;)

  So after school the other day I went to Rajio for dinner!! I actually went to Suika the very same day for lunch - I was so impressed with the food at Suika that I decided a visit to Rajio  (their sister restaurant) was warranted! Rajio is only a few minutes away from UBC, so it's always packed with students! The sad thing is: they only open for dinner!!

  I didn't have a reservation but since I arrived pretty early, I didn't have to wait for a seat! Reservations are recommended though! The waiter told me that I had an one hour time limit because they get super busy! And sure enough, half an hour into my meal a lineup started forming outside!

  Rajio is famous for their kushikatsu (fried katsu skewers!) and their "One Dip, One Life" policy, which = no double dipping!! I was really bummed I couldn't try it, because they use egg in the breading for their katsu! :( 

  But I wasn't disappointed, because I got their amazing kakuni bibimbap instead!! And a side of anchovy edamame, which I thoroughly enjoyed ;D

  The staff here are all so nice and really considerate! When I told the waiter about my OAS, he notified his manager and the manager came out to talk to me and made sure that there wouldn't be any cross contamination!! :D

This was right before the dinner rush! A few minutes later the crowds started pouring in!

Kakuni Bibimbap Stone Bowl $10.80
Tender stewed pork belly, glazed with peppery sweet soy!

 I managed to whip out my camera before the waiter mixed it together!! :D

4/5 stars

  YAY PORK BELLY!!! I could eat pork belly everyday ;D  This was delicious!! The bowl looked pretty small, but it was actually a pretty hearty portion! The pork belly was super tender and juicy, and full of flavour! The rice was infused with a strong ginger flavour, and the sweet soy balanced everything out. The rice was high quality, and after stirring it the bottom got crusty (which is my favourite part about bibimbap!)

They mix it for you at your table! :D

Anchovy Edamame $3.50
Edamame marinated with sesame oil, garlic & anchovy

3.5/5 stars

  This was quite good! I didn't pick up much of the anchovy flavour, but the sesame oil and garlic profile was very strong!! The edamame was really crunchy, and tasted pretty fresh. This was a pretty large portion, perfect for sharing!

Complimentary Salad!
The waitress took it back when I told her about my OAS! :)

The fresh sheet! I really want to go back and try their snow crab bibimbap! :D

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  1. Interesting. From your description of the flavours of the Kakuni Bimbimbap it sounds like the one at Rajio is different from the one at Suika. This just makes me want to pay Rajio a visit even more!

    1. Oh really? :D I'll have to try the one at Suika to compare! Yess, you have to visit Rajio, it's awesome!! :D Rmember to make a reservation! Let me know how you like it! ;D

  2. that rice looks really yummy!

    1. hehe the pork belly was delish!! You should try it if you get the chance! ;D


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