The One - 2nd Visit!

  We finally cracked open a fresh bag of rice today!! Yesiree, we finally polished off our crappy bag of long grain rice :D

  So to celebrate, we went to Rice World in Chinatown and bought a huge bag of KOKUHO RICE!! My dad asked me which rice I wanted (out of the 50+ options) and I was like "The best one." hehehe ~ I'm a rice bucket okay!!

Dad: "It's almost $60 a bag?!! It's 3 times the price of regular rice!!"

Me: "Well, they're famous for a reason."

Mom: "Kokuho is very good."

Dad: "Fine, let's try it."

  Needless to say, we weren't disappointed. The rice was SO GOOD. My dad was like "Wowww, this rice brings me back to Japan!" Usually he only eats one bowl of rice, but yesterday he ate two! I ended up eating 3 PLATES WORTH (I'm sure you're not surprised.)

  Yea, I highly recommend that you guys go out and get yourself a bag of Kokuho (This isn't sponsored btw, just sharing the love ya'll)

 So why am I going on a tangent about rice in this post? Welll, as you can see, I pretty much only order fried rice when I go to the One. I know, I know, I should really branch out ~ but I just can't veer from my beloved RICE!!! Plus, my dad never let's me order fried rice (he thinks it's not worth the money) so I was pretty much deprived of fried rice my entire life :'(

Read my previous review of the One here:

The One Deluxe Pork Chop Combo

3/5 stars

  Wowww, this thing was massive!!! The pork chop itself was really crunchy and nicely breaded on the outside.What it lacked in flavour, it made up for in size. It was a bit bland so I dipped it in mayo + ketchup!! The inside was reasonably moist but it wasn't juicy enough imo.

Chicken Nugget Fried Rice

Mom's Rating: 4/5 stars

  I've tried this before, but after telling my mom about it, she really wanted to try it!! This time the fried rice was a lot better! It was super fragrant and loaded with chicken nuggets!! The 5 spice flavour was stronger and I could taste more of the basil. 

Garlic Sliced Pork 

3.5/5 stars

  This was quite nice as well!! There was a decent amount of pork belly, and there was a nice fat to meat ratio!! The meat itself isn't seasoned so it comes with garlic and soy sauce paste on the side!! Nice as an appetizer!!

Veggie & Egg Fried Rice

3.5/5 stars

  This was surprisingly good!! I was expecting it to be semi-bland, but it wasn't!! They incorporated fried garlic bits into it so it was super fragrant!! The veggies tasted fresh and the egg was nice and fluffy!!

Chicken Fried Rice

4/5 stars

  I actually like this better than the chicken nugget fried rice!! The chicken was super flavourful and really moist!! The aspararus was still crunchy!! This particular plate of rice was saltier/oilier than the other ones ~ not really sure why.

Side dishes!! You get to choose your dip for the pork chop!! I went with mayo! 

I had to pay an extra dollar for ketchup harhar

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  1. I had to pay an extra dollar for ketchup harhar

    Well, it is a Chinese restaurant... They are not necessarily the only ones who nickel and dime you with small things like this. If you have ever been to The Warehouse restaurants, they are pretty much the same thing. That said, I seldom have catsup, as the ones usually found in supermarket and restaurants are the American variety (read: sweet) compared to the more vinegary version I used to eat when I was a little thing. Hmmm.... I wonder when I will finish that bottle in the fridge.

    About the rice, I will have to check how much is the Kokuho rice in local supermarkets. Assuming it is a 10Kg bag, in, you can find it for CDN $35 but the shipping sort of cancels out the savings compared to the $60 you found.

    As for myself, I am not particularly finicky about rice types, though, I know of the different types for different applications (broken for congee, sticky for lo mai gai, etc). Currently, I have ~5Kg of basmati and I know it will take a long while before I finish it.

    1. haha I guess getting charged extra is pretty much inevitable!
      Ohh what's the sweeter ketchup you use to eat? Sounds yummy ~ I love vinegar!!

      And let me know if you find a better deal for Kokuho!! :D

      5kg of basmati...considering that you live on your own, it's going to take you quite a while to finish it!! :)

    2. *Sorry, I meant "What's the vinegary ketchup you use to eat" haha

  2. Yeah I get "sad" when I buy a bag (never more than 10kg) and it doesn't cook as fluffy and "perfect" texture as I'd like. But I also never spend > $20/bag, so it's usually some variety at Rice World (Richmond). Funny, I just started a new 10kg bag of long grain Thai jasmin rice a couple of days ago (paid $12, hehe) and it cooked well. Maybe that's also because I have a brand new rice cooker that I LOVE because it turns out very good rice (regardless of brand, type) 99% of the time. And the rice really tastes better, nuttier, with more flavour than your typical Japanese or Chinese/Taiwanese (ie: Tatung) cookers.

    This one is the first I bought that has a ceramic liner pot so the heat is very evenly distributed throughout. And of course it is programmable :-)

    I bought it at Forum Appliances for $85, but I see now that Walmart has the same for $80.

    1. Same LOL, I'm really picky about the texture!!

      $20, what a bargain!! I love Thai jasmine rice!! :D

      Funny, we just bought a new rice cooker too (after our old one broke down!) Your new rice cooker looks awesome!! We went to Forum too, but we ended up buying ours from T&T because it was cheaper!

  3. Yay, you ordered my fave .... veggie fried rice [thumbs up]

    1. Yess haha!! I ordered it because of you! I remembered you recommended that I try it!! :D

  4. I have a 8kg bag of Kokuho rice at home but I don't remember the price.

    1. haha where did you buy it from? :D

    2. I think my parents bought it from the new t&t supermarket that opened on Marine Drive.


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