Well Tea Taiwanese Restaurant

   I don't know if you guys can tell, but lately I've been really into Taiwanese cafes. "Set" meals in particular! Set meals just make life that much better ;)

  Since I eat out twice (on most days,) I've been trying to spend a little less on lunch - because eating out can add up!! Taiwanese cafes are known for their set meals, which usually run under $10 ~ perfect for the budget conscious person like me!

  Well Tea is similar to Pearl Castle, Bubble World etc; they offer bubble tea, taiwanese meals, and fried snacks! They have all of your typical taiwanese dishes like S&P chicken, 3 cup chicken, taiwanese sausage, etc. I honestly wouldn't have known this place existed if it wasn't for yelp! Their awning is so nondescript! You can't see "Well Tea" unless you're close up because the letters are so small! They're located in the plaza beside Parker Place, beside the dollar store wholesaler!

  When I arrived at 12:30 on a friday, the entire place was empty! But to my relief, a few customers arrived halfway into my meal. The portion sizes are kind of small and the food is pretty average, so I still prefer Pearl Castle, Bubble World, Strike, etc for set meals!

House Special Stew Pork Set (Dongbo Rou) $9.95

2/5 stars

  I love dongbo rou, so I had to order it! This was an okay version. The lean parts were pretty tough and not tender enough. Flavour wise, it was passable, the pork wasn't too salty and had hits of spice! The portion size was kind of small, it only came with 2 tiny pieces of pork! The rice was average; grainy and separated!

 I love broccoli!!

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  1. Boohoo, this place sounds disappointing :-(

    I went to this place once about a year ago. Wasn't too bad, but YMMV ("your mileage may vary"):


    1. Yea, I was a bit disappointed :(
      Maybe their fried food is better?

      haha I passed by Bow Bow the other day!! I was going to eat there but the entire place was packed ~ and I was really hangry ;)

    2. Yeah it sucks when you're really um, "hangry" ! Maybe that's the time to go to Hanppy Tofu Pot House ;-) ;-)

    3. I've heard good things about Hanppy! I'll check it out the next time I'm in Richmond! :D


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