Kimbap Cheonguk Korean Restaurant - Hidden Gem!!

  I only had one midterm this semester (and I'm taking 4 courses!) I knoww, shocking right?! I guess I just got lucky ~ I hope it happens again next semester (You wish Selina!)

  I got my soci theory midterm back the other day and I did pretty well hehe. I LOVE SOCIAL THEORY!!! I barely studied but I was surprised by how easy the test was, thanks Dr.G ;)

 Since my midterm went so well, my mom and I went to Kimbap Cheonguk to celebrate over the weekend!! YAY!! We knew we wanted korean food... but we had a hard time deciding which restaurant to go to, there's just so many!! Korean restaurants are abundant in KTown (there's literally one around every corner) but in the end we settled with Kimbap Cheonguk and we were very pleased with our decision ~

  We went to Hannam Market after, and we bought korean ricecakes and mackerel ~ I love exploring Korean supermarkets, there's always a ton of stuff to look at! :D

  I really want to explore KTown more. You guys might not know this about me, but I actually grew up in the area! But since I was just a wee tot back then, I never got the chance to explore the neighbourhood!

Garlic Soup

4.5/5 stars

  OMG this was amazingg!! It tasted like pork bone soup - with a garlicky base!! Super flavourful and just awesome in general! So warming and relaxing since it was so cold outside that day! So instead of tea, they give you this and - refills are free!!

Ddock Bok Ki
Rice Cakes, Cabbage, Onion, Fish Cakes

4.5/5 stars

  SO GOOD! hehe. I haven't had rice cakes in so long!! The sauce was so yummy!! It wasn't that spicy, pretty mild I would say. It was actually pretty sweet and really flavourful!! The rice cakes were perfectly cooked and glutinous. The fish cakes were spongy and fishy tasting. There was also pieces of cooked onion and cabbage in there! 

Stone Pot Rice Pork

4/5 stars

  Basically stong pot bulgogi, a dish you can find at almost every Korean restaurant!! This was a very good version! The portion size wasn't very large, but it was loaded with pork and veggies!! The pork was delicious, well marinated and sweetish in flavour. The gochuchang added a bit of kick!! The best part about stone pot is always the crusty bottom! 

Original Kimbap $3.50
I actually didn't try this because of the raw veggies!! So my mom ate the entire thing! 

4/5 stars

  My mom loved this!! For $3.50, this was a heck of a deal!! This thing was huge! The ingredients tasted fresh, and the roll was very well constructed!! The fresh veggies add a bit of crunch! The piece of fish cake added a bit of sweetness to it!! 



3/5 stars

  Instead of kimchi they give you chopped up radish and yellow radish!! My mom really enjoyed the spicy radish, she asked for a refill! :D

I ordered an extra bowl of rice to eat with the rice cakes!! This was really a really tiny bowl!! But it was supa cute <3

 I love how they have extra utensils and cups on the side!! 

(Click to Enlarge)

So homey right?! :D

Kimbab Cheonguk Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. Mmm looks like a cozy homey place to get lots of comfort foods in, esp. in this colder weather. Glancing at the menu pics their prices look very reasonable. Too bad there aren't more "dive-y" (read: cheap & good) K restos in my neck of the woods !

    1. Indeed!! :D
      Their prices are very reasonable, most of the dishes are under $10! haha, cheap and divey places are hard to come by in the Cambie area! ;D


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