Pink Pearl Restaurant - Dim Sum!

  I totally meant to get this up on Christmas Day but all the festivities got in the way so ~ Happy Boxing Day? ;)

  MERRY MERRY (Belated) CHRISTMAS & HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!! Hope you ate lots of good food and got to spend time with your loved ones!! (Could I be any more generic?)

  For Christmas this year we decided to go for yum cha!! Raise your hand if you also went for dim sum with your family ~ I suspect that at least half you you did!

  My dad jokingly suggested that we go to Chinatown for Christmas, so that's what we did!! We ended up at the legendary Pink Pearl for dim sum, and afterwards we went shopping for groceries and chinese knicknacks (my parents bought back scrapers, chopsticks and bag charms.)

  Pink Pearl is practically an East Vancouver institution, it's been around for decades, and word around town is they were one of the first Chinese restaurants in all of Greater Vancouver!! When I suggested that we go to Pink Pearl, my parents were like "Wow, that place is still around? We haven't gone in almost 20 years!! We took you there when you were still a baby!!"

  Random but: I think we can all agree that dim sum places have the worst lighting for photos. Editing dim sum photos is such a struggle :'(

Lo Mai Gai (Sticky Rice)
2.5/5 stars

  This thing was ridicoulsly huge. And I mean HUGE. I've eaten my fair share of lo mai gai, and I have to say, this was the largest one I've seen to date. And this thing was loaded with meat!! There was a ton of minced meat and chicken in there. The only thing missing was the salted egg yolk! Consistency wise ago, a little oily, but I'll let it slide.

Har Gow (Shrimp Dumpling)

2/5 stars

  This was an okay version of har gow. The quality is reflective of most of the dishes here. The skin was a bit too thick and doughy. The shrimp filling was relatively moist, but lacked flavour. These were very generously sized though, about 30% larger than your average har gow!!

Wu Gok (Fried Taro Dumpling)

3.5/5 stars

  One of my favourite things to order at dim sum!! This was pretty good! The outside was super crispy and the inside was moist and fluffy. The filling was really flavourful!! 

Egg Tarts
3.5/5 stars

  My parents love egg tarts, it's a staple for them whenever they go for dim sum!! These were so small they ate them in one bite!! The flavours were standard, but it was still pretty good nonetheless! Eggy and subtly sweet!

Gow Choi Gau (Shrimp and Chive Dumpling)

3/5 stars

  My mom really liked this dish!! It was loaded with chives and shrimp. The chive gave it a lot of flavour. The skin was thin and elastic ~ but it was missing something. 

Ngao Yuk Cho (Beef Balls)

3.5/5 stars

  Another one of my dad's favourites. This was one of the best dishes out of everything we tried!! The orange peel flavour was very strong, and the beef balls were large and bouncy. And the thing was loaded with chives!

Sui Mai

3/5 stars

  The sui mai was huge, up there in size with Western Lake!! The meat was juicy and quite bouncy, but not flavourful enough. But that's nothing some sauce can't fix!

Ham Sui Gok (Fried Dumpling)

3/5 stars

  On to one of my favourites!! This was decent, the exterior was nice and chewy, but the interior lacked flavour. It was really fragrant though! 

Mango Pudding

3.5/5 stars

  My mom wanted pudding for dessert, so she had this all to herself!! She remarked that the pudding was indeed sweet, but not overly so. The mango didn't taste artificial and she really liked the condensed milk!

Osmanthus Flower & Goji Berry Jello

3.5/5 stars

  Loved this!! This was a great end to our meal. The jello tasted fresh and the flavour of the osmanthus really came through. It wasn't overly sweet either!!

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  1. Lightning in most Chinese restaurants aren't as bad compared to Western restaurants. In fact, sometimes I wonder if Western restaurants dim their lights because they are afraid of what people might see if it was bright. That said, I will suggest you try to take pictures in these places and let me know how it compares with Pink Pearl:

    Golden Train (any of their locations)
    Dark Table

    1. Omg you can never get the right hue for your photos at Golden Train. And Dark Table ROFL!

    2. @KimHo
      Haha you're right, the lighting at Western restaurants can be especially dim!

      LOL Taking photos at Dark Table!!! Yea, I'm sure my photos will turn out great!! ;)

      I've eaten brunch at Chambar, and unless you're by the windows, the lighting isn't that great.

      Ohh I'll have to check out Golden Train!! If I recall correctly, there's one near ubc in Kits! :D

    3. @Raymond

      LMAO I hate when the hue isn't right!! ;D

  2. BTW, I belong to the half who didn't go for dim sum with my family. I live away from them. The farther away, the better and sometimes it feels it isn't far enough. (Darn you technology and long distance calls/FaceTime!)

    1. Sometimes it's best to get away from your family, I totally understand!! LOL facetime doesn't help much, does it? ;)

      I hope you had an awesome time celebrating with friends!! :)

  3. "Pink Pearl .... it's been around for decades, and word around town is they were one of the first Chinese restaurants in all of Greater Vancouver!!"

    Actually PP is far from being one of the first Chinese restaurants in GVRD. Most of them existed within Chinatown proper (surprised ?) and have churned over through the decades (since beginning of 1900s). PP popped up circa mid-/late-70s, or possibly early '80s, IIRC. I remember many other Chinese restos that preceded PP and those ones too are long gone.

    1. Oh LOL, sorry for misinforming everyone!! You're right, they're one of the longest running Chinese restaurants in town, but they weren't the first!

      Interesting ~ I didn't know Peninsula's been around for that long!

  4. But given that PP has reincarnated (tho' I have no idea if it's owned by the very same people who started it) under the same name, one could say it's one of the longest-running Chinese restos in GVRD that still carries the same name and that is currently still in existence. But then one may also ask if Peninsula Seafood Restaurant can share the same spotlight as PP, since its original location and incarnation also goes back to the '70s and was located at the SW corner of Ash & Broadway, on the 2nd floor above where Rogue Wet Bar is now. I remember Peninsula vividly, having been to many family meals there. But they closed circa mid-1990s so it's been a loooong gap between then and the new one opening at Oakridge Mall in late 2013.


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