Fung May Cuisine - 2nd Visit!

  Back when we lived near Metrotown, I use to go to Crystal Mall 2-4 times a week...for food, what else?! ;) We literally lived 3 mins away! My mom would go there practically every day to pick up her newspaper.

  We finally went back to Crystal Mall the other day to do some grocery shopping, I haven't been there in months!! Now that we've moved, we barely go to Crystal anymore *sniff sniff* The Crystal Mall food court is one of my favourites (if not my all time favourite) asian food court in all of Van! Aberdeen is a close second :D

  Fung May Cuisine is one of four Cantonese food stalls in the food court, the other three (Tasty Harmony, Libo Cafe, and Kingspark) are HK cafes, whereas Fung May serves traditional cantonese food!

Read my previous review of Fung May Cuisine here:

Pan Fried Rice Rolls

Mom's Rating 3.5/5 stars

  My mom had the pan fried rice rolls for breakfast, and she thought it was pretty decent!! She remarked that the wok hey flavour was strong, and the rice rolls themselves had a great mouthfeel!! She didn't think it was anything special though, but it was still pretty good for a food stall!!

Chow Mein

3.5/5 stars

  I had the chow mein, and it was pretty good as well! There was a ton of beansprouts in there and the wok hey flavour was quite strong. The noodles were cooked al dente, but the whole thing was pretty oily. Considering that this came in a combo set, this was a really good deal!

Plain Congee

2/5 stars

  Our breakfast combo also came with some plain congee!! It was pretty watery and lacking in overall substance, but it was a nice filler.

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