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  The only good part about going back to school is getting to eat out again!! I have a 4 hour lunch break this term hehehe.

  Eating burgers is such a struggle when you're allergic to raw veggies ~ I get the most confused looks when I ask for "no lettuce, tomato, cheese, raw onions, and pickles." My burgers always end up looking empty :(  So I always get 2 patties (if it's an option) to compensate. The guy actually messed up my order and gave me a burger with cheese in it, but he remade it when I pointed it out to questions asked! 

  There's actually a handful of burger restaurants at UBC! There's Triple O's, The Pit, Flipside, Koerner's, Mahoney's, A&W, McDonald's (to name a few.) Vera's is located in the Village, beside Pearl Fever!

  The burger was good, but dangg, was it ever pricey!! I paid about $18 for my burger and fries - but hey, quality comes at a price right? A few bites later my $18 was gone and I was still hungry...

The G-Money w/ Grilled Onions & Mushrooms

4/5 stars

  This was really yummy!! The burger itself wasn't that big, but the patties were massive; thick and super juicy!! The beef tasted really fresh and beefy! I also liked how the patties weren't uniform in shape so they looked a lot more natural! The grilled onions added a lot of flavour and the mushrooms made the burger super fragrant! The bun itself was springy and soft and held everything together!

Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings $9

3.5/5 stars

  This was pretty yummy!! The meat was really flavourful and perfectly seasoned without being too salty! The meat was a bit dry though, having been over fried. The chicken wings were on the smaller size and there wasn't a lot of meat on them.

Large Fries

4/5 stars

  The fries were quite nice!! They were light and crispy, and not greasy at all! They were perfectly salted and I didn't even need to add any ketchup! I actually wanted to order more!

Vera's is super busy during the lunch rush!!

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  1. $18 for a burger and fries? That's like on the same level as my $3 pieces of nigiri! I'm guessing G-money stands for "Goodbye Money"? I'm glad it was good though.

    1. LOLOL!! "Goodbye Money" Too accurate!! ;)

      Ikr, the burger was so pricey ~ le sigh

  2. $18 ??? [silence]. Shameful (for Vera's).

    None of Stackhouse's burgers are even over $10, and theirs win awards !

    1. Ikr? I was shocked haha!!

      I've been meaning to try Stackhouse, but the last time I went they were closed!! Their burgers look amazing ~ and reasonably priced! :D

    2. And even cheaper than most of The White Spot's burgers, and eons better than them (sorry, I'm very biased against WS)

    3. It isn't necessarily an armed robbery: They post the prices, so you can choose to patronize them. As a customer, I have overpaid for some things and eventually it will fall into the "fool me once" category.

      But, still $18?! I have never indulged in any goods in UBC, so I will have to ask... Is the food in campus that darn bloody expensive? Or it is because of what you order? I don't recall spending that much $$$ in YVR (even when it is paid by my job)

    4. There are some more affordable places like Fresh Slice,Tim Hortons, food stalls etc, but in general, the restaurants/pubs on campus are pretty overpriced!

  3. Dammit, Lotusrapper! I turn my back for one second and there you are bashing White Spot again. From now on every time I catch you saying something negative about them, I'm going to go out and get myself one of their burgers. It's going to be like a drinking game. But with BC burgers.

    (Actually I'm kinda excited to do this now).

    I've never been a fan of Vera's. I find their patties dry and their burgers overpriced. I also really, really dislike their fries. Having said that, both Selina and Sherman have posted positive reviews of them this week, and it's been over 7 years since my last visit, so maybe it's about time that I give them another shot.

    1. LOL, FW. If you go back to CH and find all my rant posts about WS, you'll have yourself a very filling and caloric week ;-)

      I'm on the fence about Vera's. Had some good, and some meh, meals there. Yeah I'm not a fan of their fries neither. For my burger fixes I've been going to Splitz on Main, albeit their buns are quite meh and their fries too limp and greasy for me. But being able to get tzatsiki (and/or hummus) as custom fixings on my burger really makes up for the fries. Esp. on their lamb burger .... pretty tasty and moist IME.

    2. Coincidentally Sherman's out at the other end of town also eating at Vera's:


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