Kick S Good - Visit #2

  Sad to say that after a few months in business...Kick S Good is gone!! I'm actually kind of disappointed because I went there 3 times with my mom, and we both really liked the place! I was excited that we finally had an alternative to Pearl Castle, Bubble World, etc. close to Metrotown but alas...things just weren't meant to be. We drove by Metrotown yesterday and I was shocked to see that Kick S Good's been replaced by Noble Cafe! I'm interested to see how Noble Cafe will compare to Cattle Cafe next door, being that they're both HK Cafes. Ohh, the competition's about to heat up!!

  There's so many new restaurants opening near Metrotown lately!! There's Miss Saigon, The Bao Place, Fondway Cafe, Whitewood Cafe, Mama Rich and a new hotpot place (beside Chongqing!) And on top of that, Dinesty is opening soon (I'M SO EXCITED!!) I also noticed that the old Boston Pizza (beside the new PriceSmart) is reopening!

  Aww... and we just moved!!! Oh well. As much as I loved living 5 mins from Metrotown, I love my new house too much so I'm willing to compromise :D

Read my previous review of Kick S Good here:

Steak with Black Pepper Sauce & Rice

3.5/5 stars

   A lot of other bloggers/reviewers said that the sauce was too sweet, and I have to agree them, it was really sweet! But I still really enjoyed it hehe. I was secretly *happy* because I like sweet sauces. The sauce looks really spicy but it wasn't spicy at all!! The steak was reasonably tender and cooked to a perfect medium rare! Being the rice bucket that I am, I chose the rice, and my mom had the noodles!


Chicken Steak with Mushroom Sauce & Noodles

Mom's Rating: 
4/5 stars

  My mom was really pleased with her chicken steak!! She really liked the noodles. The noodles were thick, bouncy, and cooked al dente!! The mushroom sauce was again, really sweet. But it did taste like mushroom!! The chicken steak was surprisingly great, the skin was juicy and super crispy!


Deep Fried Squid 

3/5 stars

  This was HUGE. The photo doesn't do the size justice. Seriously, my mom and I were shocked when they brought it to our table!! And it was only $5!! The batter was a bit too thick, but other than that, it was pretty tasty!! The seasoning was on point, and the squid itself was really crispy!! Such a shame the batter wasn't done right!

3 Cup Chicken

4/5 stars

  We were quite impressed with their 3 cup chicken as well! The 3 cup flavour was really strong, with hits of ginger, and basil. The chicken was quite tender. Our only gripe was that the portion size was really small! The side dishes were decent as well, it came with soft tofu, marinated tofu, and spicy vermicelli!

Taiwanese Omurice w/ Fried Fish Filet

4/5 stars

  This is (or was) one of my favourite dishes here!! Last time I tried the pork chop, and this was just as good! The fried rice that comes with the omurice is super ketchupy and flavourful. This time I opted for the fish filet instead! The fish filet was super crispy and flaky, but the pieces were super tiny. The pork chop/chicken chops were definitely a better deal!

I went next door (to Lao Shan Dong) and bought a Sprite because they didn't have any!

Our sizzling steak combos also came with free iced tea!! This was actually really good, subtly sweet and super refreshing!!

  They were really nice and let my mom pack her iced tea to go! 

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