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  So the other day we finally got the keys to our new house! YAY!!! Exciting times :D So to celebrate, we went to Hon's for dinner (as per my dad's request.) My dad loves Hon's, he's been frequenting Hon's for over 25 years!! 

  My mom decided to tag along, and we let her do all the ordering - and I must say, she did a pretty good job!! I probably would've ordered the same dishes myself. My mom hates anything fried (Moms) but for some weird reason she insisted on ordering a plate of fried chicken wings that day! Definitely out of character for her! But guess what she did? She ended up peeling off the fried skin and just ate the chicken!! I will never understand her ;)

  At the end of our meal they gave us fortune cookies - the last time I got a fortune cookie with my bill was over 10 years ago!! 

  This is one of the nicest and cleanest Hon's I've been too!! Everything was sparkly and brand new! Hon's has three other locations: in Chinatown, Coquitlam, and on Robson!

Read my review of their Chinatown location here: http://www.vancitynoms.com/2015/08/hons-wun-tun-house-chinatown.html?showComment=1446965844207#c3225996870683845330

This was actually brought to our table by mistake, but I snapped a picture!! This is one of their daily specials!

Fried Chicken Wings

2.5/5 stars 

  Phomn Penh wings these are not, but they were still decent! The batter was really crispy and fragrant, albeit a touch thick in some places. The seasoning was pretty basic (lightly salted.) It would've been even better if they included pepper! This was pretty generous portion, perfect for sharing!

Fried Ginger Beef and Green Onion

3.5/5 stars

  A Hon's classic!! This was one of our favourites. The beef was fragrant and the ginger flavour was really strong. There was a nice balance of sweetness to it as well, as the onions added a lot of flavour. The beef itself was fried and still retained a crunchiness despite the sauce.

Stewed Lamb & Radish

2/5 stars

My dad ordered this dish, and hence, he really liked it. I for one, wasn't that fond of it. The entire dish was really mushy and the texture made it pretty unappetizing. Flavour wise, decent, with a heavy ginger hit. The lamb was reasonably tender and didn't taste gamey. There was also beancurd in there!

Fish with Ginger and Green Onion

3.5/5 stars

  A classic Cantonese dish that you can find at most restaurants! This was pretty good!! This version was a little different, they use fish fillet as opposed to bone in fish! The fish was tender and coated in a rich, savoury sauce. There was an ample amount of green onion (as evidenced in the picture!)

Our container of rice!! Looks small, but it actually held a ton of rice! :D

Rice that came with the ginger fish! For a single serving, this was actually quite a large bowl!



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  1. Hmmm I wonder if that interior has been renovated, becase I know this Hon's almost as well as the Chinatown one and this one was never all that clean. Maybe they sensed you were coming so they cleaned up ;-)

    Ask your Dad if he knows what "HON" stands for ;-)

    1. That's hilarious, my dad actually says that all the time, "They knew you were coming Selina!!" LOL!!

      Isn't Hon's "Han Ji" in chinese? My dad was like "I don't know, it's just a name."
      Just a guess, does it stand for Hong Kong? ;D

  2. Hons is originally called "Hon Kee" back in the days when the original store was in China town. However, there has been many changes since then and Hons became a successful chain and then closing/selling a lot of their shops due to poor management.

    1. Interesting!! :D Hon's has definitely become a Vancouver "legend" of sorts haha!
      My dad told me that there was a Hon's in Richmond before, too bad they closed down!

  3. Interesting discussion.

    In Chinese, HON's name is 漢記 as you can already see. 漢 is shortform for the Han Chinese:


    While 記 is often used for business names whereby it really represents the possessive. So if your surname is Wong and you opened a restaurant, in English it could be called "Wong's Restaurant" while the Chinese equivalent would be 王記 (belong to Wong). So there, that was exciting wasn't it ? ;-)

    But somewhere along the line, as HON's expanded and became mainstream, they did a play on words wherein "HON" also was remade into a convenient slogan: "House Of Noodles". Clever eh ?

    I wonder how many people out there actually bought their somewhat pricey HON's T-shirts and other paraphernalia ........


  4. LOL that is a clever play on words!! House of Noodles, so appropriate!! ;D

    They have merchandise?! I should get my dad a Hon's tshirt, he would be delighted ;)


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