Whole Foods - Burritos!!

  You guys may not know this, but I go grocery shopping at Whole Foods every other week for snacks!! Yup, as if I don't eat enough already ;)

  I pass by Whole Foods *twice* a day, 4 days a week en route to UBC! Yea...they don't call it Whole Paycheck for nothing. *Looks miserably at wallet*

  Whole Foods has a hot bar/prepared food area and not going to lie...most of the stuff is pretty mediocre tasting. I like how they use "high quality" ingredients, but the taste doesn't reflect the price tag. I use to be a huge fan of their cakes - their cakes are the best grocery store cakes I've tried to date! 

 So on one of our recent trips, my mom and decided to grab lunch after making a few rounds around the store... snack shopping leaves you completely famished!! 

  Instead of grabbing a pre-made pizza or sandwich, my mom and I opted for the Burrito Bar!! The Burrito Bar is one of their most popular lunch options, every time I pass by there's always a line up!!

  I actually asked the person working there to change her gloves because I knew her hands had probably come into contact with raw veggies harhar. Such is the life of someone with allergies. 

 Speaking of burritos, I went to Metrotown today and noticed that Chronic Tacos opened in the food court!! Interested to see how they're going to go about adopting the "food court model" given that their other locations are store based!

Read my review of the cafe inside of Whole Foods: http://www.vancitynoms.com/2015/08/allegro-cafe-huge-muffins.html

 Ground Beef Burrito w/ Grilled Veggies $9

2/5 stars

  This was okay ~ given that they're a grocery store. I found the meat to be lacking in flavour though. The ground beef just tasted beefy with a hint of spice. I did like how they had grilled veggies though! The burrito was well wrapped and the tortilla was nice and elastic. But it definitely can't compare to legit Mexican food. But hey, they tried right? :)

Carnitas w/ Black Beans

2.5/5 stars

  This was a bit underwhelming as well. The meat wasn't very flavourful so I had to drown my burrito in hot sauce. The pork was sufficiently tender though and pretty moist. The black beans added some flavour to it and the rice didn't get soggy.

Beef Burrito w/ Spanish Rice & All the Fixings

2.5/5 stars

  My mom had the beef burrito, with all the fixings!! She enjoyed it, but said that it didn't taste like anything special. The spanish rice added a bit of extra flavour. She was stuffed after this, because she ordered it with everything and asked for extra veggies!!

Okay, okay, I totally cheated and bought my own salsa to pour on top because I'm allergic to their freshly made (raw) salsa. The canned ones are cooked! This one was on sale too!! :D

What's a burrito without some hot sauce?! Imo Louisiana isn't spicy enough, Tabasco ALL DA WAY!!!!

Whole Foods Market Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. Though it is not *in* the food court, I wonder a little bit about the steep competition Chipotle is for any burrito/taco place in Metrotown...

    I don't get Whole Foods in general and, in a similar vain, IGA, Save-on-Foods and Safeway. My groceries are usually between Superstore, Chinese markets, T&T (necessary evil, given I am Chinese) and Costco (despite I live by myself). As for why I don't "get" some of these supermarkets, it is story for another time.

    That said, if I were in a supermarket with prepared food and an eating area, here is what I have gotten in the past:

    Walmart: In the locations where they have it, there is a reason why they have McD's and/or Timmy's. I have had their oven baked chicken wings and it is workable.

    Safeway: Some of the soups are actually decent. I have gotten their tomato soup and a bowl to make my own version of soup in a bread bowl (something Timmy's used to do but not anymore). Thursday 9 pieces of chicken for $9 is decent as well but not at regular price. Some have a food bar (sold by weight) but haven't partaken their offerings.

    Superstore: No. They have pizza and an eating area but I would rather go somewhere else.

    Marketplace IGA: Whole Foods but with lesser selection.

    Whole Foods: I haven't been to Canadian locations but have been to American locations. In those cases, they have a large food bar. It is a bit of luck of the draw: some salads are quite good (if you manage to get them as soon as they hit the area) while some meats are mixed. The location I went (near Cupertino) also had a dosa station, a hot meal and pizza oven. Soups, though, are good. But, it costs a literal arm, a leg and maybe a kidney. I once spent close to US$30 in a small soup, some salad and some fried chicken. Fortunately, it was on my client's dime. If it was on my dime, I would rather go to Panera's or similar type restaurants.

    1. Ah I totally forgot about Chipotle!! But I guess Chronic Tacos isn't much of a threat because they're situated in different parts of the mall!

      Same!! For groceries, we usually shop at chinese markets (we go to Crystal Mall, China World a lot) and T&T!

      Heh I go to Safeway on a weekly basis and I've always wondered about their soups (they have them by the entrance!!) They look pretty decent! Making your own version of soup in a bread bowl is really clever! I've never tried their cooked food but their roast chicken looks decent as well! :D

      The chicken wings from Walmart sound pretty good! I've never tried their premade food, we always buy their fresh meat!

      haha shopping at Whole Foods always costs an arm and a leg!! I always grimace when I see my bill...it really adds up!! This location (on Broadway) is my favourite, you should check it out sometime!! :D

  2. For me, there's good reasons why they call WF "Whole Paycheck". Used to live right across the street from a Capers-turned-Whole Paycheck ...... scary bills .... each filled bag would average $20-25. No thanks :-)

    1. haha the bills can get out of hand if one isn't careful!! ;D


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