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  I've just come to the realization that winter break is coming to an end *groans* School starts up on Tuesday and my first class is at 9:30 am... why do I do this to myself?

  Oh, and I almost forgot: HAPPY (Belated) NEW YEARS EVERYBODY!! Hope you didn't have too much fun ;)

  I didn't do much for New Years this year. My dad and I spent the entire evening watching "The Imitation Game" on Netflix. My most eventful New Years was in Vegas ~ I fainted 2 minutes before midnight from all the smoke in the casino and people had to carry me back to my hotel room...

  On New Years Day we went to New Lakeview to celebrate because we didn't want to wander too far from home! Mann, going back to New Lakeview was a trip down memory lane!!! I use to go here all the time with my grandparents a few years back. Their sweet and sour pork was my go to, I would order it every time. Yes, I was a diehard S&S Pork fan (still am) and I'm not ashamed to admit it ;)

  The place was packed when we arrived, we actually had to wait for a seat! The interior hasn't changed one bit - the furniture, the decor, everything's stayed the same! We were seated at a really cramped table but the waitresses were nice enough to offer us a new table when a spot cleared up.

Sweet & Sour Pork

3.5/5 stars

  Not as awesome as I remember, but then again, my tastebuds have matured a lot since then. The pork itself was well executed; the batter wasn't too heavy and the exterior was really crunchy!! Flavour wise, it could've packed more punch, I would've preferred if the sauce was tangier. This was a very generous serving, which we really appreciated!!

Ginger Beef
3.5/5 stars

  This was pretty yummy!! The batter was super crunchy and the beef wasn't dry!! We asked if the waitress if this was spicy and she said that it was really spicy ~ however, when it came it wasn't spicy at all! The beef was subtly spicy and a bit sweet, we could'nt taste much of the ginger though.

Fish Fillet & Tofu Claypot

3/5 stars

  My dad wanted to order a claypot so we got this!! The fish was moist and silky, and there was an ample amount of tofu. There was even some mushroom in there! It wasn't too salty but the flavours lacked depth. 

Our pot of rice!! I finished 3/4 of it all by maaaa self ;)

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  1. Judging from the first photo alone, I'm guessing New Lakeview is on 8th St in Burnaby ?

    S&SP .... one of my ATF Canto/N. American dishes !! I'm not ashamed to admit I order it often when I eat out alone. It's actually one of those dishes that you can gauge a restaurant kitchen's prowess by the quality of the dish. I'm not a fan of green peppers with S&SP, preferring a simple dish with maybe a few chunks of pineapples, red peppers, onions and thin slices of carrots.

    WOW .... your meal required lots of rice. And you fulfilled your duty, Miss S ! Well done ..... crry on :-D

    1. haha close, it's on 6th St!!

      Same!!! Gu Lou Yuk is one of my favourite Cantonese/North American dishes! I know a lot of people dismiss S&SP, but it's Cantonese comfort food at it's best!! :D

      I'm not a fan of the green peppers either, my mom ate all of them!!

      hehehe they don't call me a "fan tong" (rice bucket) for nothing!!

  2. Fan Tong could be my Chinese middle name ! I like different noodles too, but IMO rice is best as comfort starch, not to mention being such an incredibly versatile grain in Asian culture. We should compare notes on restos that have good S&SP.

    1. Agreed, rice is such a versatile grain, never disappoints!!

      I use to be *obsessed* with S&SP in high school! Mui Garden makes a pretty decent version!! As does Double Double. Any respectable Cantonese restaurant should make a pretty good version haha. What's your favourite place for S&SP in Van?

      Shanghainese Sweet & Sour Rock Cod, another one of my favourites dishes, is a great alternative!! And tangsuyuk, the Korean version of sweet and sour pork!! :D

    2. Hmm, I've been to both Mui Garden and DD, never ordered S&SP. Will do next time ..... thanks !

      I like S&SP at the following places based on my experience there:

      - KEN's Restaurant (no relations, wink)
      - On Lok
      - Hoy's
      - Always (now called House of Canton, on Main St)
      - Honolulu Cafe

      And these are just random ones I can think of off the top of my head, and often times a good plate of S&SP at one place may be better/worse on a different day, depending on who's in the kitchen. And sometimes Chinese-Canadian diners or mainly Chinese take-out only places make good S&SP. At the end of the day, I like them with a distinctly ragged, crunchy batter lightly coated with a thin veneer of deep red sweet & sour sauce (not too syrupy or gloppy), the pieces of pork shoulder/butt meat (not fat !) inside are moist and large; accompanied by scant pieces of pineapples, white onions and maybe thin slices of carrots. Maybe for a fancy plate, a maraschino cherry as garnish :-D

      Oh, Shanghainese S&S rock cod .... whole thing deep-fried even the bones are nice and crunchy to eat, with that orangey S&S sauce draped over containing pieces of canned Dole fruit cocktail (LOL !).

