Kumare Filipino Restaurant & Bakery

    I haven't had filipino food in SO long. It's been like what...a year?!

    I went to Kumare two days in a row because it was just that good. Delicious, reasonably priced, generous portions, authentic, what more can you ask for?

  I want to go back again and try everything on the menu! Their menu is pretty extensive, so it's probably going to take a while ~ Kumare doubles as a bakery, at the front they have a ton of filipino buns, sweets and cakes! Try resisting them when you go up to the counter to pay ;)

  They open up bright and early at 10 am for breakfast!! Breakfast lasts until 4 pm, so you can get your longaniza fix at 3 in the afternoon!!

 Ohhh the funniest thing happened when I went to the washroom. I was lining up for the washroom and the person inside was taking a really long time ~ the waitress passed by and she was like "Is anyone in there?" and I was like "I'm not sure." So the waitress went and knocked on the door 5-6 times.

  The waitress left and when the person came out, she gave me the dirtiest look and she was like "Who are you?!! Why were you knocking, SO IRRITATING!!!" and I was like "Buut - that wasn't me!" She then proceeded to storm off ~

  Oh, and after I left, I noticed that a car parked in front of the restaurant (which probably belonged to the owner) had a licence plate with the word "KUMARE" on it which I thought was so cool!!

Garlic Fried Rice - Large

5/5 stars
  OMG, best rice dish of 2015 - thus far!! This was LOADED, and I mean loaded, with a ton of fried garlic chips. So fragrant, crispy, and delicious!! How can something so simple taste so good?!!

  It's best if you eat it on it's own, to maximize flavour! If you mix it with the other dishes, the flavour gets lost - because filipino dishes tend to be more pungent in flavour.

 I ordered the large size (meant for 3-4 people) and yes...I did finish it all ;)

Pork Sisig

3.5/5 stars

  Of course, how could I not order the sisig? Pretty much a staple at every filipino restaurant!! This version was quite nice. It was loaded with crunchy pork skin, and pieces of pork! This was super flavourful and really filling! They drizzle some mayo on top, which added a nice tanginess and sweetness! The pork skin was actually really sharp, a piece got stuck in my throat and I thought I was going to choke to death or something, but thankfully I didn't :D

 BBQ Chicken Skewer

3.5/5 stars

  This was really yummy! The BBQ sauce was tangy, sweet, and super addicting! It had a lovely charred flavour to it as well! The chicken was juicy, but also a bit hard (probably from the grilling.) The skewer was actually a lot smaller than I was expecting, because on instagram people were raving about how huge the skewers were!

Pork Adobo

4/5 stars

  A filipino classic!! This version was really good!! The pork was super flavourful and pungent tasting.The pork was reasonably tender despite being quite lean! This was delicious paired with the white rice!

White Rice - Large

I did end up finishing all of the rice!! I'm a rice bucket afterall! ;)

I also ordered a sprite - love how it came in a glass bottle as opposed to a can!!

On my first visit I had nestea!


Hopias!! They also sell hopias at Aling Mary's (across the street) and T&T!!

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  1. Wow! I don't think I've ever seen you give 5/5 to a dish before! I'll have to check them out! I meant to when they first opened, as a family friend owned the place, but once they changed ownership it fell off my radar. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. haha I don't give 5/5 that often eh? ;D

      Yess you have to make a visit!! Leave some room for dessert ~ their ube cake looked ah-mazing!! ;)

  2. What the pata ?!?1? I was at Kumare with a friend for lunch YESTERDAY (Mon/2). The resto was near empty so I know you weren't there. We ordered a big bowl of plain rice (didn't get the garlic rice), pork adobo, inihaw na liempo (marinated pork belly) and crispy pata. The pata was ok but various chunks of the meat was fairly dry and the whole thing lacked any substantial flavour (to me) other than being slightly salty. I quite liked the marinated pork belly flavour and grilled goodness unfortunately the portion was rather modest. The adobo was good too, but came *really* quick after we ordered it (pre-made ?) and it was lukewarm. Overall I liked the meal and found their prices surprisingly low, and their overall value good based on what we had.

    Funny story ..... my friend and I were intent on going to Little Ongpin, but upon arriving there we realized they were closed on Mondays (winter hours). Disappointed, we went to Aling Mary's off of #3 Road, and they were closed for good. Fortuitously, my friend (Filipino heritage) and I saw this Filipino bakery opposite to New Town Bakery so we went in so he can buy a few items. We asked the woman working there if there are other Filipino restaurants nearby and she directed us to Kumare. Luckily, Kumare was open for lunch, not busy and only a few blocks away. But for awhile we thought our luck was out, esp. when my friend really wanted to have a Filipino meal with me while he's here in town for a very short time hence our opportunity to look for a Filipino restaurant that is near his hotel in Richmond was very limited. But it all worked out in the end :-)

    1. LOL nice pun!

      What a coincidence! I went on Saturday! Aww too bad the crispy pata wasn't good!! I really wanted to order it! Hmm, my adobo came out piping hot, and it took about 20 mins to arrive. Maybe I got a fresh batch?

      I want to try Little Ongpin!! Have you been there?
      Oh the Aling Mary on No.3 Rd closed? The one on Park Rd (across from Kumare!) is still open ~ I went and scoped the place out after my meal at Kumare! :D

  3. The crispy pata wasn't a disaster but I had hoped the meat would be more moist and with a more complex flavour profile. Maybe that's not what crispy pata/lechon is supposed to be like (?)

    I really suspected our adobo was simply re-heated and not from a fresh batch .... in which case they sure didn't bother microwaving it properly (pun intended .....). But IF it was a fresh batch it wasn't kept hot which worries me. What would you think of it if it came out < 5 mins from ordering ?

    Oh were there two Aling Marys ? The one near New Town Bakery was closed, was that Aling Mary's ? There's another Aling Mary's (open) across from Kumare which we almost went to but didn't, we decided Kumare was likely better and with nicer ambiance.

  4. have you ever gone to little ongpin in richmond? if not give it a try, its's almost like Pinpin.

    1. I haven't but I really want to ~ the food looks super yummy!! I'll definitely check it out when I get the chance!! Thanks for the rec Anon!! :D


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