Kintaro Ramen

  Ever since break started, I've pretty much gone into hibernation. I haven't left the house much, and as a result, I've been eating my mom's cooking!! Translation: I've been eating a heck of a lot of PANCAKES!! mom makes a mean pancake. Vegan - banana - cranberry pancakes that is...mmmm

  Pancakes are SO comforting. Pancakes rank slightly lower than ramen on the comfort food scale. I don't get to eat them very often, so I'm been eating them like crazy lately heheh. Pancakes for dinner anyone?

  Anyways, I went through my photos during one of my lay-in-bed-all-day days (I've been having a lot of those) and I realized I totally forgot to blog about Kintaro!

   Boy am I late hopping on this train. Up until 3 weeks ago, I was probably the last person in Vancouver who hadn't tried Kintaro. But yea, I totally get the hype now.

  Kintaro needs no introduction. Kintaro is one of the original "Big Boys" on Ramen Street, alongside Santouka and Marutama. I'm not even going to try to compare the three, because I love all three...SO MUCH!

  I know, I know, I should've tried their signature miso, but I just couldn't resist ordering the shio (my go to ramen!!) I'm so coming back for the miso.

 You know when you eat something and you go "YES!!" and fist pump the air? Yep, this was one of those days.

  "Kintaro, you have my heart."

Char Siu Shio Ramen $12.95
Rich Broth, Fatty Char Siu

4.5/5 stars

This was a killer bowl of shio. Solid. The bowl itself was huge. A bit smaller than Hida Takayama, but huge compared to Santouka and Marutama. 

  DANG that char siu was delicioussss!! It was super flavourful and had just the right amount of fattiness!! The noodles were on point as well, al dente, with bite!! The broth was impactful and packed with flavour since I chose the "rich" option!! The bean sprouts were a lovely addition!

  I was actually happy that the egg was hardboiled because I've been avoiding raw eggs (because of my weak immune system.) Most places won't even consider hard boiling an egg even if you ask, so I was relieved Kintaro's egg was already boiled ~ although I know most people would prefer a soft boiled egg.

It was so good I dropped my chopsticks. 

Hanpa Yaro $1.25
"Savoury Succulent Pork Ends"

3/5 stars

  Their hanpa yaro is actually the ends of their char siu!! It's drier than their regular char siu, but it's just as flavourful! I think they season it with something because it's saltier/more savoury tasting. 

  I ordered this after I was done my char siu and added it to my ramen!! Good way to get more meat without paying $5 extra for char siu!!

Kintaro is super tiny, be prepared to line up! :D

Kintaro Ramen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. have you tried their garlic miso ramen?? its sooooo good!! we are so lucky to have so many good ramen places in vancouver!

    1. No but the people next to me did, and it looked SO good hehe!! I don't think that I can though, because the garlic is raw, and I'm allergic to raw vegetables/fruit! :'(

      Ikr, we're so spoilt here!! ;) Soo many amazing ramen spots!!

  2. Totally ..... I find pancakes (esp. thin ones) a great comfort food, esp. when I'm not feeling well but am hungry. Plain with reg. maple syrup will do :-) My other comfort foods include: plain congee, Chinese sticky rice wraps (zhong zi), and cream of corn soup with "egg drop flower" ..... that's my ATF.

    1. Mmm, I love eating mine with loads of maple syrup!! Especially comforting when you're sick or when it's cold out! :D

      Ditto!! I lovee zhong zi and plain congee ~ comfort food to the max!!


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