Specialty Chicken & Wonton House

"Can I go trick or treating Dad?"

"What? No. Trick or treating is a waste of time. And, it's dangerous. Someone might try to poison you."

"I'm turning 20 in a month Dad." ~ Yes I see the irony in this statement ;)

"You act like you're 14."


  Since my dad didn't let me go trick or treating, he made up for it by taking me out for dinner in Richmond!! Pretty good trade off IMO :D

  We were planning on going to Top Shanghai, but when we got there they were closed...we were tired and hungry by then, so we just defaulted to Specialty Chicken & Wonton House next door! (Which turned out to be a pretty good decision.)

  The place was packed when we got there! We had to wait 5 mins for a seat ~ but we were seated promptly at a booth, which I was really happy about.

 For some weird reason my dad felt like splurging that day...on $3 oysters! :O
So out of character for him! This is coming from a guy who eats at Kent's Kitchen all the time ~ But don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with eating at Kent's ;)

Dad: "I want oysters!"

Me: "There aren't any oysters here Dad."

Dad: <Points to sign on wall.>

Me: "What does that say?" (I can't read chinese.)

Dad: "Chef's Specialty: Fried Oysters!"

Dad: <Flags down waitress>

Dad: "Can I order some deep fried oysters?"

Waitress: "They're $3 a piece."

Dad: "Give me two."

Me: "Are you okay Dad?"

Deep Fried Oysters

4/5 stars

  The deep fried oysters turned out to be quite good!! The batter was super light and airy, and coated in salt & pepper. The oyster flavour was quite strong. It wasn't greasy at all! It was also served with a side of red vinegar!

Peking Pork Chops
3/5 stars

  Can you guys believe this was my first time trying peking pork chops?! It tasted similar to sweet & sour pork. I was hoping that the pork chops would be deep fried, but they weren't! It was still pretty tasty though. The sauce got a bit too sweet/sour after a few bites!

Salt Baked Chicken
4/5 stars

  This was yummy!! I wanted to get the gwai fei chicken, but my dad was like "I hate the taste of gwai fei chicken, get something else." We were debating between the hainan chicken and the salt baked chicken, but in the end we went with the salt baked because we wanted something that had more flavour!

  The chicken was really smooth and super fragrant! True to it's name, it was flavourful from having been baked in salt. This was quite a generous portion, and we liked how they gave us two green onion oils!!

Wonton Lo Mein

Wontons: 4/5 stars
Lo Mein: 3/5 stars

  Given that they're named "Wonton House" we couldn't leave without trying their wonton lo mein!! The wontons were really good!! The wontons were large and bouncy, and full of shrimpy flavour!! The lo mein itself was okay, it was a bit clumpy and the serving size was a bit small.

Daily Soup

3.5/5 stars

  Warning: this had peanuts in it!! So I couldn't try it. The soup was generously sized and the flavour profile was decent! It tasted like bone broth!! Super warming on a cold day!

We also got two bowls of rice, for free! :D

Daily Dessert

3/5 stars

  We also got two free desserts!! This had white mu-er, and pears in it! It was mildly sweet and served hot. Nice to way to end our dinner!! :D

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  1. omg I looooove peking pork chops! I order them ALL THE TIME. :D

    1. Hehe it was soo delish! I'll definitely be ordering more in the future!! What's your favourite place for peking chops? :D

  2. I used to go to this place all the time with my family, and my mom would always get the Soy Sauce Chicken! This place had the best Soy Sauce Chicken in the vicinity back when we were regulars, which was a few years ago. However, the Salt Baked Chicken also seems really good based on your photo and description!

    $3/piece for Fried Oysters is quite expensive... did your dad somehow acquire my spending habits at sushi restaurants? O__O

    1. Mmm their soy chicken sounds awesome!! If your mom likes it, it must be good, moms know best! ;)
      The salt baked chicken was scrumptious hehe, you should try it the next time you go!

      LOL Raymond!! You and your sushi spending habits!! For a second there it looked like he did, but the next day he reverted back to his penny pinching ways ;)

  3. Those Peking Pork Chops (sometimes called Imperial Pork Chops) seem to be missing that glow-in-the-dark/radioactive red sauce (like S&S Pork) ! And I don't see slivers of onions. The dish generally looks like:


    Always Seafood Restaurant on Main @ 27/28 Ave had really good PPC. Earlier this year they've rebranded as House of Canton, I've not been and don't know if the owners and kitchen staff are the same, but my impression from online comments and reviews of the new place is they're not as good as before:


    I think any decent Cantonese restaurant will make a decent dish of PPC.

    1. Ahh that looks like a better version! The onions make it alot better!! :D

      Now I'll have another "go to" dish at Cantonese restaurants!! Great alternative to S&S pork. Can't wait to try more versions hehe! If I go to House of Canton, Yu Kee or HYK, I'll definitely order it! :D

    2. Funny, Sherman seems to like the dish and it shows up in many of his Canto resto (that rhymes !) reviews. So he's your go-to PPC guy :-)

    3. Actually I too think the PPC is a better-value dish than S&SP, esp. if done right.

    4. Definitely better value in terms of the amount of meat you get!

      Yay! Looks like I'll be referring to Sherman's reviews when I find myself craving peking pork chops ~ The one at Old Buddies looks really good!! ;D

  4. Ah, Sherman has the lowdown on PPC. Those at Yu Kee, Old Buddies, Ho Yuen Kee seem to be alright.


  5. http://www.richmond-news.com/business/eatery-closed-for-unsanitary-conditions-pests-1.1989427

    1. Your news link is from 2015. You can get recent health inspection reports for all restaurants here https://inspections.vcha.ca


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