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  OMG...I spent $50 on tickets for Wednesday's 1.3 billion Powerball and I won 31 cents. Yup, a whopping 31 cents folks. *facepalm* I want my $50 back!!

  But that doesn't stop me from buying a ticket for LottoMax every week harhar. I think the most I've ever won is $20...

  Heyy, a ticket KEEPS THE DREAM ALIVE!!

  Anyways, my parents and I went to Crystal Mall to pick up some groceries the other day, so we decided to grab lunch at the food court!!

  My mom was raving about the mixed grill combos from Tasty Harmony, so she suggested that I try them out! Tasty Harmony is a HK Cafe stall, they're one of the few stalls that open in the morning for breakfast!

  Read my previous review of Tasty Harmony here: http://www.vancitynoms.com/2014/08/tasty-harmony-hk-cafe-crystal-mall.html

Mixed Grill Combo - Minute Steak & Sausage w/ Spaghetti

3/5 stars

  For the price, this was decent!! The meat was your generic, cheap steak, but it was still pretty tasty!! It was cooked a bit past medium rare. The sauce was nice, it was spicy and not too salty!! The wiener tasted like a generic wiener from Superstore. The spaghetti was standard as well!

Mixed Grill Combo - Chicken Steak & Pan Fried Pork Chop w/ Rice

Chicken: 4/5 stars
Pork Chop: 2.5/5 stars

  My chicken steak was surprisingly delicious!! Juicy, flavourful, on par with that of a restaurant!! The pork chop was alright, it was a bit hard to chew. My combo came with a generous portion of rice!

Teriyaki Chicken, Nigiri, California Roll from Kasuga Sushi & Grill

Teriyaki Chicken: 3/5 stars
Nigiri: 2/5 stars
Cali Roll: 3/5 stars

  My dad went for one of his defaults - teriyaki chicken from Kasuga!! He either gets this or the 2 item combos. The teriyaki was pretty decent!! It was nicely charred and adequately dressed with teriyaki sauce. The nigiri wasn't that great. The cali roll however, was neatly constructed and it tasted fresh!

Both of our combos came with free milk tea!! I gave my milk tea to my Dad! 

Tasty Harmony Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. Despite the large jackpot, given the odds of winning any of the US lottery, it sounds it is safer to put the money in the bank. But, then again... (1) You might end up spending it in one of your $18 Vera's burger and/or (2) 1/292,201,338 > 0...

    As for myself, I prefer to spend the money locally. So, yeah, I do buy Lotto Max and 6/49. In an awkward way, once you have more than X, mo' money might just be mo' problems. (For the record, my current threshold is $10 million but, even if I win the default Lotto Max or 6/49 pot, I won't complain!).

    Finally, the largest $$$ I have won for myself was ~$120. As a group, it was a couple of thousands. However, after the split, every person in the pool got about $50.

    PS: Wait, did you think I was going to say anything about the food?!

    1. haha yep, given the odds, winning is highly unlikely, but hey, it's worth a shot right?

      Mo'money, mo' problems = truth!! I would be content with 10 million too, but 55 mill wouldn't be too shabby~

      Nice!! $120!! I've never won that much! I should try pooling my money with other people, it increases the odds right? :D


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