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  Well, well, well, here I am...back at Dinesty. In my defence, I went to their Robson location this time! ;)

  I'm not a huge fan of chain restaurants, but Dinesty is an exception. They just opened up a new location in Burnaby (across from Crystal Mall) and from the looks of it, it's already a success!!

  Something really odd happened when I went up to the counter to pay...the waitress handed me the bill and she was like "That's not including tips...do you understand?" (In Mandarin.) The way she said it was a bit patronizing...she made it seem like I was 9 years old or something...

  The Robson location has the best service out of all of the other locations imo. Maybe it's due to the fact that Robson is more of a touristy area?

  What makes this location different is that they have lunch specials - which come with an entree, 4 pieces of XLB, and a dessert!

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Boneless 3 Cup Chicken $12.95

3.5/5 stars

  I tried their bone in 3 cup chicken the first time I went. I got this because I wanted to see if the boneless version was worth the extra $3. 

  The extra $3 is totally worth it imo, because it's so much easier to eat!! The bone in version is a hassle to eat, because you have to gnaw off the meat with your teeth and the sharp bones poke the inside of your mouth! With the boneless version, you just pop those suckers in your mouth...there's zero effort required! :D

  Flavour wise, it was pretty good, with predictable hits of ginger, soy sauce, and basil. The chicken itself was quite tender and juicy!


Bone in 3 Cup Chicken $15.95

3.5/5 stars

  Flavour wise, this was just as good! But seriously, pay the extra $3 for the boneless version, it'll make your life so much easier! The bones are really sharp and it's a hassle to get the meat off!

Stir Fried Garlic Gai Lan $10

3.5/5 stars

  Here I am, paying $ for veggies again...when will I learn my lesson? They have 5 different kinds of veggies for you to choose from, I ended up going for the gai lan! The veggies tasted fresh, and the garlic flavour was really strong!! This was a pretty generous portion, but then again, I wasn't expecting less being that it was $10.

Stir Fried Celery & Snap Peas

3/5 stars

  Another veggie dish that turned out to be a pleasant surprise!! I really liked the soft "bulbs" they put in there (I don't know what they're called.) At first I thought it was garlic but it's not!! It tasted floral-y and a bit sweet! The snap peas and celery were really crunchy and fragrant!


Sliced Pork Belly (Sans the raw garlic)

3.5/5 stars

  I asked for this without garlic (I'm allergic to the raw garlic they put on top.) It looked bland but it still tasted really good!! Because there wasn't any sauce, I could really taste the natural flavour of the fatty pork belly!! I really liked how thinly sliced it was.

My two bowls of rice!! :D

Their lunch specials are only available at their Robson location! I saw a couple of people ordering them, the portion sizes are super tiny (and not worth it imo.)

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  1. Omg I can't believe they asked you for tips. Tsk tsk, Dinesty...

    I get really annoyed when restaurant servers treat me differently because of my age. I typically tip around 15% or 16%, but when that happens, I reduce the tip to around 10%. Of course, I would also mention it on my blog. (Ahem, Zen Japanese Restaurant...)

    Well, at least the food was good!

    1. Ikr harharhar, we're adults too!! ;)
      We'll tip accordingly, no need to treat us like kids! If the food's good, it makes up for the bad service haha!

  2. Maybe she thought you were a tourist from China, where tipping is not mandatory. I remember seeing a few downtown restaurants mention (albeit more diplomatically) tipping as a custom when we had a flood of tourists in for the Olympics.

    I think those bulbs maybe Ginkgo Nuts in your Stirred Fried Celery & Snap Pea dish.

    1. haha that could be it! I spoke to her in English and Mandarin, so maybe she thought I was a tourist! :D

      I just googled ginkgo nuts ~ they looked exactly like ones in my dish!! Thanks so much Christina ~ you're way more knowledgable about food than I am ^^

      I love your blog (and I'm not just saying that, I really do!!) Keep it up!! :D

  3. Why are the younger gens so lazy these days!?!? Too lazy to even eat bone-in chicken!! From a flavor perspective, bone in will give it more flavor. Also who likes eating marshmellow chicken?!!?

    1. LOL!! Well, what can I say? We're just that lazy ;)

      I like boneless chicken because it's less messy, but you're right haha, bone-in meat is more flavourful!! Marshmellow chicken LOL!!


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