      Waiter, another bucket of white rice for me please .........

    3. Ohh I'll have to check those out!!

      Agreed haha, sometimes Chinese- Canadian diners make decent versions!! Your description of S&SP is on point!! :D

      LMAO make that two buckets of rice!! ;)

    4. 你可以自己去做 ! ;-)

  3. I went to Sherman's site (he seems to order S&SP often). Using his site's search tool on "sweet & sour pork", these came up being approved by Sherman:

    - Double Double
    - Danny's Wun Tun Restaurant
    - Sandy La
    - Taste Good
    - Shoom
    - Rose Garden
    - Kongee Dinesty

    Man, there's way more restos in this town than there is time for me to check them all out !

    1. Sherman's always a reliable source ~ thanks for the tip!! :D

  4. 'm just come to the realization that winter break is coming to an end *groans* School starts up on Tuesday and my first class is at 9:30 am... why do I do this to myself?

    I will be the party pooper here: Wait until you get a job...

    I don't order sweet and sour pork myself, as they are seldom sour, to the point I wonder why it is called "sweet and sour" and not simply sweet pork. On the other end of the spectrum, when my mom made it, it was the other end of the spectrum: It sometimes tasted borderline similar to sauerbraten (the german sour roast dish). In the end, I will eat it if others order it.

    I prefer to order brisket hot pot over fish hot pot. And the irony about ginger beef served in most Chinese restaurants on these parts of the world is that it follows a similar path as that of General Tso's chicken: A dish originally China/Taiwan (supposedly based on a recipe from Hunan, then "modernized" in Taiwan), brought to the US and then bastardized until it is no longer recognized as such. (If you have Netflix, check a movie called The Search for General Tso). The ginger beef you usually see nowadays over here is usually credited to, out of all places, Calgary. But, hey, if it is tasty and fills up your stomach...!

    1. Agree. Can't recall the last time when a plate of S&SP had any vinegary scent/taste. If anything, IME I sometimes get a whiff of the vinegary scent/taste from Imperial Pork Chops (京都肉排):

    2. @KimHo
      LOL I guess I'll have to enjoy my freedom while it lasts ;D

      Agreed, the sauce is seldom sour!!

      We were debating between the brisket or fish hotpot, but in the end we went with the fish!

      Interesting ~ I never knew that about General Tso's, I always thought that it originated in the US! Yay, I'll definitely check out that movie on Netflix, thanks Kim!!

      Yep, if it's tasty and fills up my stomach, I ain't complaining!! ;)


      Imperial Pork Chops does have a vinegary scent to it!! :)

  5. I had an errand to run in New West today. So guess where I went for lunch ? [wink]

    SS&P on rice for $8.75 .... the plate was HUGE. With the amount of pork they piled on there it could have almost qualified as a regular dish of S&SP of its own. Overall it was pretty good, they sure make these crunchy. The pork pieces were somewhat inconsistent .... some were quite fatty and a few were really lean, hence drier and harder. BIG chunks of pineapples, onions that are 3/4 cooked for that bit of raw edge, and green peppers which I moved off to the side of the plate ;-) The sauce was dark red and yes, no hint of sourness or even really sweetness in this case. The whole dish had a lot of "wok hay" and came well < 10 mins after I ordered it. Room was packed full, a mix of Chinese seniors and non-Asian work lunch crowd. If I'm in the area again I'd definitely go back (the next table had a HUGE plate of Yeongchow Fried Rice) !

    1. Yayy you went to New Lakeview!! Glad you enjoyed it!!

      Ahh I remember their lunch specials from a few years back ~ they were indeed huge!! Yep, the sourness/sweetness isn't all that apparent. But it's not bad for $8.75!! :)

  6. A recent discovery (new for me) of solid Canto foods in a hole-in-wall spot is Chu Kiang on Knight/49th. Down-to-earth, lots-of-wok-hey foods at yesterday's prices. Zero ambiance whatsoever, but owner lady is v. nice and polite, treats you well. I really liked their S&S pork on rice for again, only $6.50 (add $1 in the evenings).

    1. Ohh Chu Kiang sounds lovely! I'm always a sucker for S&S pork, $6.50 is such a good deal!! I'll check it out the next time I'm near Knight! :)

    2. Haha I went there yesterday again so that's twice within one week. Yesterday was for lunch and the price is $5.99 (or $5.95) for the S&SP on rice. After 4pm it's $1 more. I usually ask for slightly less sauce so the pork stays crunchy. No detectable MSG for me which is great. I'm gonna be going there for often from now on :-)

    3. Whatt $5.95? That's cheaper than Kent's Kitchen!! I have to tell my dad LOL!
      It's great that they don't add msg!

    4. Kent's Kitchen's prices have gone up ! I was at the Chinatown store 2-ish weeks ago. Rice with 2 toppings is $6.75 IIRC. :-(

    5. The prices have gone up! Back in the day it was around $3 haha


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