HMart - Snacks & Tteobkbooki!

  I woke up with a massive headache yesterday. Oh gawd it was awful. I think it had something to do with the fact that I slept at 5 am ~ Oh the joys of winter break.

  On Christmas Day we drove all the way to Port Moody (for no apparent reason ~ it was my Dad's idea) "Let's go on a trip!" On the way back, we passed by Lougheed and decided to go shopping in K Town!! All the malls were closed so we ended up at HMart. We picked up some groceries and snacks, and ravenously tore into them the moment we got home :D

  I was actually pretty impressed with the variety of food they had in the food court! They had korean bento boxes, teeobkbooki, japchae, kimbap, and a bunch of made to order dishes!!

  My mom made teeokbokki for lunch today (with the ricecakes we bought at Hmart) and I'm eating it as I type this. I have to say, I'm impressed Mom. Tastes pretty legit!!

Here's what we bought!! We also bought some vegetables and fruit, but I'm not going to include that here ;D

Here's a picture of the teeobkbooki my mom made!! Not bad eh?

Japchae, Kimchi, and Omelet Cup Rice $3.99

3/5 stars

  This was pretty decent and made for a nice snack!! The japchae was nice and sweet, and there was lots of it!! The kimchi was standard; it was really tangy and not too spicy!! The egg omelet resembled a piece of tamago; it was sweet and really fluffy!

Rice Cakes $4.99
Yay for supporting local businesses!

4/5 stars

  The ricecakes were super yummy! This was our second time buying this brand!! For $5, this was very generously sized. We literally had two plates worth of ricecakes!! The rice cakes themselves are the perfect texture, glutinous and chewy!!

PORK BELLYYYYY...need I say more?!


3.5/5 stars

  First time trying this brand!! It's quite nice, but there's definitely better store bought kimchi out there. The kimchi itself is really tangy. I would've preferred if it was a notch spicier!

 My mom bought some salted shrimp to incorporate into her dishes!! We're not sure how we're going to use it yet, any ideas guys?

Red Bean Mochi 2 for $4.99

4/5 stars

  I love MOCHI!!! So much. Loved, loved, loved this! Tasted very homemade, the sweet rice flavour really comes through and the redbean itself isn't too sweet!! I also love how simple the ingredients are (unlike the processed ingredients found in conventional store bought mochi!!) The ingredients are: sweet rice, water, salt, sugar, and red bean!!

HMart has an AMAZING bread section near the food court...*drool*

H-Mart Food Square Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. Sleeping at 5 a.m. is a very common occurrence for me... Oh the joys of being an overwhelmed university student...

    On another note, those Korean rice cakes look quite good, especially the ones your mom made. Your mom must be a talented cook! My mom recently did the Korean transformation too and started making pretty legit tteokbokki as well LOL!

    1. LOL I feel your pain. Such is the life of an university student!! ^^

      When I told my mom what you said she covered her face in embarrassment and squealed LMAO!! Thanks for making my mom's day Raymond!! :D

      hahaha "Korean Transformation!!" If only my mom would go through a "Japanese Transformation" ;D

    2. Glad I managed to make your mom's day! If my mom did a Japanese Transformation, my life would be complete LOL!

  2. You guys watch Fung Bros (YouTube) ? Great series .... I'm a huge fan :-)

    This episode is cool:

    1. Yess I watch the Fung Bros and I've seen that video ~ I love how they cover a ton of non-mainstream food!! :D


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