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  I had an appointment with my financial advisor yesterday and we ended up talking about FOOD (and my not so promising job prospects) for 2 hours. 

  "So what are you studying?"


  "You know that Sociology is nothing....right?"

  "Thanks for reminding me."

  "Well, do you have a job? You're not 15 anymore."

  "Not reallyy. I have a blog though."

  "What kind of blog?"

  "A food blog! I review restaurants and stuff."

  "Ah, so you're a foodie!! What are your stats? How many followers do you have? "

  "I don't know... how do you keep track of followers on a blog?"

   He basically tried to convince me to start using my blog to make money. Harhar NICE TRY DUNCAN. Not going to happen ;) I don't blog for money, I blog for the LOVE OF FOOD!!

   Duncan was raving about a sashimi salad he had near Killarney and really recommended that I try it out. He described it as some "chinese run ramen place" on Victoria Drive, and Aji Kura immediately crossed my mind. 

 and he was like "That's it!!" He was raving about how the salad was loaded with sashimi - and it only cost him $8!!

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  On one of my lunch breaks, I went to Tai One on West 4th for lunch (I was craving Taiwanese food and didn't want to make a repeat visit to Strike.) I took 14 Powell and the trip alone took almost 30 mins... I ended up being late to my second class!

  I actually like this place a lot better than Bubble World!! Their menu is a lot more diverse and the portions are a lot larger. And like always, I asked for 2 bowls of rice hehe. Yay for getting full on $10!! 

  I remember this location use to be an AYCE sushi place ~ I vividly recall coming here for AYCE with my parents 3 years ago. We drove all the way from Burnaby after seeing their advertisement in a chinese newspaper. I remember really liking it (I actually wanted to go back the next day!!) Obviously my palette wasn't very refined back then ;)

Hakka Stir Fry Lunch Combo

3.5/5 stars

  I was super excited when I saw this on the menu, because I love Hakka stir fry!! This was actually a really good version! It was full of flavour and quite spicy!! There was a generous amount of beancurd, along with some chives, pork and squid. This was a pretty large portion!  

Boneless Three Cup Chicken Lunch Combo

4/5 stars

  Yay for boneless versions of three cup chicken! Unfortunately not a lot of places make boneless versions! This was quite good as well, the three cup flavour was strong with predictable hits of ginger and basil. The chicken was reasonably tender and juicy! 

My 2 cups of rice!! The rice was okay, it was a bit dry on the first visit!!

SEWW CUTE!!! It even had fake pearls inside!! 

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  1. Talking to your financial advisors for 2 hours about food... sounds like you had a great time there!

    I haven't checked out Aji Kura yet. Might make that one of my sushi adventures for the upcoming semester!

    1. hahaha we did have a good time!! Sure beats having to talk about money ;)

      Yess I want to hear your thoughts on Aji Kura!! Are you going to review their ramen, or just their sushi? LOL!! :D

    2. I doubt I can finish a full bowl of ramen, a special roll, and a few appetizers in one sitting, even though it's me LOL. What I'll probably do is have sushi on my first visit, and if it's decent, I'll go back for ramen and a little less sushi on my second visit.

    3. Oh c'mon Raymond, remember that time you ate 1783 calories in one sitting? LOL!!! ;)

    4. LOL I can't do the same with ramen unfortunately. Usually, I feel ridiculously full after just one bowl. I can only eat 1783 calories when it's mostly sushi and sashimi. I need to learn from you someday!

  2. "Yay for getting full on $10!!"

    LOL [snorts] ! 'Nuff said eh, Selina ?

    Tai One .... "Tai-wan" .... haha, get it ?

    Didn't even know about this place in Kits. I guess there's a dearth of TWN restos on the west side. Ironic, considering there's so many TWN immigrants from the past 10-15 years who live in CoV proper, and concentrated in 'hoods like Kerrisdale, Dunbar, etc.

    Have you been to Orange Corner, or BBT Cafe, both in Kerrisdale ? I've only been to BBT Cafe once, yet I really liked their interior and ambiance (food was decent but didn't jump out at me as being stellar). I've heard inconsistent things about Orange Corner so the jury is out on them. For either one you can take whatever buses that travel the 41 Ave corridor to/from UBC :-)

    1. "Getting full on $10" pretty much sums up every Taiwanese/Bubble Tea joint LOL!!

      Yea, I noticed the play on words haha!! Quite clever!!

      Agreed, there's a severe lack of Taiwanese restos in West Van. I've never been to Orange Corner or BBT Cafe...I'm intrigued! I'll have to make a visit once school starts!! :D

    2. "Getting full on $10"... says me never =(

    3. LMAO...you and your crazy expensive sushi adventures!! ;)

  3. wow this place looks so new and clean! gotta check it out someday if I'm in the area

    1. hehe it was really good!! Check it out when you have the chance!! :D


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