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  I had my FIRST White Spot burger yesterday. It was a glorious day. A glorious day indeed.

"You've NEVER eaten a White Spot burger?"

"And you call yourself a BC kid?!"

*Hangs head in shame.* (Okay, I've eaten a Triple Os burger, but it's just not the same...right?)

 By now you've probably guessed that Pirate Paks (were sadly) not a part of my childhood.

 So what took me so long?!

 Growing up I was allergic to pretty much everything (and I mean everything.) I could only eat plain steamed veggies, chicken, tofu, rice, white bread, and noodles. I was even allergic to condiments (soy sauce, pepper, ketchup, etc.) So eating out was a definite no no!

  So yesterday I finally realized my childhood dream of...eating a White Spot BURGER!! *Dreams do come true.*

  We went to the White Spot in Royal City Centre, being that it's the closet one to our house! This location was surprisingly PACKED for a Monday. Mostly with seniors, I was probably the youngest person there!

 I totally took advantage of their bottomless fries and ate 2 1/2 plates worth hehehe. For my second plate I asked for my fries to be cooked extra crispy, and they were SO much better!! Pro insider tip!

Sriracha Goat Cheese Turkey Burger $14.99
with Creamy Coleslaw & Signature Fries

Mom's Rating: 4/5 stars

  My mom wanted something out of the ordinary, so the sriracha goat cheese turkey burger fit her requirements perfectly!

  All in all, a pretty decent burger! The goat cheese flavour was pretty strong, and the apple relish added a bit of sweetness. She couldn't taste much of the sriracha because the other flavours were a bit overpowering. The bun was nice and soft, and held everything together. My mom actually thought that the turkey patty was beef, because it looked exactly like beef!

 Ha - I just noticed that the patty was split open!!

Double Double Burger - 2 Patties!

3.5/5 stars

  I had the Double Double, to compensate for the fact that I'm allergic to raw vegetables. My burgers always end up looking "empty" because I don't add any lettuce, tomato, cheese, or onions!!

  Despite being short on ingredients, this was still really yummy!! Their signature triple O sauce packed a ton of flavour. The patty itself was okay, dry ish and flavourful enough. The bun was soft and actually tasted a bit sweet!

 Onion Rings $1.25
3.5/5 stars

  I haven't had onion rings in SO long. These were really yummy!! The panko- esque batter was light and crunchy, and the onion rings themselves were really flavourful! It wasn't oily either! Definitely worth the upgrade from the regular fries!

Regular Bottomless Fries

2.5/5 stars

  I like White Spot's fries. They're short,stubby, and rather starchy tasting. I still prefer crispier fries, but these aren't half bad! They're served lukewarm and look a bit dried up, but dipping them in ketchup helps. I also like how they're unsalted, so you can salt the fries to your liking!

Extra Crispy Bottomless Fries
See the difference?

3/5 stars

  The extra crispy ones are so much better!! They're served piping hot, unlike the regular ones which are served lukewarm. They're oiler, but they're so much crispier!! They're also more golden in colour!

My mom asked the waitress to put my burger toppings on a separate plate so she could have them! 

By 2:30 pm we were the only ones left...I'm a slow eater!! 

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  1. $15 for a turkey burger, coleslaw & fries ???

  2. Yep :(
    White Spot's prices have definitely gone up. If it wasn't for the price tag, we would've enjoyed our burgers even more haha!!

  3. I still haven't had a White Spot burger... and I grew up here LOL!

    1. LOLOL Raymond!! And I thought I was the only one!! Well, what are you waiting for? Go and eat a White Spot burger!! ;)

    2. I keep getting lured into the sushi restaurants next door!

    3. You two seem quite alike in many ways !

  4. Personally I would gladly spend $15 dollars for a burger with coleslaw and fries at Whitespot over the same price for a crappy burger with no sides at Romer's (I have always been super unimpressed with their burgers). But, to be fair, I have a stubborn love of White Spot burgers that I just can't kick (and don't want to).

    I even mention my love of White Spot burgers on my online dating profile. In fact, Drunken Master's first message to me (we met online dating) was in response to that comment. White Spot brings people together!

    1. haha I've never tried Romer's, but based on your description, I guess I'm not missing out on much! I think I've developed a soft spot for White Spot's burgers as well!! ;)

      Aww how cute!! White Spot really does bring people together LOL!! I'll think of you guys the next time I go ;D

    2. LOL ! Now that's a story you might tell your grand kids one day (our first connection was over WS burgers ....)

      Oh c'mon Food Wench. Really ?? I'll take Stackhouse's ($15) ANY day of the week. Would you take a WS burger platter over these ?


      I'm quite biased against WS ..... I just think they're an anachronism in our local landscape. Like Safeway.

  5. I should probably mention that we broke up shortly afterwards. Drunkenoms is just our joint custody divorce baby :P

    I haven't yet tried a Stackhouse burger, so I can't give my preference as of yet. But I will say that of all the well done beef burgers in Vancouver (ones cooked medium rare are obviously in an entirely different playing field), my favorite might just be the White Spot BC burger. I know a lot of people will disagree, but it's one of the few foods that makes me make inappropriate noises when I eat it. You are now free to question my judgement on all future food related opinions. :P


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